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World War 2 Essays

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Differences and Similarities Between World War 1 and World War 2

In the 20th century the world was faced with the two World Wars. They both started in Europe but affected everyone in the world. There were many factors that contributed to the wars, but there are some that stand out. For example, that led to World War I and World War II, but the most important ones were alliances, imperialism and nationalism. Alliances of countries in Europe and the world were one of the causes that contributed to the first...
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Economic Implications of World War II

One of the deadliest and transformative events was The Second World War with 39 million of dead war on Europe alone. Large amount of facilities and infrastructure were destructed for about six years of ground battles and bombing. Many were even forced to evacuate without the assurance of where to go and how they can live. Periods of hunger became common even on the prosperous country such as Western Europe. Families were separated for a long period of years, and...
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Positive and Negative Effects of World War 2

There are not many positives in war. People die. It’s easy to get caught up in the belief that we are right and everyone else is wrong. Leaders can be convincing and this appears to have been a problem for the German people. They wanted to be told that they were superior, so they followed that lead. They lost a lot and I’m sure many of them were good people. After WW1, in Germany, many small, anti- Semitism extremist political...
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The Role of Women in World War Two

World War Two was a war that was including the Axis powers and Allies. It is rare to hear about women in the war effort because during this time, discrimination for women was normalized. But because it was normalized, stories of them were rarely shared. Millions of women were in the war effort, whether talking about auxiliary, snipers, medics, or even factory workers. There is also dozens and dozens of incredible stories of women who contributed to the success of...
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Was World War 2 a Good War? Essay

World War 2 lasted between 1 September 1939 to 2 September 1945. The war impacted the lives of many people in numerous ways; politically, socially, economically and psychologically. In Britain and Germany, the ways in which people’s lived were affected through a social aspect are employment/unemployment rates, how the lives of children were affected and how the roles of women changed. Through comparing and contrasting the ways in which the two countries were impacted, the similarities and differences will be...
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Was World War 2 Inevitable? Essay

Post-world war two was marked by a new beginning, which brought about a new era. Europe and Asia had been reduced to ruined nations. Many of the borders had taken back their expulsions, homecomings, and all the burials taking place at the time (Shoshkes 20). The concerned nations had just received a massive need to revamp themselves and let their rebuilding begin. The affected nations had to do away with all the mess the war had created and raised their...
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What Factors Led to the Outbreak of World War 2? Essay

During the mid-20th century the outbreak of war proved to devastate and influence the globe into a mass war effort publication to engage the public into supporting the cause to victory. Upon the intervention of the imperial air force on the attack of pearl harbour in 1941 the U.S was sprung into the 2nd world war. However, the U.S needed more social support for the war in Europe in the effort to prevent fascism from being the dominating ideology. In...
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World War II Impact on USA

World War II started on September 1, 1939, with the Germany invasion of Poland. The Axis Powers (Germany , Italy and Japan) fought relentlessly against the Allied Powers ( Britain , France , Soviet Union , America) for dominance around the world. The United States remained neutral in the war until Japan attacked an American naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt had promised to stay out of the...
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Comparisson of Technology in World War I and World War II

World War I (WWI) and World War II (WWII), were vastly different from each other due to the use of technology. The nature of War in WWI was between countries to acquire colonies, territory and resources. In WWII the nature of the war was war of ideologies, such as Fascism and Communism. There were major advances in weaponry and communications which not only effected the way the war was fought but also the outcome. WWII was especially devastating due to...
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Representation of Holocaust and World War II in The Book Thief

Zusak’s novel ‘The Book Thief’, based on real events, represents the Holocaust by having details that accurately depict the events of that time, the emotions that were forced upon people and reasons for the decisions they made. Having an accurate novel gives the feeling of a genuine representation that feels true to events that occurred. The authenticity and emotion of the Holocaust has been shown effectively through Zusak’s narrative character of Death. Zusak has also made his book have great...
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Critical Analysis of Audrey Flack’s World War II (Vanitas): Evaluation of Painting from an Art History Perspective

Using Audrey Flack’s ‘World War II (Vanitas)’, I hope to outline the ways in which visual culture and art historical interpretations of images might differ, and the ways in which they might overlap. First, I will evaluate this painting from an Art History perspective, and then I will go on to critique it using my knowledge of Visual and Cultural studies. After looking at both approaches, I intend to present both the similarities, and differences, between the disciplines of Art...
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Essay on England in the Second World War

In the summer of 1940, the German Air Force attempted to win air superiority over Britain (South) and the English Channel by attempting to destroy the Royal Air Force aircraft and the British aircraft industry. This would eventually be known as the Battle of Britain, and victory over the Royal Air Force was perceived by the Germans as an essential victory if they were to build any momentum to mount an invasion of the British Isles. To start talking about...
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