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Workplace Diversity in Bahrain

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Workplace diversity fosters soul mutual respect among all. It’s about the economic empowerment of marginalized workers. Also, diversity is about recognizing the creativity, ideas and professional experiences that people can bring to an organization. In effect diversity, it was always one of the important topics in the life of human, but in recent few years, it has become for many companies.

How diversity is important in business:

  1. Higher innovation;
  2. Increase creativity;
  3. Better decision making;
  4. Faster problem-solving;
  5. Better company reputation;
  6. Reduce employee turnover;
  7. Increase profits;

Equality means no person should experience or fear discrimination based on their gender, sex, age, race. Addition another meaning the principle of non-discrimination in the field of employment and profession. Equality is very important in the business because if you want to do good work in a field there must be equality and non-racism. Most likely the equality plays an important role in action of economic and social. However, equality is not limited to business, but also in all areas.

Inclusion is the act of including someone in something, for example school, club, or team. If you are familiar with the word include meaning a part of something larger then inclusion should make sense. Inclusion in the workplace is crucial to growing, sustaining businesses and workforces. Not only does it help with your company bottom line, also inclusion produces happier employees. The protected characteristics: age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; sexual orientation.

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Companies strive achieve benefits for diverse workforce, for example, share and seek ideas of all member of the workforces, there are jewel of wisdom to be found there. Our workforces are changing at a pace.

In a fact, there are a lot of advantages of a diverse workforce, so in everything in your life there are advantages and disadvantages but how do you deal with it in our personal life. For example, language new skills and community relations, improves the company reputation and prestige and increases the creativity and ideas to improves skills of workforce. Firstly, language skills and community relations. Secondly, it improves the company reputation and prestige. Thirdly, it increases the creativity and ideas.

Equality, diversity and inclusion play a big role in British in flow the economy and develop it, in terms of diversity of economic fields in UK. Equality, diversity and inclusion have a big role in business of Bahrain. I can’t say the equality don’t have in Bahrain but it’s better than before and another country. I think now there is a certain amount of equality there for everything for example equality between men and women.

There is more employment for women than men because a lot of companies prefer not to employ women because women will get pregnant and get married and by busy with her children, so you find that same companies are refused to employ women. But in my experience, I think the women better than men in checking, electronic business, media and communication skills. We’re been very lucky if you have employing Bahraini women in your company, because Bahraini women stay a longer and they don’t change jobs. In the field of women, she won many awards recently for fifth years age. The Bahraini women share in many positions in the Kingdom of Bahrain and a moment of great luck from the support of the government. From these awards, they made Bahraini woman a day, it’s on the first of December, all day they are celebrating for Bahraini woman. In 2013, Bahraini women participated in the economy and women with sport. In 2014, Bahraini women participated military field media. So Bahraini women didn’t just stop at there but also participated in the banking sector add to field of law and justice. As well as a lot of fields they participated another. On one hand there are many nationalities, colors and ethnicities in Bahrain, but now there are some people who are still racists and extremists the general Arabs are extremists and not only Bahrain for example if someone flied on company it must be a person close to the official or not working because now general company prefer foreign business because it is cheaper than local workers and better than some jobs.

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