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Work-Life Balance Essay: Meaning, Importance And Causes

Introduction We all know that Work plays an important role in everyone’s life whether it is paid or unpaid, but it helps us to shape our identity, allows us to structure our time and brings us in contact with each other. In today’s fast paced society, people in the workforce often move from one task to the next, only to find themselves coming up for air on Friday afternoon. Unsatisfied by their weekend and not accomplishing all they hoped, they...
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A Study On Work-Life Balance Of Women Employed In Teaching Profession

ABSTRACT In India changing societal attitudes, inflation and rising educational levels made more women than ever before to drive into the paid workforce. The Indian women, who were confined only to the socially acceptable jobs like banks, teaching, nursing etc., are now stepping into various sectors. Irrespective of education, income and employment, professional women in India are still doing three jobs – office, housework and child care. Professional women hardly find space for themselves to accomplish basic necessity of life...
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The Impact Of Work-life Balance On Wellbeing Of Employees

Introduction Problem Statement The task of satisfying key employees is intense. High level of satisfaction and minimum level of conflicts at workplace and home has been shown to be momentous to the development of an organization in terms of gaining competitive advantage as well as wellness of society. Now a day, Level of frustration among people due to socio-economic issues is rising in Pakistan; Organizations are in continuous competition which is putting pressure on employees. Moreover, In traditional family setting...
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Impact Of Work-life Balance Issues On Performance Of Pharmaceutical Sales Managers

ABSTRACT In terms of Indian context, the concern over work-life balance is gradually becoming a common talk. When employees go back to their homes, they should not carry any organizational stress with them. An individual has two roles to play- personal and professional; each role having different set of demands. When such role demands overlap, multiple problems are faced leading to losses for all concerned: the individual, the family, the organization and the society. In sales job, the performance pressure...
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Work-Life Balance Benefits And Challenges

​Work pressure can create critical issues in employees’ careers and social lives. Work/Life Balance (WLB) policies can be defined as adjusting how work is completed to suit employees’ circumstances such as flextime, job-sharing and onsite childcare centers. The work load and task list of employees are becoming more and more complex. For employees who are part of multi-national companies, time and schedule becomes erratic due to the need to be connected with counterparts in various global locations. Communication technology often...
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Leadership And Work-Life Balance

Introduction The aim of this paper is to examine and critically analyse the literature previously written by professionals in regards to leadership and work-life balance. A leader will be described in broad form followed by an exploration through several leadership theories. The author of this paper decided to apply this research into the realm of work-life balance and work-life conflict in the hospitality industry as this is an area of high interest and passion and found great interest in finding...
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Factors Influencing Work-Life Balance Of Doctors

ABSTRACT In modern era, maintaining work life balance has become a more laborious task. Helping employees to attain a good work life balance will definitely increase work satisfaction. It is a tough job especially for the professionals like doctors who work 24/7 for the welfare of the people. This paper makes an attempt to measure the factors which influence work life balance of doctors. INTRODUCTION The term ‘work life balance’ refers to maintaining a healthy balance between the work and...
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Work-Life Balance Of Working Women: An Overview

Abstract Work- Life balance refers to the competency and successful management of multiple roles both at work and family and also refers to employees balance and contently fulfilled their formal task and accomplished household task to prove their efficiency at both ends. It is a state of well defined well being. Women getting into job after marriage have been increasing substantially in recent decades. This added a married woman responsibility executing multiple tasks at a time apart from parenting and...
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The Analysis Of Work Life Balance And Its Effectiveness

ABSTRACT The study focuses on work life balance in GAIL. The concept of work-life balance has now become centre of attention for almost all companies, political institutions, research institutions, families, individuals and trade unions at both national and international level. Work life balance is an important topic in human resource management that means to combine work and life in a way, that both are achievable. Work life balance is generally related to role overload, time management, time pressure, job satisfaction,...
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Three Common Myths Of Work Life Balance

We often come across the term “Work-Life Balance” that has conditioned us to believe that there is a magic formula for having it all. Those who firmly believe that if they work hard and are disciplined then they can have a good job, money in the bank, nice home, fancy car and loads of free time to spend with their partner, children, family, and friends. It seems that everybody is chasing the idea of work-life balance, yet most of us...
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Live to Work or Work to Live

