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Hi there! I am Prof.Elliot.PhD. I have advanced experience in writing research papers, coursework, and essay assignments, and editing books and essays. I work as a freelance editor and writer with Edusson and have already finished 8 orders. My areas of expertise include Law and Legal Issues, Biology, Psychology. Most of my clients remain satisfied with my work, as my review rate is 4.83. I am also proud that I was recently sele...

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I'm shocked at how well written and detailed the paper is. This is the first time I've used this service and I'm pissed because I'm a junior! I should've done this years ago. Elliot followed my directions exactly and communicated constantly throughout the process (I was so nervous this was a scam or would end up with bad writers--not the case at all). I'll make sure to request this guy again next time! Thank you so much!

customer-3224253 (7 orders)


He was late with my order by 15 minutes. I asked what was the hold up and 15 minutes later he told me he couldn't get the project done! Why couldn't he tell me that before he took it on! it's a small project, it's now due in 30 minutes, he put me in a horrible position and I will be reporting this.

customer-3587751 (4 orders)


customer-3587751 (customer)2:06 PM What's wrong? The lesson plan is being cited and that isn't correct. , and that isn't, a new writer. That order is late.

customer-3612452 (1 order)


Writer did not follow instructions and uploaded late. would not recommend

customer-3609782 (1 order)


Absolutely AMAZING!!!!

customer-3602087 (1 order)


Completed in advance of deadline and edits made as requested without issue.

customer-3609587 (1 order)


He was timely and high quality

customer-3587098 (2 orders)


Continues to write great essays, constant communication. I receive my essays fast.

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customer-3607760 (1 order)


Good job on my topic.

customer-643053 (3 orders)


even with my incorrect instructions he knocked it out of the park.

customer-3602237 (1 order)

Business and Entrepreneurship

he is very nice and very satisfied

customer-3525550 (2 orders)