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Wild Wiley's Nail Salon Marketing Plan

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Wild Wiley’s Nail Salon is a small nail salon business in Warrensville Heights, Ohio. This salon is a sole proprietorship which is unincorporated business, but I have several business licenses to be able to operate a nail salon legally. I have been in business for two years and going strong. We conduct business through a store front and offer all nail services a patient might be looking for to make sure their hands and nails always look beautiful and for special occasions. The services that are provided are professional nail care, pedicure spa, lashes, microblading, facial and body waxing. These services are high demand in the area that we operate in and people love to be pampered and feel beautiful.

What we use at Wild Wiley’s Nail Salon that is part of Porter’s generic strategies would be differentiation strategy to make sure customers get exactly what they are looking for when they bring a picture of nail design or microblading they are looking for (Pride & Ferrell, 2017). I know before opening up my business there were several times that I would go to my nail tech and provide her with a picture of what nail designs I would like to have and walk out and they would never be exactly what I wanted them to be. One, because she did not have the product, or the tools needed to create the design I wanted. However, she did give me something similar. Here at Wild Wiley’s we are here to make sure we provide you with the exact design you are looking for, if we are unable to emulate exactly the design you want we would ask if it would be okay to hold off on that design until we are able to get the tools or product needed to make that design for them. If they want us to try our best to get as close as we can with what we have we will try, but if it is something, we do not think we can provide to them we will be upfront with our customers. We keep up with all trends to be able to accommodate what customers want too. Here in the Cleveland area most nail shops are walk ins only, we will accept walk-ins, but we also do appointments to where we can keep our regulars coming back and be able to accommodate their schedules. How we can do this and keep the advantage is we accept walk ins from 9am to 6pm. Then from 8pm to midnight is appointment only. We will do appointments in the morning if we have clients that prefer that time, however walk-ins would have a longer wait times.

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However, when it comes to nail product this is mostly going to be targeted towards women, transgender and those that want pedicure and nail services. We do not want to target just women we want to show diversity and inclusion. As times have changed, we forget to add in those targeted markets that would love to use the nail salon that we do not market whatsoever because society only thinks it is for women. We want to use a differentiated market segment, because having beautiful hands, feet, eyebrows and lashes are not just for women, it is for everyone at Wild Wiley’s (Pride & Ferrell, 2017). Using this approach will help increase in services that are provided to our clients and more revenue (Pride & Ferrell, 2017). Then looking into demographic variables to do more marketing around providing services for all people and not just women (Pride & Ferrell, 2017). The targeted market in Cleveland would be the African American women and LGBTQ community. When these communities feel a connection to a business and feel welcomed, they become loyal to the business and they want to see people just like them owning and working in the business that is providing them services.

Customers decision making process for finding a nail salon is sometimes word of mouth and see the artwork on their friends, family or coworkers’ hands, face etc. I remember when I was seeing my nail tech, people at the grocery store, coworkers and others would ask where I get my nails done because they always look so good. They would say did you do them yourself? I said at the time, oh I wished I could do acrylic nails like this. I would just say I have a nail tech, and I still do even though I own my own nail salon. I can do my own nails, but it is not the same as being pampered by your own nail tech. When you create a brand that is so recognizable and everyone wants it, then that speaks for itself. Then the conversations happen about who handles the work, and they start sending more customers your way, now business starts to pick up. Another way to build your brand is to create value in the brand but doing little discount cards for every time someone gets their fill in or a set of nails done you punch their card towards a reward such as $5.00 or $10.00 off. This creates a since of value and the want to come back. I know my clients every fifth visit gets a five-dollar discount and every tenth visit they get ten dollars off their visit. Mediums they will use besides the work they see, brand, family and friends would be the internet and advertisements. There are times as customers we might be looking for a new provider for whatever service it might be, and we google it. Having a good website and an inviting salon helps bring customers in the door too. Customers are also looking for lower cost than what they are paying, sometimes keeping the same cost as your competitor and not lowering but providing with excellent customer services and remembering important information about the customer can go a long way with value. The other piece of it is providing a service no one else does such as those appointments that go late at night when someone might not get off work until 10pm and they can see their nail tech at 10:30pm to fix a broken nail or do a fill in. Those things become of a value and those are things that customers look for through the medium when they are looking for a business to take on their services.

The improvements that needs to be made to Wild Wiley’s Nail Salon is getting a website created to showcase the acrylic nails that are created, we currently use Facebook which works but we want more professional website. This will enhance our brand and bring to light our products and services we provide to our customers of a diverse society and that way those customers will feel welcomed to come into our doors for the services they want, love and can feel beautiful as they are. Our current competitors have websites and commercials that drive their business. Due to us only being in business for two years we have not done the marketing to push our business further and the website will help that advertisement and marketing piece. The most marketing we have done have been through Facebook. Creating the website needs to truly represent the full quality of my salon can cost up to $500.00 as a start up cost. Then monthly it would cost anywhere up to $115.00 monthly (Team, 2020). The other part that has to be continuous for the business to thrive is to constantly keep in tune with all nail trends and listen to customers ideas and wants.


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