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Wright Brothers and Their Invention

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One of the most fascinating and important exhibits at the Smithsonian Institute would be the Canard Biplane built by the Wright brothers. This beautiful piece of work was very simple in design but got the job done. Basically, it had a small 12 horsepower engine to turn the propellers and a sprocket and chain transmission system. The airplane design itself was just bare bones because the idea was that you would need enough power to propel a craft that big into the air. So, the less you had to propel into the air the better.

In December of 1903, the Wright brothers were at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to test their heavier-than-air flying machine. Both brothers made attempts, but Orville was the one who finally was successful. It was only a 12 second flight but that flight led to a boom in aviation growth. Their engineering abilities were the springboard to many new designs and improvements in aeronautical inventions. After the successful flight was made, a gust of wind turned the aircraft over and damaged it. It never flew again.

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The Wright brothers then made advancements in their designs that caught the attention of the United States Military. These planes were much faster than the original and by this time the Wright brothers were in the business of selling planes. The advancements continued for the Wright brothers as they built an unmanned aircraft that was a guided missile. This invention was used during World War I and was successful half of the time. So, the invention of this biplane helped the United States military to have an advantage or to be on equal ground with other countries during wartime. Some say that this accomplishment helped to get the idea of rockets going. Also, the advancement in instruments to assist with flight in a more precise way involved the advancements of many other things such as computers.

When trying to imagine what it would be like without airplanes and other aircraft, several disadvantages come to mind. Without the Wright brother’s invention, we would still have long week drives to places that we can get to in hours if need be. Going cross country in a plane makes visits to people and places so much faster and we are able to do this more often. If there were no aircraft, we would have to allot for the additional travel time. Therefore, we would not visit these people and places as often. This would be a great downfall for the business world. Going overseas would still be several months until arrival. This kind of travel would deter most people from being able to visit other countries that are overseas. With the invention of helicopters, we can get to some places within minutes that used to take hours. Without the ability of flight, there would be times when lives would not be saved because getting someone from a remote area to assistance in time may take too long.

This one invention by the Wright brothers has keep the United States interested in researching additional types of aviation. We continue with the possibility of increased improvements of our airplanes. Their abilities to navigate more precisely to specific areas. Their speeds continue to increase. I would say the most important research would now be space flight. This frontier has not really been conquered at this point in history. One day we hope to have shuttles to the moon and aircraft that can speed through outer space. The possibilities are right in front of us, we just need to have the will to attempt new ideas, just as the Wright brothers did so many years ago.

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