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Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, the President of Brazil once said, “Hunger is actually the worst weapon of mass destruction. It claims millions of victims each year.” This quote is eye-opening and explains what world hunger truly does to individuals and how some people view it. We should be able to end it today with all the money being spent in this country but ever since the fall of man, this world we are living in is broken and torn in half forever. People have been and are still rebelling, starting wars, spreading lies, and causing frustration and chaos. There has also been famine, drought, and pestilence in many areas of the earth as a result of the fall in Genesis. Out of many, one of the most destructive problems the earth is facing today is world hunger. Getting food and nutrition for someone’s body is one of the most basic needs and greatest necessities a person needs, without it they will be undernourished and will eventually die. Millions of people don’t have a meal to eat every day because they can’t afford it or have been in a catastrophic event that resulted in not being able to get the food they need. Luiz was right when he said hunger is like war because it claims so many innocent lives each year. World hunger is devastating and still exists today. The Salvation Army is trying to solve the problem by helping feed people locally and nationally.

World hunger has been a problem for many centuries and is still a very devastating and tragic dilemma the world faces today. It is difficult for some individuals that live in America to visualize how hard it is for others that have no idea where their next meal is going to come from since we have so much of it. One out of nine people globally suffers from hunger (Hunger). World hunger has risen tremendously throughout the last few years and will continue to rise in years to come if we do not do anything to help (Hunger). This escalation in world hunger has shown a tremendous challenge to those trying to make sure that everyone has food (Hunger). This problem affects so many people around the globe. Statistics show that in the United States, 17.4 million households go to bed hungry each night and an added 6.9 million live on the brink of food insecurity (Salvation). It’s not just Americans that deal with food insecurity, it's people from around the whole world. Poverty and hunger are mostly generational dilemmas that are passed down, but sometimes certain catastrophic events will cause one to be left without food, and some of those events include, floods, droughts, war, displacement, natural disasters, and many other unfortunate events (Hunger). A lack of education can also contribute to a person being in poverty which then leads to someone not being able to afford food. “As the food insecurity worsens, people grow weaker, become more prone to illness, and find it harder to be productive at work” (Hunger). 8.9 percent of the world is undernourished, which leads to major health problems and eventually death (Roser). Those people’s lives are stolen by not eating enough and not being able to collect those resources to live a good and healthy life (Hunger). It’s sad to see that this problem still exists in the world today. One of the seventeen sustainable goals for the world is to get rid of people being hungry by 2030 (Lowe). There is an estimated amount of how many people are affected by hidden hunger and it reaches over two billion people worldwide (Lowe). It is mostly seen in middle to low-income countries and their diet is also very dull because their food choices are affected by them living in poverty (Lowe). There are millions of people that live in poverty and that leads to people not having enough food, that cycle traps them in poverty and keeps going on from generation to generation (Hunger). About half of the people that live with food insecurity are farmers (Hunger). If those farming families are dealing with poverty then they cannot buy the correct equipment to manage their land and if they are also suffering from hunger they do not have that much strength to tend to their fields (Hunger). If a child also doesn’t have an education it will be hard for them to find a job and when they are older it pushes them into poverty and leads to hunger for another generation and probably many more to come (Hunger). It is sad to see that more people are affected than the ones mentioned earlier.

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World hunger affects millions of people but the households that face the biggest threat of food insecurity are families raised by only a woman, Hispanic households, and black households (Salvation). “Hunger seasons” are now normal in parts of the southern world and women usually bear the burden of the food shortage but they are also the ones that produce most of the food in a lot of countries that are being developed (Otter). “They might prepare most of the world’s food, but they do not eat their fair share of it” (Otter). Some of the children are undernourished to the point that they are ‘stunted’, which means they lack the nutrients they require (Roser). Those children who face food insecurity are below the line of the height-for-age that comes from the World Health Organization’s Child Growth Standards (Roser). The child that is suffering from underdevelopment will go through severe impacts on their mental and physical development throughout their whole life (Roser). So many people all around the world today are undernourished but specifically in women and children to the point that there is a huge risk for death and other health-related problems directed to them (Hunger). Statistics show that 99 percent of those that are undernourished live in developing countries (Hunger).

