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Work-life Balance Essay Examples

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The Concept Of Work Life Balance in Modern World

As the name suggests, work life balance relates to the equilibrium between the professional life, personal life and family life of the individual. This is a relatively new concept being brought on by the seismic advances of technology, the stigma of being regarded as “average”,...
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Work-Life Balance Of Working Women: An Overview

Abstract Work- Life balance refers to the competency and successful management of multiple roles both at work and family and also refers to employees balance and contently fulfilled their formal task and accomplished household task to prove their efficiency at both ends. It is a...
4 Pages 1699 Words

The Analysis Of Work Life Balance And Its Effectiveness

ABSTRACT The study focuses on work life balance in GAIL. The concept of work-life balance has now become centre of attention for almost all companies, political institutions, research institutions, families, individuals and trade unions at both national and international level. Work life balance is an...
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Three Common Myths Of Work Life Balance

We often come across the term “Work-Life Balance” that has conditioned us to believe that there is a magic formula for having it all. Those who firmly believe that if they work hard and are disciplined then they can have a good job, money in...
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Work Life Balance Of Men

Introduction In this assignment I will build a case as to why men should be included in any future research on work-life balance and I will Identify a relevant qualitative methodology for researching the work-life balance of men. What is work life balance? Work life...
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How Work Life Balance Affects Individuals

A lack in work-life balance is costing employees and organizations billions of dollars a year. Organizations that are experiencing high turnover due to burn-out of employees lose wealth (knowledge and money) because of poor work-life balance. According to Harvard Business Review, an estimated $125 billion...
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Leadership And Work-Life Balance

Introduction The aim of this paper is to examine and critically analyse the literature previously written by professionals in regards to leadership and work-life balance. A leader will be described in broad form followed by an exploration through several leadership theories. The author of this...
4 Pages 1922 Words

The Balance Between Work & Families

Abstract This research paper is based on some changes within the structure of family and how one is to take care of their families. Also how the household is formed in terms of responsibilities and balance between working and taking care of a family. Being...
4 Pages 1962 Words

Work-Life Balance Benefits And Challenges

​Work pressure can create critical issues in employees’ careers and social lives. Work/Life Balance (WLB) policies can be defined as adjusting how work is completed to suit employees’ circumstances such as flextime, job-sharing and onsite childcare centers. The work load and task list of employees...
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Changes And Improvements Of Work Life Balance

ABSTRACT Work Life balance has become an area of concern not only for the employee but also for the organisation as it impacts both in a big way. With the changing business environment change in work place is inevitable causing stress and insecurities in the...
4 Pages 1737 Words

A Study On Work Life Balance: A Real Challenge

Abstract Work-Life Balance is a very important strategy for every organisation, group and individual for happy-living. Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is a necessity. A proper understanding of work-life balance can amount to more efficiency and productivity, better relationship among peers and...
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Problem: Work Life Balance Of Women

It has always been difficult for women to balance a thriving career and a happy family life. This is because being a full-time working woman comes with sessions of stress and guilt for not being able to give sufficient time to family and work. Work...
8 Pages 3718 Words

A Study Of Employee Work Life Balance In India

Abstract The changing nature at workplace coupled with changes in socio-cultural level has led to imbalance in the work and personal lives of employees all over. Increasing demand, rising awareness among women, increasing stress levels, increasing family levels etc., have made it difficult for people...
6 Pages 2733 Words

Work Life Balance: Definition, Roles And Impact

The following section of this project reviews literature related to work-life balance (WLB) and describes why this complex topic with numerous factors and cofactors underpinning its severity calls for much care from business leaders and has captured the attention of many scholars. It also highlights...
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