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Writing Experience of Students: Analysis of Creative Writing and Narrative Essays

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Writing a full page of an essay is what most students dread to do in school. There are only a few people who would enjoy pouring out hundreds and thousands of words into a paper and spending a minute for it only to be criticized by their teacher or classmates. However, the education system, together with its students should learn why writing is an important part of learning, and why it should remain relevant in the time of technological progress that is happening in this generation.

At a young age, children will need time to absorb the importance of writing like creative writing in order to master it. As they learn how to put letters and words into a paper, they will also learn how to fix their grammar and sentence syntax as time passes by. Scholastic, an online magazine created to encourage the personal growth of all children, beginning with literacy, also stated that children will also learn how to write legibly which they could use when they grow older.

Although writing can be boring at first glance, once the evasiveness of getting a high score is removed, students and even older people will realize that learning the skill of analyzing what you read and putting on the paper will never feel urgent. Aside from analyzation skills, some students claim that writing class helps them to learn about the proper referencing and quoting the source, which is an important thing right now, especially on posting content on social media.

Creative writing

Learning how to write creatively has a lot of things to teach the writer. Usually, this kind of writing doesn’t require formal writing experience because most of the time, it allows the writer to express their ideas and feelings more freely. Although some kinds of creative writing require strict formats such as poetry, it still provides an avenue for the writer to express their ideas with the help of words and paragraphs.

Proud To Be Primary, a website created to provide teachers with inspirational ideas that they could use into any classroom, stated in their article that teaching and learning about poetry yields various benefits. It is normal for some people to make poetry underestimated, but once they start to read poetry books, they could experience how poetry can work its wonders.

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Creative writing, such as poetry can help the students on improving their reading comprehension as they discuss the meaning, connection, and how they visualize the meaning of the poem. Teachers can start by asking their students to draw a picture or think quietly about what they think the words or lines in the poem means for them. This will enable the students, especially the children to connect with the things that they heard from other students and encourage them to make a connection to their own experiences.

Students can also learn how to explore language and vocabulary with the help of creative writing. It will teach them about phonics and letter sounds just by listening for and locating rhyming words found on poetry. Learning how to write a creative piece can expose a student to words that they haven’t heard before, thus improving their knowledge of words.

Narrative essays

Writing a narrative essay at school should be practiced and encourage more since it is a good skill to have and to improve. A lot of people are overlooking its importance in their careers in the future, thinking that it is only essential when it comes to writing informal pieces of work. However, Bright Education, a website dedicated to providing students, parents, and teachers high-quality tools that will improve testing performance, mentioned in their article that teaching kids about narrative writing can also help in building essential language skills that are essential when communicating effectively.

Young children could learn a thing or two when they started to write narrative essays during their kindergarten. They could improve the imagination skills that will enable them to think outside the box and craft new ways to tell their stories to other people. Soon, this skill will be essential for them because as they enter elementary school, students will mainly read narrative books and texts which will help them improve their ability to read and understand narrative texts.

Also, narrative writing will enable the students to use language in a different way than any other forms of writing. As they write their pieces, students will use language devices such as alliteration and hyperbole in order to connect and craft interesting phrases and sentences that will improve their paragraph structure. Since writing styles are not always mutually exclusive, they will also learn how to write flexibly using other styles of writing.

For example, an award-winning journalist might add an emotionally-charged phrase so that he/she could create a more interesting yet informative story. Narrative writing proves that writers can learn to incorporate some of their story-telling abilities as they write an informative paper full of facts and statistics are written in an interesting way.

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