50 Inspiring Podcasts For Students In 2021

If you live in 2021, you have definitely heard of podcasts. 

These are regular audio shows, with one particular concept and hosts. It does not matter if you are doing the laundry or running 10 kilometers, you can just stick your headphones in your ears and enjoy the awesome podcast. 

It can be entertaining content about music, sports, video games, TV shows, etc. But one shouldn't be surprised that educational podcasts have come to the fore in the FOMO age. We are constantly complaining that we don’t have enough time for reading or studying. Well, now we do.

Reasons to Start Listening to Student Podcasts (If You Still Don't Do It)

  1. You're getting smarter. Your brain receives new information for analysis every second. By listening to podcasts, you will learn more about different areas of life. It is interesting that they are created not by academicians, but by passionate people, who love the things they do. It means you can learn about business from a businessman, about space from an astronaut, and about music from a musician.
  2. You are having a great time. The best podcasts aren't just informative. They are interesting and even funny. It is as if you are communicating with your friend, who always keeps you up to date. A new release can be a great motivation in the morning or a sedative pill before hitting the sack.
  3. You are learning to multitask. Don't waste your time. Even 5 minutes while washing the dishes can be of immense benefit. What can you learn in 5 minutes? Read the list below and you will find a huge number of options!

Top 50 Podcasts for Students: Choose the Best One

History podcasts

Hardcore History. It is an audio show by Dan Karlin about the rise and fall of the Mongol Empire, the Second World War, the Punic Wars, etc. 

The History of Rome. Learn more about the greatest empire that gave humanity a huge diversity of beliefs, cultures, and languages. 

50 Things That Made The Modern Economy. What do you know about auctions, slot machines, or sewing machines? They’ve definitely changed the world, as well as other things we don't pay attention to. Tim Harford's documentary series shows why they really matter.

The Memory Palace. Host Nate DiMeo explores history through short stories, revealing the past through vignettes and other artifacts.

The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps. If you think philosophy is a boring science, forget about it. This podcast will help you learn more about the historical context of some of the world's most important philosophers. And to pass the Philosophy 101 course, of course. 

Encyclopedia Womannica. Women did not always have the rights that allowed them to achieve success on an equal basis with men. Nevertheless, history knows a huge number of adorable ladies who have made their invaluable contributions.

Black History Year. Jay Walker invites historical experts to tell compelling stories about black life. You will learn about the problem of slavery from the inside, gaining a much greater understanding of the context.

You’re wrong about. There are a lot of historical events and personalities about which we have a clear idea. Or think so. But what if we are badly wrong? Journalists Mike and Sarah dig deeper into the truth in this outstanding podcast.

Self-Improvement podcasts

The Joy of Procrastination. You're used to thinking of procrastination as about something bad and destructive. Listening to this podcast, you will find that there are positive tools that will make you better.

Beyond the To-Do List. Do you want to know why you are not achieving your goals in education and regular life? Host Eric Fischer and his guests are digging deeper to devise productivity strategies for successful growth.

The College Info Geek Podcast. Get all the information you need to know how to become a better student. The podcast writers provide practical advice on good habits, morning routines, relationships, and independent living.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes. Personal development is a daily job that requires a responsible approach and small steps. Short 10-15 minute episodes will help you break down barriers that get in the way to your goal. 

TedTalks Daily. Dozens of episodes dedicated to different topics will definitely make your day better. It is a terrific source of new ideas and inspiration.

Noah Kagan Presents. Thinking about starting your own business after graduation? Listen to interviews with top startup founders for more inspiring success stories.

Financial literacy podcasts

Optimal Finance Daily. Just 5 minutes a day and you will receive a short summary of financial blogs, books, and specialized literature. If you like the topic, find more information.

Robinhood Snacks. The Robinhood Investing App has created a podcast for millennials that is both informative and fun. Keep this handy if you want to better understand basic market terms.

How to Money. Forget the poor student myth; you can start living a rich life now. This podcast hosts Joel and Matt show students how to manage their money thoughtfully and purposefully.

Listen Money Matters. Pay off your student loan and get rid of other financial debt with practical tips. There are over 500 episodes here to help you deal with your financial issues once and for all.

HerMoney. This is Jean Chatzky’s podcast for women, highlighting the main challenges they face in the economy on a daily basis. If you want to build a successful career, this audio-show will give you food for thought.

The Minimalists. The hosts of this podcast, Joshua and Ryan, believe the key to saving money is minimizing spending. Their episodes will remind you of what is important and what is not.

Money For the Rest of Us. Retirement seems like a very distant issue when you only think about Econ 101. But the sooner you take control of your finances, the sooner you will achieve your dream of independent life.

Relationship and sex education podcasts

Why Are People Into That? Experienced sex educator Tina Horn took care of a comfortable area for all listeners. Each episode will tell you about different aspects of human sexuality. And there is no topic that you would not hear about in this audio show. 

What Adults Don’t Tell You Before You Adult. College life is the beginning of adulthood. And it is always fraught with a lot of problems that you did not know anything about before. Tom and Anya talk openly about everything that students care about: how to hang out with toxic friends, travel without money, get rid of taboos, etc.

