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  • Business and Entrepreneurship (2005)

Overall rating: 4.8

Rating in English: 4.9

Rating in Psychology: 5.0

Rating in Business and Entrepreneurship: 5.0

Rating in Nursing: 5.0

Rating in Nursing: 5.0

Rating in History: 4.9

Rating in Healthcare: 5.0

Rating in Management: 5.0

Rating in Education: 4.9

Rating in Sociology: 5.0

Rating in Criminology: 5.0

Rating in Literature: 4.9

Rating in Law and Legal Issues: 4.9

Rating in Political Science: 4.9

Rating in Technology: 5.0

Rating in Philosophy: 4.9

Rating in Marketing: 4.9

Rating in Economics: 4.9

Rating in Art, Theatre and Film: 4.9

Rating in Biology: 4.9

Rating in Ethics: 4.9

Rating in Communication Strategies: 5.0

Rating in Finance: 5.0

Rating in Accounting: 5.0

Rating in Computer Science: 4.9

Rating in Religion and Theology: 4.9

Rating in Statistics: 5.0

Rating in Mathematics: 5.0

Rating in Sport: 5.0

Rating in Anthropology: 5.0

Rating in Coursework: 5.0

Rating in Presentation/Powerpoint: 5.0

Rating in Science: 5.0

Rating in Environmental Issues: 4.9

Rating in Music: 4.9

Rating in Nutrition: 5.0

Rating in International and Public Relations: 4.9

Rating in African-American Studies: 4.9

Rating in Engineering: 5.0

Rating in Chemistry: 5.0

Rating in Business: 4.9

Rating in Geography: 4.9

Rating in Excel: 5.0

Rating in Physics: 5.0

Rating in English Literature: 4.9

Rating in Linguistics: 4.9

Rating in Macroeconomics: 5.0

Rating in Architecture: 4.9

Rating in Medicine and Health: 5.0

Rating in Microeconomics: 5.0

Rating in Tourism: 4.9

Rating in Application Essay: 4.9

Rating in Coding: 5.0

Rating in Algebra: 5.0

Rating in Calculus: 4.9

Rating in Annotated Bibliography: 5.0

Rating in Art: 4.9

Rating in Creative Writing: 4.9

Rating in Law: 4.9

Rating in Movies: 4.9

Rating in Communications and Media: 5.0

Rating in International Affairs/Relations: 4.8

Rating in Geometry: 5.0

Rating in American History: 4.7

Rating in IT Management: 5.0

Rating in Legal Issues: 4.8

Rating in Public Relations: 4.8

Rating in Bibliography: 5.0

Rating in Theatre: 5.0

Rating in Journalism: 5.0

Rating in Internet: 5.0

Rating in Pharmacology: 5.0

Rating in Nature: 5.0

Rating in American Literature: 5.0

Rating in Case Study: 5.0

Rating in Geology: 4.5

Rating in Education Theories: 4.5

Rating in Math: 5.0

Rating in Design Analysis: 5.0

Rating in Astronomy: 5.0

Rating in Company Analysis: 5.0

Rating in Aeronautics: 5.0

Rating in Drama: 5.0

Rating in Teacher's Career: 5.0

Rating in Asian Studies: 5.0

Rating in Antique Literature: 5.0

Rating in Content writing: 5.0

Rating in Dance: 5.0

Rating in Web design: 5.0

Rating in Agricultural Studies: 4.0

Rating in Shakespeare Studies: 5.0

Rating in Other: 5.0


customer-7450615 2 orders

Writer: Expert_Elsie D. Subject:


- Well formatted. - Completed well before due date - friendly to liaise with. - reliable.

ianniemdrn 35 orders

Writer: Frelton tutor Subject:


AMAZING WORK!!! Frelton completed this complex assignment within a few hours.

Ursula1526 4 orders

Writer: Dr. Ashley P. Subject:


She is a big help and super professional second time using her services, and I will be returning for her again. Super happy with her work.

Imkeisha 42 orders

Writer: Writer_Tiana Subject:
Writer: Writer_Tiana


She’s an amazing tutor. Always gets it right

customer-6804713 24 orders

Writer: Expert Adalyn Subject:


Awesome writer ! Delivered on time

customer-7315051 8 orders

Writer: Prof. Amanda D. Subject:
Computer Science


Extremely well written paper. Thanks Amanda for your help

customer-5786022 2 orders

Writer: Dr Sybil PhD Subject:
Writer: Dr Sybil PhD


Dr Sybil did a great job on my last minute long assignment. Above and beyond my expectations. Thank you!

customer-7488949 1 order

Writer: Dr. Richard M. Subject:
Computer Science


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Richard. He is exceptionally smart and creative, consistently following instructions and being open to feedback. Dr. Richard creates a welcoming environment for conversation, allowing clients to freely express their needs and desired changes. Additionally, he delivered my paper well before the deadline, demonstrating his professionalism and commitment to excellence. I would recommend him to everyone a million times.

customer-6605193 44 orders

Writer: Henry K. Subject:
Writer: Henry K.


Thank you ! First time in a long time a writer actually follow and instructions . First A this class ! will definitely use him again.

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