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Why Technology Is Bad: Essay

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What first comes to mind when thinking of Technology?

Technology is the invention or creation of new tools that make the process of living easier. Technology extends our natural abilities and alters our social environment. The extension of human qualities can include books as an extension of the human eye, the wheel as the extension of a foot, and the computer as an extension of the brain. Technology is both a good and a bad factor. Technology is optional it’s not forced upon you to use technology. Although it is a choice it’s not your option whether you can stop factories from manufacturing and creating these technological products. The advancements that technology has brought to our lives have caused immense social change both in family units and in our social structures. Technology improved communication and spread knowledge throughout the world, which in this case are all positive outcomes. While there are several positives, the negatives to technology are beyond imaginable.

We do not control technological change, you can have an impact on this change but you cannot change technology and how people use it in their everyday lives. Technology has brought social structures together from all over the world with social media we stay connected all day every day. Technology and comfort go hand in hand, technology brought comfort into our generations and we cannot live without it. Technology is very efficient and convenient. Knowledge rapidly spreads throughout the world through our fingertips that sense of comfort is positive. Moreover, working from home, and shopping online from home, etc, are also other forms of comfort, and technology. Comfort is a huge aspect of technology, more specifically the positives of technology. Back around the 1450’s writing books was very difficult. Johannes Gutenberg was the inventor of the printing press in other words “Gutenburg press” the main purpose of this printing press was to share different media like newspapers etc although the printing press was a significant social change the new and more modernized version is very comforting and easy to use. The modernized printer is now used by easily typing onto a computer, laptop, or phone, and easily pressing a button to print and you could get your typed physical paper in seconds. While the printing press brought easy comfort it also brought propaganda.

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New technology equals new stresses for the individual. Technology is a huge social change also known as “Technological Determinism” the view that social change is initiated by technology and not necessarily by the individual. Technology and mental health have been a huge topic for several years. Stress comes from the simple things like how weapons were merely used for defense, now used for offense. That fear of going out and the fact that there might be a massive shooting happens every day rather than going out and bonding with people rather than staring at a screen alone at home staying in the comfort of your home on social media causing isolation and paranoia. Security alarms are invented for protection, security gives a false sense of security and may create paranoia. The cons of technology are immense from the costly price to the invasion of privacy. The overdependence on technology has a huge impact on social structures and family units. Addictive use of the internet directly leads to social isolation, increased depression, familial discord, divorce, academic failure, financial debt, and job loss. This problem is so significant technology has separated social structures immensely by discrimination, hate crimes, and propaganda all online. Also separating individuals and families apart by the distraction technology has on people. Some people cannot last minutes without their phones because they deal with M.O.F.O also known as the fear of missing out, which I have experienced I was always so addicted to my phone feeling like my friends were going to go out without me etc, and this was the main reason I’ve deleted my social media. Technology has changed both families and social structures immensely in our modernized time.

Technology is both a good and a bad factor. Technology is optional it’s not forced upon you to use technology. Technology has brought social structures together from all over the world with social media we stay connected all day every day. It has also pushed families away from each other with huge dependency on technology families don’t interact with one another because of M.O.F.O especially the impact social media has on teenagers and M.O.F.O. When I had social media I was very stressed and dealt with anxiety due to the reason of M.O.F.O therefore is the reason I have completely gotten rid of my social media accounts. Technology is an immense topic with a huge debate about whether it is positive or negative. As society grows and develops we have to accept different social changes that come along with its growth whether it is positive or negative.

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