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Why To Thank To Microbiology

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Microbiology introduce to us those organisms that our naked eye are not able to see e.g. bacteria, fungus, viruses and etc. Nowadays we are already aware or oriented that infectious diseases caused either by bacteria or virus has the capability to ravish/wipe out a big number of population or if worst comes to worst it is capable of wiping out the entire population. Microbiology is the field of science that deals, study, investigate or scrutinize the tiniest organisms.

Having accurate and reliable ideas and of course being knowledgeable enough about microbiology is an advantage or lets say an edge to develop vaccines to a certain disease/virus. Many researchers way back 1930s already began their experiments/studies to develop vaccine for polio but turned out unsuccessful but not until early 1950s when a scientist/researcher named Jonas Salk presented his work.

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Historically speaking in 1950s the polio epidemic was at its peak. Polio epidemic was savage at that time. Sixty thousand children were infected back then, and thousands were paralyzed because of the raging polio virus. Amidst polio epidemic scientist Jonas Salk develop a vaccine for this certain virus. In early 50s two of the most prominent scientist began to develop their own vaccine for poliovirus. And they successfully did it, the vaccine that almost free the world from polio.

As I’ve mentioned earlier Salk already develop a vaccine for polio epidemic in the early 50s but Jonas Salk finds a difficulty in testing his vaccine he tried to cultivate Poliovirus in Mokey Kidney Tissue but it was too expensive then later on HeLa cells joined the spotlight. Henrietta Cells were desirable for the testing of the vaccine and it turn out that HeLa cells were the key to be able to eradicate polio or for the world to be free from polio. During 1963 Dr. Albert Sabin also developed a vaccine for Poliovirus, to be specific what he developed is an oral live-virus vaccine which has no risk on paralyzing the patient unlike the IPV of Salk thay has the risk on causing paralysis to the patient. In 1972, Dr. Sabin was really a generous individual he donated his vaccine strains to the WHO which availability of the vaccine in low income countries.

Microbiology plays a very vital role in the society. Indeed it is one of the branches of science that contributes and continuously contributing a lot to the entire humanity it is a very big help for us humans. Again acquiring accurate and fact information and of course having enough knowledgeable about microbiology is indeed an edge. Microbiology makes it possible for researches/scientist to came out with the accurate vaccine without harming the lives of people.

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