Dr. Tetsunojyo Uehara first used the term of ‘過労死 (karoshi)’, and it is defined as ‘death from overwork and stress’. Since the latter half of the 1980s, karojisatsu has also become a social issue in Japan. The occurrence of overwork death is closely related to a country’s unique economic and social conditions, and even the value orientation of the entire society. In the 20th century, the rapid development of Japan’s economy coupled with the general appreciation of the values of...
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Negative Effects of Over-Dedication to Work

Constituted as an ideal, favorable way of living, the American Dream is achieved through hard work and dedication. Yet, some take diligence and dedication to hard work to an extreme causing them an unhealthy relationship between themselves and their occupation. As Clausen claims, dedication to one’s work proves disadvantageous and creates conflict with other aspects of life, causing one to devalue the treasures that lie within. The working lifestyle of Americans has dramatically changed over the years, causing conflict with...
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A Study On Work Life Balance: A Real Challenge

Abstract Work-Life Balance is a very important strategy for every organisation, group and individual for happy-living. Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is a necessity. A proper understanding of work-life balance can amount to more efficiency and productivity, better relationship among peers and superior-subordinate structure. Reaching out to a balance is a challenge to every employee, and understanding and helping the employee is a tough task to every organisation. However, companies have to consider this and develop strategies...
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Work Life Blending: Synthesis Essay

Background There is a creating preparation in the present working environments that representatives don’t give up their lives just in light of the fact that they work. Work and life remain the two most fundamental regions in the life of a used single individual. In any case, the trial of changing work and non-work demands is one of the present central mindfulness toward the two individuals and associations. With the creating contrasts of family structures addressed in the present workforce,...
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How Work Life Balance Affects Individuals

A lack in work-life balance is costing employees and organizations billions of dollars a year. Organizations that are experiencing high turnover due to burn-out of employees lose wealth (knowledge and money) because of poor work-life balance. According to Harvard Business Review, an estimated $125 billion to $190 billion a year of healthcare spending in the U.S. is due to psychological and physical burn-out of employees (Garton, 2017). Personally seeing the affects burn-out has towards a workplace and individuals has activated...
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The Balance Between Work & Families

Abstract This research paper is based on some changes within the structure of family and how one is to take care of their families. Also how the household is formed in terms of responsibilities and balance between working and taking care of a family. Being that one of the biggest dilemmas as being a parent for most is their balance of maintaining all of their home issues then also being able to deliver their best at work. As individuals there...
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How Does The Battle Of Work Clashing With Home Affect The Lives Of Women And How Can Achieving Work Life Balance Be A Solution?

In today’s world, women have been stepping up to find a place in the workplace and have created their own significant identity; a role in the workplace, a role in the community and a role for themselves. About 20-25 years earlier, women in the workplace was an out-of-box or rather odd thing. Even though women are working now, there are still many stereotypes and beliefs that expect women to manage households and take up the major responsibility in bringing up...
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A Study Of Employee Work Life Balance In India

Abstract The changing nature at workplace coupled with changes in socio-cultural level has led to imbalance in the work and personal lives of employees all over. Increasing demand, rising awareness among women, increasing stress levels, increasing family levels etc., have made it difficult for people to cope with their work and family lives. With increasing stress levels and demands at the workplaces, attrition rate in organization is increasing. Therefore, the present day organizations are required to create a flexible environment...
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The Importance To Balance Personal Life And Work

In a world where more and more people are working in roles that could be considered as ‘always at work’, how do they achieve and maintain a balance between work and personal life? How do companies and leaders do to promote this way of life? Every day millions of people struggle with these questions. At the same time, leaders fight with solutions. It is difficult to reach an agreement because the answers vary. As a manager and member of the...
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Work Life Balance: Definition, Roles And Impact

The following section of this project reviews literature related to work-life balance (WLB) and describes why this complex topic with numerous factors and cofactors underpinning its severity calls for much care from business leaders and has captured the attention of many scholars. It also highlights the academic contributions in the interplay between WLB, organizational commitment and workers’ motivation. Definition of WLB Originally introduced in 1972 during the International Labour Relations Conferences (Hian and Einstein, 1990), a large and distinctive body...
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Work Life Balance Of Employees In BPO Industry: A Case Study of WNS (Holdings) Ltd

