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Writers Of Humor And Connection To The Audience

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Humor in serious or dark topics can be seen more often than just in a novel or in a story. It is used as a type of relief or break between ideas throughout the story or ideas being shared. Humor can also be used as a form of reader identification; To make the writing relatable to the reader. Humor is also a way to delight the readers and to get them to read closely, or to simply make the writing go better.

Humor used as a form of reader identification can be a valuable way to connect the reader to the material. Not only does having relatable material help keep readers interested, but it also makes the material more enjoyable, while keeping the reader’s interest. Studies done on Mitch Earleywine’s book Humor 101 found that 94% of people think that their sense of humor is average or above. That makes readers identify with characters who demonstrate a sense of humor. This makes readers relate with characters or ideas who show a sense of humor.

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Humor is also a way to make readers read the content closely. If the content has something that is interesting to them, with twists of comedy included, the readers are more likely to read the work in more detail, keeping a watchful eye out for the comedy aspects that are included within the text. According to Jeffrey M. Zachs, co-author of the study Our brains process stories in the same fashion as real-life situations, reading closely is not “a passive exercise. Rather, readers mentally simulate each new situation encountered in a narrative.” This means that the audience is looking to be mentally stimulated and with mental stimulation (in this case, through comedy), they continue to read the story because they can connect to the context.

Having the writing process go smoothly is not only vital for the writer, but also for the readers. Having a steady flow of information with breaks helps keep readers interested. Having comedy breaks can also keep content relatable to the readers and allows for mental breaks between ideas, especially in darker topics. Comedy can help create a helpful mindset for getting ideas out and words on the page. When works are well written, they can attract the reader into continuing to read rather than stopping. Well written work can also be much more relatable then work that is written poorly and comedy can be the key to well balanced, well written and relatable content.

Overall, Comedy plays an important role in making relatable, well-balanced content for the readers. Comedy creates a well-balanced piece that people can relate to. Comedy can also make harsh topics easier to read by adding that mental stimulation with comedy which keeps the reader interested in the content, along with better retaining the content they are reading. Overall, comedy allows writers to better connect with their readers.

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