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Women Equal Right In Sports

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No matter how much time and effort goes into making women’s sports earn the same amount of money and get the same exposure, the fans are always going to be gravitated to male-driven sporting events. For, example the WNBA Finals and the NBA finals are two teams competing for the same type of banner and the same ring on their fingers, but the NBA finals will get national coverage on the ABC channel with millions of viewers, while the WNBA will be shown on ESPN will smaller coverage, less story build up and less popularity expectations just for the plain fact that these are women playing. People are more gravitated to watching men trash talk, dunk, and make highly contested shots over watching lay-ups and lower scoring games in the WNBA Finals. Media has not been delivering equal coverage or recognition to female athletes as to the men athletes. This has been going on since the nineteenth century this issue has led to a larger difference in advertising and sponsorships. Today’s terrible circumstances for women rarely get media coverage or national attention.

These media are the driving force behind sports. They help keep what is looked, seen, listened, etc. The number of women is almost gone when compared to the media coverage and several types of care men make. It is alarming that women may hardly get any care, news, or help in relatively any sport. News of women’s sports hit the all-time poor in 2009. In the last twenty years this media has really lowered its amount of women’s sports. The most common is women’s ball. Profession and the media are to blame for how the American public views females at sports and this feeling of lovers. The struggle for real equality for women’s sports remains but today the speech is centered on media coverage, better salary, and contracts that matches that of these men’s national teams. Media coverage of female’s sporting events is dreadfully low, and the median pay of female athletes is a tiny part of this offered to males within the same sport.

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As Mohammed Qahtani once said, “words have power, words are power, words could be your power. You can change a life, inspire your nation, and make this world a beautiful place.” Word when said and articulated in the right way can change someone’s mind, they can alter someone’s belief. Society tends to see as weak and not as competitive as their counterparts.

These thoughts that women are feeble, insecure and sensitive have also led to different myths preventing women from taking part in athletics. This media, another organization ran by this dominant set at world, males, have helped in spreading these being myths about females who play sports that they become unfeminine, develop eating disorders, suffer more knee injuries because of weaker female anatomy, and become lesbians. These myths may seem silly to these females of today, but these were serious reasons women in the time were forbidden from taking part in sport.

The development of gender roles in our society has shown a substantial difference in how females are presented in sports. The development of females’ sports has been showed by the existence of several professional sports leagues for females including the WNBA, and this LPGA. Additionally, because of this effect of equal state at females’ sports, more female athletes have started to take part in sports compared to the pasted time. This is supported by the survey made by the NCAA from 1970-2001, where female involvement in sports was showed to increase by 847 percent (CQ Researcher).

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