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Women And Their Role In Islam

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Women in Islam tend to be more equal to men than in most other religions. This is because of the teachings in the Quran. For example, one of their holy beliefs is that Adam and Eve were made from the same soul. They also believe that they both had the blame for committing the sin in the Garden of Eden. This shows that they aren`t really different, they are more similar. They also believe that Allah forgave them both equally. This also shows that they have the same value as each other. If we look at another religion like Judo-Christian, they say that Eve was the first one to commit the wrong doing and that Adam followed her. They were both punished. But was the punishment equal? Have a think.

Another teaching from the Quran staes that many women will have high statuses like Muhammad`s wife Khadijah, the first Muslim to convert. And after her conversion, she was an independent and wealthy business women in her own right. This shows that she was not controlled by her husband and she was a person with her own right. This speaks high volumes because in those times, women didn`t have their own right. They couldn`t do what they wanted. If we look at the other traditions, in the West, the women`s property was owned by their father. This also discouraged women to be successful in their own right. This shows that at the time the religion of Islam was more equal that other religions. This was also unfair for other traditional women as they could never do what they wanted and could never keep or have and could never keep or have their own property. Another teaching, in Islam is foretold, is that Muhammed`s wife Aysha, was a very famous scholar and teacher even after his death.

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This shows a lot of things, first of all that she is famous after his death and second of all she is an educated women who can do anything with her life. It is her choice. But if we look at other religions, women weren’t allowed to go into higher education and teaching until the 19th century. This also shows that in those times, things were a lot less equal for women than they were for men. Up in this age, women still don`t have the same privileges as men still! If we look at they Quran, it says that a women has the right to choose her husband. The groom has to give a dowry (something valuable or money) to the bride for her own personal use. She gets to keep her family name, rather that taking her husband`s .

There is a twist here, instead of the bride`s family giving a dowry to the groom, it is the opposite way round. This also, overall gives respect to the bride so they don`t feel uncomfortable when they leave their family. Also, they get to keep their own surname. But also, in most other religions, you can keep your surname depending if you want to keep it or not. In other religions, most marriages tend to be arranged . This means that they might not be able to choose who to marry. In the religion of Islam, mothers have the highest honour as they brought Muslims in to the world. Muhammad says that “ paradise lies at the feet of your mother” This shows that mothers will always get the respect they need as they did a lot of good things. Whereas if we look at other religions, the father no what gain custody of a child until recently. This shows that, until recently, there hasn`t been any respect for women in other religions to do things like gain custody of their child or gain custody of money to support them in their everyday lives.

Also, even though isn`t in the Quran, in many Muslim countries, they have female heads of states in places like Turkey, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This shows that men and women are more equal than in other religions. If we look at other religions, few countries have heads of states that are female like the USA. This shows men have more rights than women.

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