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Why Was Hoover Blamed for the Great Depression?

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Hoover was the president of the United States at the time of the stock market crash. Months after the stock market crash Hoover believed that the best way to recover from the crash was to have confidence. Hoover said that the Great Depression was because of “world-wide economic conditions beyond our control”. He blamed it on that instead of problems that were occurring in the United States economy.

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He thought that voluntary controls within businesses would be the most effective way to end economic troubles. Hoover held a conference at the White House and many business owners came to get a promise that would conserve rates of wages. At first it worked, and many enterprises kept their promises and raised wages, but gradually the enterprises began to reduce the wages of their employees. Hoover was known to be a very successful businessman but when it came to politics, he lacked knowledge and experience. Because of his inexperience in politics, he wasn't very flexible when it came to compromising. Hoover had his own views and he didn't want to budge or change them. It was very difficult for Hoover to come up with a plan to get the American people to like, and because of this, the public blames Republicans and Hoover for the economic crisis. Hoover knew that Americans were suffering so he tried to help but it really didn't work that way. When the midterm elections came around in 1930, the Republicans went downhill. After the elections there was no more Republicans in the house. Hoover tried to protect the domestic industries from imports that were foreign, by passing the Hawley-Smoot tariff. This tariff did not work and countries in Europe raised tariffs, which made international trade slow down. These plans backfired because they didn't support normal, everyday people who were starving but instead helped big industries and banks. Hoover didn't want to directly give relief to the people so the government started to give out money to people without jobs. People still were not happy because it took Hoover so long to do this.

Hoover's policies ultimately didn't do anything for the citizens and for the country. Many of his policies cause the United States to fall into the Great Depression after Hoover didn't do much when the stock market crashed. The economy hit an all-time low when Hoover was president. Hoover's policies made life worse for Americans, and the unemployed did not get the help they needed. That is why the American blamed Hoover for the Great Depression, because he did nothing essential to prevent it.

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