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Why Video Games Shouldn't Be Blamed For All Violent Behavior

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Have you been watching stories about video games being blamed for school shootings in the news lately? If you have, you probably know that it’s only showing you one perspective, and it's usually the biased one. Everyone has been blaming video games lately. They don't know the statistics. A few video game blamed school shootings have also been blamed for mental health issues. Most politicians who blame video games don't even research what they are talking about and as a result, they cause a lot of confusion about what video games should be blamed for and what they shouldn't be blamed for.

When people say that video games are creating more violence, they usually haven't read the statistics. According to Patrick Markley, director of The Interpersonal Research Laboratory and professor of psychology at Villanova University, while 70 percent of high schoolers play violent video games, only 20 percent of school shooters have reported to play these types of games. He also added that school shooters have less interest in violent video games and that it’s a red herring to blame video games (CNBC). Professional Criminologists who study mass shootings say that the connections between video games and violent behaviors are a myth.

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When video games are blamed for shootings there is also another thing that's blamed, mental illness. It's either video games, mental illness or both. When some sort of accident happens the news usually says “this person has a mental health issue”. But usually, the only mental health disease that causes violence is intermittent disorder and psychiatric disorders. Even if you had these disorders violent video games probably wouldn't be the only reason that you would be set of, something else might happen.

Usually, when you read or watch the news it has many important information. Maybe it has political issues or issues in your hometown. Sometimes the news gets desperate. Do you really care if an actor/actress is getting married or what item has all the rage today? Even when the news/politicians are talking about something important they find a way to make it biased; guns or abortion or immigration. There are many controversies in these fields but who can say who’s right or who’s wrong?

Video games are not linked to all the violent behavior. People are violent because of many things like mental health or just being bias. There are also statistics that show that video games don't make people violent. The information provided above can help the world to better understand violence and its roots.

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