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Zoos are Bad for the Animals, They’re Only For Us

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Are zoos really created for what people think they do; conserve, research and education? Zoos have been around for a very long time since the 18th century, and I assume that you have either visited the zoo, heard of one, or seen one, at least once in your life. Personally, I strongly believe that the principal goal of conservating animals has changed into entertainment for humans, giving absolutely no respect for animals, therefore, we should not have zoos anymore.

First of all, enclosures for animals in zoos are only mainly built for us humans rather than the animals. We pay for donations and entry fees to see these animals and they claim to maintain, facility, maintenance costs as well as create better environments but shouldn’t the income be used to sustain and maintain the wildlife? As you can see the animals are for display and profit, in recent news shows animal cruelty, forcing them to do unnatural actions they would not do, by torturing; beating them. Some of the zoos have a program where visitors visiting can have the ‘experience’ by interacting with animals by feeding, petting, etc. Evidence according to the animals truly feel stressed when being interacted with, zoos try to advertise this as if you are giving care, attention to these animals but the truth is, your not.

Conserving the animals to preventing them from extinction is what zoos stated, but are the animals there to conserve? No! Some animals aren’t getting extinct, and they are still forced to be in these enclosures. According to the website Petpedia, only 18 per cent of the animals in zoos are actually endangered. Why are the other 82% of animals still kept in the zoo when they could be free in their real habitat? You may think, what if people go to visit the zoo because they want to learn about animals, however, is that really how you want to learn about animals? Looking at them through a glass screen in a small enclosed area? How dare you!? Haven’t we been able to learn so much about dinosaurs even though they have been extinct for many years now, but we have still been able to proceed with research and educate others with this? Can’t we let the non-endangered animals go and learn about them from their habitats, wouldn’t you still be able to get research?

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Right now you may think that isolation and being quarantined because of the coronavirus is difficult, terrible and unbearable, but how would these animals be feeling? Imagine if you are around 4-6 years old and a stranger kills all your family members and separates you from your loved ones. How would you feel? You’re brought into an environment which is unknown, has a lack of space and where visitors visit for their own entertainment. How would you feel? Some of them having to spend their whole lives in these small areas. Unfortunately, this is the case for many animals which causes them so much stress, discomfort. Inside these small areas, some animals only get social interactions with only humans. Confirmation, according to the zoos provide 18,000 times less space than they would’ve in wildlife.

Finally, the zoos don’t provide enough space compared to the original natural habitat animals are supposed to live in. As they don’t have enough space, they aren’t able to have their necessary amount of exercise. For example, polar bears have one millionth less space compared to what they would have in the wild. The living space which they are provided with being that great either as transparent screens are placed between visitors watching them causes them to have a lack of privacy making them more stressed and overwhelmed. You may be thinking, can’t they hide behind trees, rocks, etc. No, they aren’t allowed as staff tortures them to not do that. Some animals get poked at with sharp objects or get thrown rocks to get out of those areas. Having not enough space resulting in little exercise also affects their diet. If animals are constantly trapped in these circumstances, they will not be able to survive in the wild.


After reading above do you really still think that we should still have zoos? Do you really think that tearing them apart from their childhood, then putting them in a small room, with little privacy, constant attention and torture are morally right? They didn’t need to have this life, us, humans created this life for them for money, not conservation, they could have been together with their family, lots of space in their habitat. In conclusion, zoos are bad for animals they are purely for humans and our privileges, would you like to be in an animals perspective? I strongly believe that zoos should be illegal as they do very minimal benefits to animals and more benefits to humans. Do you really think we still need zoos?

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