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Thank you for choosing EduBirdie! My name is Keagan and I am able to help with various types of writing assignments. My main areas of expertise are English, Philosophy, Nursing. In school, I used to help my friends understand subjects and assignments that were difficult for them, so I decided to turn my skills into a professio...

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customer-2931774 (5 orders)


Thank you so much you have been amazing I was running behind because I deleted my essay by mistake anyways thank you again and God bless you in Jesus name Keagan!

customer-3236408 (1 order)


Really satisfied with the outcome. And she was able to finish the job very quickly, way before the due date. Efficient and Quality work.

customer-2493676 (2 orders)


It's excellent to have her helped me with my paper

customer-1785705 (25 orders)


well written paper and timely delivery.

customer-3253207 (1 order)


Great job! fast and on point! Definitely will work with you again! Thank you

customer-3166807 (2 orders)


Finished everything in a day. Second time I have asked her to write a paper for me.

customer-3221164 (1 order)


Content of the paper was mediocre. No good flow of topics. Paragraphs were confusing. Debated switching writers 2 or 3 times. Submitted someone else's paper to me at one point.

customer-3236056 (1 order)


Good Job!

customer-3226348 (2 orders)


Very satisfied with my paper

customer-3226986 (5 orders)


Great work! Exactly what I needed and clear. She definitely gets your work done

customer-3169308 (2 orders)


She submitted the paper way before the deadline and it was perfect!!!

customer-3224653 (2 orders)


Thank you so much great writing

customer-3191549 (7 orders)


Not really satisfied at all. Had issue with completing the entire assignment. Overall very disappointed.