The Bounce Back Podcast. Laura Yates has created a podcast for people looking to move on after a breakup or cheating. The show also touches on other personal issues that are familiar to all students.

Savage Lovecast. Dan Savage willingly shares his straightforward advice about love and sex. The host invites experts to analyze different topics, understand yourself, and overcome your fears.

The Psychology of Attractiveness. Host Robert Burris offers a distinct perspective on human sexuality. He analyzes such important topics as love, attraction, lust, jealousy. Listeners get a real look at different aspects of the relationship. The podcast is finished by now, but you can enjoy 100 episodes recorded in 2012-2019.

Why Won't You Date Me? The author of this podcast is a comedian who meets various guests to understand why she is not married yet. Is she too stupid, boring, or fat? Not at all. Finding the real reason has become a ground for 140+ episodes.

Science, Technology & Math podcasts

StarTalk Radio. You've definitely heard of Neil de Grasse Tyson, who is known for his amazing ability to simplify even the most complex concepts. Reflecting on your role in the universe on your way to class, listen to another episode about life on Mars or space volcanoes.

Science Vs. Subscribe to Gimlet Media's stellar podcast for stunning episodes that reveal the secrets of science. You will not only get food for your brain but also a great opportunity to show off with friends.

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. Tired of enthusiastic articles and audios on various scientific topics? Well, let's take a more skeptical look at this. The authors of this podcast strive to develop students' critical thinking skills and scientific literacy. Exactly what a student in 2021 needs.

This Podcast Will Kill You. Learn more about different diseases, such as Chytrid, Schistosomiasis, or even COVID-19. Are they deathful? Dangerous? Are vaccines and antibiotics effective? No way, you will miss an episode. 

The Naked Scientists. This weekly BBS podcast is recorded as a radio show and therefore has an element of audience engagement. Learn more about the early challenges of the day and indulge in some classic British wits. 

The Story Collider. This podcast is for those who love captivating stories. You have a good opportunity to learn more about the reverse side of science. How do people who are responsible for major research and achievements live and feel? 

Work and Career podcasts

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders. This audio show contains a selection of Stanford University lectures on business and entrepreneurship. Get helpful tips directly from Mark Zuckerberg or Marissa Mayer.

That creative life. The balance between creativity and business is what helps to achieve true harmony according to host Sara Dietschy. Listen to conversations with Nik Sharma, Ted Forbes, or Kara Goldin for their secrets to success.

Working. Studying in college, you may only imagine your future career. But what if you learn more now? This podcast introduces a variety of roles and careers, shedding light on the strengths and weaknesses of all of them.

How to Fail. As we climb the mountain of success, it is essential to remember that it is the failures that shape us. All people have personal problems and concerns. Instead of denying it, we need to embrace failure and learn to use it to our advantage. Journalist Elizabeth Day hosts terrific guests who are open enough to speak about their failures. 

Pivot. Ready for a change in your life? Jenny Blake was a career coach at Google and now hosts a podcast for those looking to build a successful career. It provides practical tools and advice for finding new opportunities. Sometimes even very unexpected.

Languages podcasts

Coffee break. It doesn’t matter whether you want to master your English or start learning French, Italian, German, Spanish, etc. The Coffee break podcast has 8 different directions to help young polyglots along their way. 

News in slow. News is a pretty useful tool to improve your listening comprehension. But news in slow is even better, especially when you can listen to them in Spanish, French, German and Italian at the same time.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Have some issues with your argumentative essay? Well, you shouldn’t worry about it anymore. Take your time to listen to about three hundreds of episodes that will help you nail the writing skill. 

Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a native speaker or studying English as a second or a third language. Luke Thompson definitely knows how to make your language better. 

Psychology podcasts

The Inforium. Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme share their own experiences on college mistakes, working from home, developing self-awareness, and more issues each student considers important.

Daily Boost. Drink your morning coffee and listen to 9-minutes episodes purposed to help you reach your goals faster, remove block and frustration, relieve stress, and reinvent your life.

The Teen Life Coach. College students from all over the world have the same issues: parents’ divorces, not being enough, missing out, fitting in, and so on. This podcast creates a safe space for youth to share their fears and build the bravest plans. 

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. Growing up, we often become less curious. And that is the biggest mistake. The host of this podcast will teach you to find new questions everywhere. That’s what develops our brains.

Just a Tip. We all need someone who is always near to have our back. Even if this someone is located right in your earphones. Megan Batoon invites different people who are ready to share their experience and save you from crucial mistakes.

Stuff You Should Know. What do you know about the Moonwalk, lobbying, or essential oils? Well, it’s time to become a bit smarter with this podcast.

Stuff Mom Never Told You. One more podcast about feminism issues in modern society. 

Teenager therapy. It is not the easiest task to be a teenager in 2021. But you’re not alone anymore. You shouldn’t even speak to someone if you don’t want to. Just sit down and listen about the issues that come with being a young adult.

There is no question that podcasts are mainstream. But if it makes you better, why not?

Classic textbooks and synopses are already dying out like dinosaurs. All knowledge of the world is in your headphones now. Just click Play on and feel how geniuses fill your brain.

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