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Will Humans Have A Settlement On The Moon?

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Well if the scientist is going to the moon they would have to prepare themselves to think that they may never come back because if they go to the moon to stay there the scientise probably won’t have a lot of fuel to come back. Also, on the moon, all of them would have to build and take with them a lot of materials so they can have a settlement on the moon.

They would need to have a lot of time committed to getting ready to stay on the moon. Everyone that goes to the moon would also have to learn all about space and the moon.

This report will address three concerns about how are scientise going to have food on the moon, the world’s population and (can the moon hold it) and what will humans live in when they are on the moon. They

Justified Scientific Argument

So on the moon, there is no food and according to “ MIT Technology Review” it’s said that to have food on the moon you would have to live in a gigantic dome that is sustainable for living and growing plants (Sauserarchive.B, 2010). You would need to have the technical ability to build and live on the moon. People can live on the moon but would need the right food for it. Because scientise cannot just go to the moon with hamburgers they need to have the right food and nitrogens for living on the moon. The website reads that it is a lunar greenhouse. The idea is something that could one day supply food to astronauts on the moon. It would be buried underneath the moon’s surface, so it will not be destroyed by comics hitting the moon surface or by solar flares. So that food could be ready when astronauts arrive (Sauserarchive.B, 2010).

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So, the second question that everyone should be asking would be how many humans could the moon support. If the scientist looks to the past and see how many more people in the world there is now from when there was in 1960 this is what it would look like on a graph: there is a 1.1% growth every year (Bryce.E, 2019). So if scientise look into the future they would need to be prepared to only let a certain amount of people to go to the moon now, then in a couple of years from now they would need to get the data back for the scientise and see how their living style went. Also, they would need to have to get back how they lived and how they ate food and made food over there. So, getting back to how many people could the moon fit. Well, the moon’s surface is about 15.9% of the earths land space (including the area of the earth covered in oceans) (Bryce.E, 2019). Technically, that would mean scientists would be able to fit thousands of people on the moon’s surface (Bryce.E, 2019).

So just ]imagine it is the year 3000, having used up all of Earth’s land water resources and are now established colonies with people on the moon. Thousands of sealed domes clustering across its surface, housing cities populated by hundreds of thousands of people. This cold, Gray rock has somehow become humanity’s new home (Bryce.E, 2019). That could be the people of that time because the people now have not taken care of the world around us. So, if everyone these days keeps up what they are doing maybe the human race could be living on the moon by the year 3000. So, if people do not pick up their act scientise may never know if the human race could live on the moon. They could just be making stuff up now to make people think that they could live on the moon when the time comes what is going on around the moon and the type of living style on the moon.


In conclusion, This report has addressed three concerns about how are scientise going to have food on the moon, the world’s population and (can the moon hold it) and what will humans live in when they are on the moon. Firstly, the issue of having known food on the moon can be solved by having a lunar greenhouse on the moon (Sauserarchive.B, 2010). The second issue is if humans have used all the earth’s resources people could live on the moon in the future (Bryce.E, 2019). Finally, humans could live on the moon in sustainable housing living in domes that are safe from any meteors hitting the moon (Bryce.E, 2019).

Therefore, this Research investigation shows that humans will have a settlement on the moon. That said, it is important to note that while solutions to the issue of housing, food and living style it still needs to be addressed about what would happen if anything hit the moon or came in collision with moon.

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