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Should Students Have Homework Essay

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Homework is a set of given tasks or activities by professors that shall be done during non-school hours by students. Homework is proposed to serve improvement on understanding of students on their academic path and so they can have an overview of the following lessons that will be deliberated by the teacher. Homework is also a big help in extending the knowledge of students on some things they haven’t experienced yet, like applying what they learn by themselves and through a simple given task it can be used in their future works since they have mastered it. Researches, reading, answering mathematical equations, typing projects, and reviewers are the ones to be considered as assignments.

It has been around since the early 20th century and so on debates about this issue are still going knowing whether it’s really a good or bad impact on students. Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte has released the issue of the ‘No Homework Policy’. The No Homework Bill No. 966 that filed by Senator Grace Poe in the Senate stating that all private and public schools in the country should not allow teachers to give any homework to students during weekends. Under this proposed measure, Senator Grace Poe intended to the public and private schools that teachers can assign school work during weekends but is only limited and will not exceed four hours to be finished. As Senator Grace Poe cited a study from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developments Program for International Student Assessment, it was said that the time boost by students on their homework has a big effect on their performance of students. Since there are lots of subjects, each professor is giving homework that causes a bulk of tasks to do and students don’t know where would they start. Today Homework seems to be a burden for every student during holidays, weekends, or whether in family gatherings. Because, instead of enjoying their free time with their family or spending their time sleeping, exercising, and doing other outdoor activities they more focus on their studies and the tasks they have left to do.

In addition of it, students nowadays suffer from different kinds of pain and mental illness. Some do skip meals just to finish their tasks, forget to sleep early in order to pass the exams and some have commonly had what they call ‘depression’ in which the mind kills the person’s body. Students today seem to be horrible, it looks like the promise of ending the degree today is too hard and really true that you’ll pass too many obstacles just to finish it. Students are overcoming many situations like this, but is Homework really important? Can we use homework in the Outside world? Is No Homework Policy good or bad?

This paper aims to provide necessary information that serves a stand on the positive effects of the proposed bill ‘No Homework Policy’.

Life is a cycle. The world is round. If you do not move, maybe tomorrow you’ll just see yourself begging for food and asking for money outside the roads. We connect to people every day in order for us to survive but how is it supposed to be that tasks and activities became part of our lives? Homework looks like not a tool on jobs but why is it necessary that it was given today? Some say a day without work or any kind of activity is such a boring day. Tick-tock as the sounds of the clock go rock. Wasted times are those times when we all boost our time on gadgets as the old woman says. But what if our generation is not what you have experienced before, old lady? Loaded thesis, performance tasks, seat-works, quizzes, and many more plus assignments? Dear old lady, are you aware of it? Reading books, solving a set of mathematical problems, or a bunch of science observations can you handle it all?

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Homework has been part of our daily beings at school. From Monday to Friday students are encountering it every day. I remember the first time that I had an assignment was during my preschool days. It was so easy before. Basic of course because I have a guide to answer it all which is my father. But it turns out that every year that adds to my education years the harder the process the curriculum was giving. During my primary days, homework has been my enemy. Every time I go home after school my cousins will go laugh and shout outside playing games while there I am doing my assignments inside the house. Can’t go outdoors unless my homework isn’t done. When I graduated, the next years, I became a junior student there are so many changes I encountered. All I knew if I go to high school there will be no assignments but I was wrong. A bunch of networks, journals, and paper drafts are being thrown at me every single day. Adding on the never-ending dance performances to be performed during finals. It was so tiring. Thank God I moved up, Senior High. The K-12 Curriculum implementation, which I thought was easy too because in my mind it will just make us ready for work or for college which means skills will only be practiced. But no. There goes the research, feasibility studies, thesis, practicals, and of course the practicum. We must really not underestimate the power of education, if we just go easy on our tasks then revisions are what we’re up to next. Now I’m in college, the last stage of my education years. I became ready for this, I won’t go this far if I am not. This is the stage where being shameful will bring us to the grave early as we expect. Students in college shout “Kahit tres lang po” the expressions they were saying craving for passing grades. I will honestly tell you it was really hard. There goes the research on a major subject after you finish it there will be another one again in another subject. No excuses. No pause. You must have to do what you have to do. No more absences cause if you do, tomorrow you’ll just wake up you drop your subject suddenly.

Homework in college is so stressful. You don’t know whom you were replying to. Because some professors still end up relying on what they know. It’s not that it’s all of them but some. College homework is different. It is more on reporting, case studies, and research. Research that must not be ‘copy-paste’ on the internet but own explanations, own understandings, or opinions. Maybe we are just being getting used to “spoon-fitting” during our high school days. But it’s not that all of the students can get up on what they were being fond of or can go to that kind of way of studying. Students have different ways of coming up with lessons. Some can study by themselves and some are used to listening to their teachers.

“No Homework Policy” was agreed upon by the students because it’s not that they don’t want it. But maybe because they were expecting if it will be implemented they can have less loaded tasks from school. Sometimes homework was prioritized by the students because since it will be passed the day after tomorrow or maybe it is important for another lesson to be discussed. Homework sometimes is really exhausting. From the 6-8 hours you are at school studying and listening, you also need to use your mind after class when you’re home and going to do home assignments. Students were thankful, now they can have their free time to do other outdoor tasks that can help also rebuild their minds without thinking of left tasks from school.

The policy that was made for students made the students delighted. By gaining it they think that they can have enough time to rest and relax. The quotation by Dr. Matthew Walker that “When sleep is abundant, minds flourish. When it is deficient they don’t.” Maybe by the means of not having homework students can refresh their minds by sleeping after they go to school. This can help them regain their energy for another day’s lesson or this can help them think more of necessary things at school.

Homework is problematic for the students during important days but now that there is a policy was made it will be less hassle for students to have leisure time and bond with their families. Somehow, it can also lessen the percentage of students having anxiety attacks due to loaded tasks. The No Homework Policy give positive outcomes for the students and is a great help to rebuild the relationship of every student with their beloved parents.


I, therefore, conclude that the ‘No Homework Policy’ is a good thing and was better made. As a student, I am relieved that my task will be lessened and my work and time are calculated more. The bill that was made and implemented is a big help not just for us students but also to the people in the family. Homework gives conflicts in students’ health through anxiety and different kinds of pain, it is necessary to be banned in order for students to lessen up stress from loaded work. To sum it all up, The No Homework Policy gives positive outcomes and positive effects on students in their time, family, and most importantly their health.

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