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Why Would You Vote for Hillary Clinton Essay

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My vote would be for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born on October 26 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in a suburb of the city called Park bridge by her mother and father. Hugh Rodham, Hillary’s father, was a successful business owner of a small textile business. Her mother, Dorothy Howell, was a homemaker. Dorothy gave birth to two more babies after Hillary, Hugh, and Tony. Hillary had parents that supported her independence and even her father who usually was a traditionalist wanted her to succeed and did not want his daughter to be held back because of her gender. She was taught self-reliance and her mother always told her to stand up for herself. In my opinion, being taught self-reliance is one of the best ways to open all opportunities later in life. To not rely on anything och anyone makes you unstoppable.

Growing up, Hillary was a top student in her class, participated in sports, and was a girl scout where she earned several badges. In high school, she ran for class president but lost to a boy and was told she was stupid to even think that a girl could become class president. She was also inspired to become an astronaut but was told that girls were not accepted into the program. She graduated high school in the top five percent of her class. Already at age 13, she was helping politically at the 1960 U.S. presidential election where she found evidence of fraud, and at the next presidential election, she volunteered to campaign for the republican candidate Barry Goldwater after she was introduced by her high school teacher. To start her political journey at age 13 is very brave of her. Generally, at age 13 you are looked at as a pretty incompetent being but the people around Hillary saw her potential and helped her to start her career.

Hillary went to Wellesley College after graduating high school. She chose to major in political science and also here, she was a top student. She was very politically engaged in the republican party for a while but after some time, her political view changed and she left the republican party for good in 1968. Hillary graduated with a bachelor of arts degree with departmental honors in political science. Right after she graduated from Wellesley College, she enrolled at Yale Law School. At Yale, Hillary was very engaged in early childhood development studies and at one point, she was giving free legal advice to the poor. Her passion for family law grew and especially issues that affected children. During her time at Yale, she started showing interest in health care. To be as driven as Hillary is very impressive and I think anyone would be inspired by her. Already in her college years, many people thought that she might become something big.

In 1971, she started dating another student at Yale, Bill Clinton, and already that summer they moved in together. They started campaigning together and she stayed one extra year at Yale to be with him. She earned a Juris Doctor degree from the school.

Hillary began a postgraduate study on children and medicine at Yale Child Study Center where she focused on the “children’s rights movement” where the stated that children should not be seen as incompetent up to legal age and that they are “powerful” individuals despite what society says. As she was doing this, Hillary was a staff attorney at Edelman’s Children’s defense fund and was later given a position as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington D.C.

Even though Hillary was together with Bill while they studied at Yale, she declined his offer when he proposed to her and they took separate paths after their graduation in 1973. Hillary stayed as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff and after her assignment helped to President Nixon’s resignation, she chose to move to Arkansas. Bill had moved to Arkansas when the couple went separate paths and when Hillary moved to him, she worked as a teacher at the University of Arkansas school of law after the couple got married in 1975, she became a partner at a law firm. I think it was the right thing for her to do, to decline his offer to marry and pursue her career. She told that she did not want to tie her future to his. Even though she decides to follow her heart later and move to Arkansas she started by doing what she wanted as an independent woman.

In 1978, Hillary’s husband was elected to be governor of Arkansas while she pursued her career, she kept her law practice as she was engaged in programs that helped children in need. In 1983, Hillary was named the Arkansas woman of the year and in 1984, when their only daughter, Chelsea Victoria was 4, she was named the young mother of the year.

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Hillary was serving as Bill’s chief advisor as he was running for president in 1992 and she played a very important role by giving speeches and greeting voters. While the couple was campaigning she received a lot of criticism since she had far more experience and higher education than any other first lady. Her husband often said that they would get “two for the price of one” as he referred to his wife’s high competence and the high role Hillary would have in the administration. When Bill was elected president of the United States in 1993, he made Hillary head of the Task Force on National Health Care and she set up an office in the West Wing. This was in addition to the usual first lady officer in the East Wing. This was an unprecedented move that had never been done before. She was also the first to have a postgraduate degree and a professional career. She received criticism from people who thought it was inappropriate for a first lady to play a big role in the policy of public matters. In 1999, she launched her candidacy for the U.S senate seat in New York. She was sworn into office in 2001 and senate Clinton kept pushing for health care reform and she also kept her advocate for children. After 9/11, Hillary took a leading role in investigations of health issues of the 9/11 first responders. In 2006 she was reelected during her second term.

In 2008, Hillary ran for president and later lost and Barack Obama was elected as the president of the United States. However, Obama proposed that Hillary would serve as secretary of state and Hillary accepted. She was very successful in improving relations with U.S foreign countries and Hillary had this position until she resigned in 2013.

At the beginning of 2015, information that stated that Hillary had used a private email to send classified information came out. Although the FBI started an investigation into the matter, Hillary announced that she was going to run for the U.S presidential election race in 2016 and became right after a favorite and won the Democratic nomination. Hillary advocated a traditional democratic agenda based on notably tax increases for the wealthy, an increase to the minimum wage, and immigration reform. She also advocated for stricter Wall Street regulations and she highlighted her experience as a senate and her work with U.S foreign countries relations. In addition to those matters, she wanted to establish universal preschool and make college more affordable.

In July 2016, she was formally nominated which made her the first woman to be nominated for president by a major U.S party. As she campaigned, the FBI finished the investigation where it showed that some classified material had been sent and received, no charges were pressed but this made it harder to win over voters. She looked forward to moving past the scandal and did not let it stop her in her way to trying to win the presidential election.

Her republican opponent was Donald Trump. A businessman who had outside status and his political incorrectness helped him to win previously underappreciated voters to secure his nomination. He wanted Hillary imprisoned for the email scandal. Hillary then countered by questioning Trump’s temperament and his inexperience in politics, also his business dealings and tax returns that Trump refused to share even though it has been code for previous presidents. Trump’s way of talking about women was Hillary’s biggest issue. He had (and has) a very degrading view of women and was accused of several cases of sexual assault.

On November 8, 2016, Hillary was defeated by Trump in the U.S presidential election because the electoral college was 227 to 304. She won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million. Two years after she lost, she wrote: “The book of gypsy women: favorite stories of courage and resilience” together with her daughter Chelsea.

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is one of the world’s most influential women and one of the women who has accomplished the most things in her life. The fact that she went to two colleges and has a postgraduate degree is very impressive. I am from Sweden and her way of not letting her gender stop her is something that is very common in my country. She made her own decisions throughout her life and she kept fighting. Independence is a word I think of when I hear Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, it was very brave to do all these things and to be as independent as she has been and still is. The email scandal was an unfortunate incident and I think that, without that, Hillary would have won the election and would have been a wonderful president.

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