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Why There Should be Censorship in Journalism?

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, freedom of speech is the legal right to express one’s opinions freely (‘Freedom of speech.’ This means that while expressing an opinion one can be offensive, does not necessarily need to tell the truth and certainly not accountable to say sorry when making a mistake etc. Freedom of expression is important and necessary for democracy but not for journalism (2). Journalists need to have freedom of expression but not in that sense of definition. Rather they need to express himself/herself but within a framework, ethics of journalism, of values. When they make a mistake they need to correct it, they are not allowed to indulge malicious lies and needs to avoid being offensive. Moreover, the journals are appealing not only inside the country but also to the world so they need to be careful while expressing their thoughts because something that comes out of their mouth can cause big problems such as; chaos, complexity, misunderstanding and ruining the welfare of the community and so on.

Our opponent mentioned that “The moral issue lies in the fact of reporting the truth, for which, the journalists are paid for and whose primary task is informing the masses or deceiving the masses by twisting the truth and maintaining social, political and economic stability.”

Everyone gets paid for the job they do. Moreover, journalists’ duty is to inform the community about what is going on in the state or expressing their thoughts about an issue in a framework. The ones who are trying to twist the truth for their own intention or for another reason are already getting out of the ethics of journalism. Furthermore, censorship is needed in these cases.

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Also, our opponent mentioned authoritarianism so I would like to talk about this topic.

According to Oxford Dictionary authoritarianism has a meaning that favors or enforces strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom (5). Also mentioned in Wiley online library, it is a form of a government that monopolizes authority over the state without ensuring political pluralism or defense of civil liberties and with little or no accountability to the population(4).

“According to Juan Linz’s significant 1964 description of authoritarianism, she has categorized its political systems for four qualities;

  • Limited political pluralism that is such regimes place controls on political institutions and groups like legislatures, political parties, and interest groups.
  • A basis for legitimacy based on emotion, especially the identification of the regime as a necessary evil to combat “easily recognizable societal problems” such as enemies of the people or state, underdevelopment or insurgency,
  • Minimal social mobilization most often caused by constraints on the public such as suppression of political rivals and anti-regime activity,
  • Informally defined executive power with often vague and shifting, but immense powers.” (6, 7)

So, this means that in this kind of regime already there is limited freedom to the citizens. Meanwhile, the leader/government decides what the people’s rights are and because of this people can get limited in every field. It is not necessarily to journalists so the problems that occurring or limitations that are done may not always be for the states good but the good for the ruler so I do not think that this is a good example to state that censorship is bad. In this case, there are many issues that must be questioned and when there is a limit to everything how can one search for getting real information or asking freedom. The problem is not about censorship but about the type of regime.

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