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Words As A Very Powerful Device: Quotes And Sayings

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Words are a very powerful device, and none more so than the ones that the bride and groom will say during their wedding day. This doesn’t just mean the vows that they have taken, although this is probably the most important words that will be spoken during the wedding. This also includes the bride and groom wedding speech, delivered together or individually, as the first official speeches the bride and the groom will be giving as married individuals. Even so, the thought of giving the vows and the subsequent speeches may be nerve-wracking for both the bride and groom, and not only those who have stage fright. Both will want to impress their new in-laws, create a good impression with their guests, and honor their new spouse as well. There’s also the fact that weddings are an emotional occasion, especially if you’re the one who’s getting married. While putting all of these together may sound like a tall order, they can deliver it using wedding quotes and sayings.

Organization in the Speeches

The bride and groom wedding speech, whether delivered individually or jointly by the newly married couple, traditionally includes parts that are indispensable to it. Firstly, the speaker will need to thank the guests for being part of their special day. They will then address their attendants (the groom the best man, and the bride the bridesmaids and/or the maid of honor) and thank them for helping see to it that the event was a success. They will then need to address both sets of parents (traditionally the in-laws first, then their own parents). The last person they will need to address would be their spouse.

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Wedding Quotes and Sayings Are Helpful

If you’re still unsure as to how to write the bride and groom wedding speech, you can use wedding quotes and sayings to help you out. Thanks to the Internet, there are a lot of wedding quotes and sayings that the bride and the groom can choose from, either for their vows or the bride and groom speech that they will be delivering. Since you have a lot of options, you have a bit of freedom to choose which lines would best fit your bride and groom wedding speech. Some of the sources you can look into are Bible verses, lines from books or poems, or song lyrics. The wedding quotes and sayings that you use should not overwhelm the speech that you’re making, but instead will serve to highlight it, so that your message will come out more powerful, especially to the people who you will be addressing in your speech. As such, don’t pepper it with too many sayings. Instead, just pick one or two relevant lines and incorporate these to your speech to have more impact.

Make sure that you prepare your speech early, and not wait until the last minute to come up with something. That way, you will hopefully be less nervous and jittery, and you will be free to look for wedding quotes and sayings that will best describe the journey you went through with your new spouse to reach to the point where you are right now.

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