INTRODUCTION One of an important attribute of a successful organization is its satisfied Workforce. The term “Work Life Balance” has become the new “buzzword” in today’s Corporate world. The concept of ‘Work Life Balance’ helps employees of an organization to balance their personal and professional lives. It encourages employees to divide their time as per the priorities and maintain balance by devoting ample amount of time to family, health, vacation etc. It not only helps to motivate the employees but...
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The Impact Of Scope For Creativity At The Workplace On Family: Life And Work Life Balance Of Employees

Abstract Increased job responsibilities due to an increased demands at the workplace to achieve the objectives set at the workplace, together with family responsibilities at the home-front, have created a need to balance both the domains.To overcome this problem, employer and employees can introduce creative methods at the workplace innovate new methods and strategies at their home-front and at their workplace and entrepreneurial activities can also be considered. Employees should have the support of the management in use of creativity...
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Work Life Balance Empowering The Women Employees Of Today

Abstract Women have a number of roles that they play throughout life. Work-life conflict occurs when time and energy demands imposed by the diverse roles cannot be efficiently met, as participation in one role is made increasingly difficult by participation in another. During the past decade, in India the environment for multinational corporations has been quite volatile, with numerous challenges for the firms operating in this arena. However, throughout this period there have emerged a number of corporate women who...
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South Korea’s Work-Life Imbalance

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development’s (OECD) report on the average annual hours actually worked per worker (OECD. Stat, 2019), Korea ranked second from the top with an average of 2,108 hours a year since 2008. This means Korean work 1.3 times more than the OECD average working hours (1,770), and 1.5 times the Germany’s working hours (1,404). Do Koreans know that the number of hours they work is a significant problem? To answer this question, according...
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Critical Essay on Balancing School, Work and Family

Work-life parity can be characterized as ‘the degree to which an individual is similarly occupied with and similarly happy with their work job and family job’ (Greenhouse, Collins, & Shaw, 2003, p. 510). Something contrary to this is a work-life struggle, which is when the zones of work and life are inconsistent, and accomplishing something for work meddles with family life, and vice versa. (Harris, Marrett, & Harris, 2011). Different terms like work-family parity and work-family struggle likewise exist. These...
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Impact Of Work Life Balance On Employee’s Productivity

Introduction Work life balance refers balancing the work life and personal life. It is an art of balancing the work and other personal activities which includes activities related with family, society and personal development (KUMARI, 2017). Work life balance is a familiar and also an important topic to every employees. Work life balance is itself clear that there must be balance between work and life. Here, life defines the time which we get out of our work, leisure time, and...
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Changes And Improvements Of Work Life Balance

ABSTRACT Work Life balance has become an area of concern not only for the employee but also for the organisation as it impacts both in a big way. With the changing business environment change in work place is inevitable causing stress and insecurities in the lives of employees. It had led to reduction in employee productivity and increase in cost for employers resulting in losses for the organisation. Studies have been taken up by various organisations and some governments too...
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Work Life Balance Of Men

Introduction In this assignment I will build a case as to why men should be included in any future research on work-life balance and I will Identify a relevant qualitative methodology for researching the work-life balance of men. What is work life balance? Work life balance is Work-Life Balance does not mean an equal balance. Trying to schedule an equal number of hours for each of your various work and personal activities is usually unrewarding and unrealistic. Life is and...
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Work Life Balance: Critical Essay

The essence of work-life balance The global pandemic that hit the whole world has affected individuals around the globe in various ways and still continue to face the complex and syndicated challenges as a community which are usually initiated through social, economic, environmental as well as political aspects. Although it has shown a significant rise in worsening the physical as well as mental health of individuals. According to WHO, over 60% of countries reported disruptions to mental health services for...
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The Effects Of Stress On Single Parents’ Work Life Balance

Executive Summary Stress is a common issue in today’s organizations. More particularly employees have been noticed to suffer from it in most organizations. The main issue discussed in this paper is about how stress affects the life of single parents, and the challenges they face to balance work-life and family. It has become hard in this current generation to become self-independent, especially as parents. Social, economic and financial hardships are the main reasons for the initial stress among single parents....
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