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Why Youths Should Care about Youth Anxiety Disorder

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Feeling edgy, feeling tense and worried, Chest pains, sleepless nights, these are just some symptoms of anxiety and there are more. We all at some point in our lives whether it was good or bad have had anxiety. But some has an anxiety disorder which can affect their own lives as well as affect their families. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in today’s society. As the people of the future we must knowledge this and make it our mission to understand and help those with anxiety. That with the more information the youth of Australia is given the more aware and helpful we all would be. Today I will be exploring The issue of anxiety, what the government, individual and organization are doing to help those with anxiety as well as what the future generations could do to help. These points will be looked at through this report.


Anxiety has no one definition because it can be different for everyone. Anxiety is when your brain over functions and your head is filled with strong feelings of fear, stress, being anxious and being in a state of where you feel you have no control. In 2014 to 2015 it was reported that women aged 15 to 24 18.9% reported having an anxiety related condition. This is a problem for it shows just how high the percentage is for young people having anxiety. Many factors that cause anxiety, for example family history of anxiety, homelife, personality or nonstop stressful events like a death of a love one. ( Both short term and long term effects impact the lives of those with living with anxiety and how they go about their day. Some common effects of anxiety with adolescents are dropping out of school, low self-esteem which can continue through adulthood and poor performance in school. ( )

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The Government, organizations and individuals all do their part to help when looking at anxiety. But they could all do more. The problem of anxiety is a growing issue with a report in 2018 reporting that “as little as 1% of youth with anxiety seek treatment in the year symptoms begin.”( This is issue is trying to be solved through government, organizations and individuals. The government has spent a significant amount of money to help organisation help youth with mental health issues. In a 2018 news article it stated that the government spent $52 million more on cutting waiting time for teenagers to see professionals for their anxiety or depression. ( Another 2018 article said that the federal government gave $110 million to organisations for resources and continuation of service to youth with their anxiety and depression. The main organisations out there are Beyond blue, Kids helpline, Reach Out and Black dog institute. These organisations help these kids by offering information as well as giving 24 hr service for calls and 12hr online chat service chatting. As people of the community we should find a way to help instead of bringing people down with bullying online, continuing the stigma and unwise social media use. A way that the government could help is to give more money to the medical centres so they can help treat patients quicker and efficiently to young people. Organisations need to keep doing what is needed and do surveys to get current data for anxiety as well as increasing online chat facilities to 24 hour service as it’s the preferred method of communication for most young people. For us a community a way we could help those with anxiety is by reducing the amount of time spent on social media and give positive reinforcement in posted photos and videos.

As the people of the future we should be concerned with the high number of people with an anxiety disorder because it just not older generations but it is also our generation and at this critical point in our lives we should stick together to get through this. In a report it was considered one-third of 13-18 year olds would get an anxiety disorder. ( That means in a homeroom of 30 girls, roughly 10 girls would have an anxiety disorder. We as the community of Loreto need to get involved and spread awareness to be supportive. Now the school does mental health day and helps spread awareness but there are other ways that we could help. For example, we can be supportive of peers and family members who have anxiety and show the world that this is happening in the crucial point in our lives. Now to start this process we could reduce our amount of time on social media and speak more face to face. Understand that this issue is out there and that as a community we need to be supportive and listen not just on R U Ok? Day but every day.


In conclusion the more information and awareness the youth of Australia are given the more helpful and supportive we all would be to help our generation with anxiety. Through explaining the issue of anxiety and finding out the cause and effect, looking at what the government, organization like Beyond Blue and see what we ourselves can do we can find that our generation can help in a lot of ways. Anxiety effects people and we as a community can either help and rise above it and help those with anxiety or we can crumble and anxiety can just become a bigger issue that will sink the generations to come.

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