The Salvation Army has been helping and continues to help individuals that face hunger and food insecurity. They are committed to including everyone who needs help without any discrimination or persecution based on who a person is (Salvation). The Salvation Army was instituted by William Booth in England in the year 1856. He wanted to eliminate the image of how a traditional church had a pulpit and instead, he wanted to take the gospel directly to those who needed it the most. He walked on the streets of London preaching to the homeless, poor, hungry, and indigent. When the people of the church found out about this they disagreed with his method and soon after he and his wife left the church. Subsequently, they left and trained evangelists all over England, and in 1865, they returned to the East End of London where they were joined by many followers that were fighting for the same thing as them, the lost souls of thousands of men and women. After ten years into their organization, they were still operating under the name of “The Christian Mission.” When William Booth was reading a printer’s proof of the 1878 “Christian Mission” annual report, he observed the comment that said, “The Christian Mission is a volunteer army.” After he read that, Booth crossed out the words “Volunteer Army” and replaced the word “Volunteer” with Salvation. From those words originated the organization’s name we all know today, The Salvation Army. From there on, the converts became soldiers of Christ and were known as Salvationists. Booth helped lead 250,000 people consisting of prostitutes, gamblers, thieves, and drunkards to Christ between the years 1881 and 1885. The message he put out started spreading expeditiously. Booth was starting to gain influence in America, Canada, Australia, France, Switzerland, India, South Africa, Iceland, and Germany. The Salvation Army has been very active in every part of the world. It wasn’t only William Booth that made this charity what it is today, his wife, Catherine Booth, who was also known as the “Army Mother”, became an evangelist, preacher, theologian, and a co-founder of The Salvation Army during her marriage to Booth. Another person that helped William with his ministry is Joe. He was a man that was often said to be obnoxious and impolite, but he assisted Booth and gave many opportunities to the Salvationists all across America. He was also known as “Joe the Turk” and had a strong passion to protect those who had been harmed. Joe was famous for his ministry and he was the one to go and get attention because of his behavior. He was “Jailed for Jesus” and was also a father to those who were spiritually “dead”. One other person that helped shape The Salvation Army was Samuel Logan Brengle. He was a well-known minister to the charity that would preach to the officers and soldiers in the U.S. Samuel served there for 30 years total. Brengle believed that the people who looked for God would “burst into flame” when they touch Him and they can bring those who aren’t followers of Christ to Him. In 1912 Booth died, and his ministry went on because he established a good foundation for the work that would save people’s lives. They serve in over 100 different countries and offer the message of God and His healing to those who need it most (History).

This charity has been helping many people for centuries and continues to keep on giving to those that need it the most. The Salvation Army provides services to 3 million Americans and to even 131 countries (Army). One way they serve is by helping fight against those who deal with food insecurity and hunger (Salvation). They hope to cure people’s hunger by giving nutritious foods to any person that is in need of it. The Salvation Army hosts many food pantries that supply people in need with free fresh produce, healthy frozen food items, canned goods, and many more nutritious foods. They are helping people get back on their feet and gain back their independence and decency. Sometimes entire communities are going through food insecurity and the food pantries The Salvation Army hosts helps them because they don’t have access to a grocery store. This charity also hosts meal programs that provide aliment meals which allow people to come in and eat at facilities and it's also beneficial human interaction with the people suffering. The Salvation Army also delivers meals to those who are not able to make it to one of the shelters or food pantries. This ministry helps the most vulnerable people beyond their many shelters and residential facilities to help them break out of the burdens of food insecurity (Salvation).

Today everyone should be more aware of how hunger affects the world and the population as a whole. The Salvation Army is just one of many great organizations that helps feed people all around the globe. World hunger is visible and devastating, and affects so many people to this day. It is also apparent that if more communities helped or just volunteered, the effects of this global problem would greatly diminish. Nutritious foods are one of the most important things a person’s body needs to survive and without them, they will die. It’s tragic to hear about all the evil in this world but it's also good to know that people do care and want to help or are helping right now. The Salvation Army helps people in need while also sharing the gospel. Without William Booth there wouldn't be as many people helped as there are today. The Salvation Army does a lot more than just help feed people, they help individuals that are suffering and also rebuild and reshape their future while sharing the gospel with them. Anyone is able to get involved and help restore lives by supporting The Salvation Army. Consider donating your time or money to the ministry of saving lives and sharing the Gospel. We should be willing to help change the lives of those around the world that are less fortunate.

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