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Why humanize AI text and improve quality

AI-generated text has revolutionized content creation through its speed, scalability, and low cost. However, raw AI writing also has several drawbacks:



Unedited AI text often repeats the same phrases and sentences ad nauseam. Our expert editors refine content flow and language usage for vastly improved uniqueness.


While AI can ingest vast troves of data, it does not have a human-level understanding of facts and truth. We meticulously verify details, cite trustworthy sources, and validate technical information.


Incoherent Logic and Structure

Often AI writing lacks the logical reasoning and organizational structure that comes naturally to people. Our editing process strengthens arguents, bridges gaps in flow, and enhances readability.

Unnatural Language

The language patterns in synthetic text can come across as awkward, overly formal, or robotically tone deaf. Our wordsmithing gives voice, warmth, and authenticity - making it resonate with human readers.

In summary, human involvement addresses inherent limitations in current generation AI, enhancing quality on accuracy, coherence, uniqueness, structure, tone and readability. Our human-AI hybrid approach brings out the best of both to deliver writing that meets the highest standards across industries.
  • Deadlines are met

  • Confidentiality is ensured

  • Original content is provided

  • Support is available 24/7

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Humanize AI Text Services from EduBirdie

AI content generation delivers the raw material for media, but cannot perfect the human element on its own. This is where we come in. Our team of AI text editors, subject matter experts and linguistic specialists transform artificially intelligent text into polished works with accuracy, voice and insight.

Why do students need to humanize AI-generated content?

There are some key reasons why students need to humanize AI-generated text:

  1. Academic Integrity: Submitting AI-written text without proper attribution or editing can constitute plagiarism in many institutions. Human refinement maintains academic honesty.
  2. Quality Standards: Unedited AI output tends to contain inaccuracies, unsupported claims, and repetitions which lead to poor grades. Human editing elevates quality to meet scholarly benchmarks.
  3. Style Needs: Each subject and university has style specifications (APA, MLA, etc) that must be met. Human editing tailors content to adhere to these academic formatting rules.
  4. Personal Voice: Professors expect assignments to reflect individual student viewpoints, perspectives and expressions. Human revision ensures the unique personal tone expected in academics shines through.
  5. Deeper Comprehension: Revising instead of simply copying AI text prompts students to evaluate arguments, remedy gaps, verify facts and expand thinking in their area of study - building knowledge.

One-Time Documents - Humanize Individual Files as Needed

For occasional needs, our one-time AI text refinement services allow submitting singular documents for professional editing by our human experts. This is ideal for individual pieces like:

  • Blog articles
  • Business letters
  • Video/speech scripts
  • Short stories
  • College application essays
  • Resumes
  • Press releases
  • Marketing email copy
  • Proposal sections.

One-time services are a cost-effective way to get quality human polish when AI rough drafts fall short for important one-off communications. After submitting the materials for humanization, our editors will get to work tailoring the AI-generated text to sound more natural through:

  • Grammar/spelling/punctuation correction
  • Structural and organizational improvements
  • Ensuring logical flow and transitions
  • Fact-checking for accuracy
  • Establishing proper tone and voice
  • Ensuring content is clearly communicated for the intended audience

Place orders for our one-time document revision services using the form below. Our team is ready to refine your AI text to high standards for special projects on request.

Humanize AI text for Business Writing

Our AI text refinement services are highly valuable for various business writing purposes like proposals, reports, marketing materials and more.

Raw AI-generated drafts often lack the polish, accuracy and voice needed to achieve business goals across contexts like:

  1. Proposals: Winning new business requires proposals reflecting standards, capabilities and trust expected by clients. We enhance AI drafting for polished and professional packages.
  2. Research Reports: Executive reports, planning documents and presentations must reliably inform leadership decisions with credible substantiated details. We verify and expand AI-assisted analysis drafts to bring such materials up to publishable quality.
  3. Marketing Content: Multi-channel campaigns, emails, advertising and landing pages demand engaging content sharply tuned for positioning brands and persuading buyers. We perfect AI foundations targeting ideal demographics and buyer psychologies.
  4. Technical Documentation: Product specifications, manuals, support content and internal wikis require technical accuracy on capabilities, instructions and protocols. Our subject matter experts extensively fact check AI-created first drafts on specialty topics.

Submit any AI-originated business writing for our editing services to achieve superior quality, voice and effectiveness for winning business, informing stakeholders, engaging customers and achieving objectives.

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Language Issues in Raw AI Text

While artificial intelligence promises to automate writing, unedited computer-authored drafts fall far short of quality standards due to systemic language problems including:

🚩 Repetitiveness

Unlike humans who intuitively vary prose, AI systems driven by statistical models over-repeat the same words, phrases, and sentences ad nauseam. This results in tedious redundancy lacking originality. Our editing strips away offending repetitive passages to restore writing diversity.

🚩 Meandering Focus

Another consequence of AI's statistical nature is digression spiraling into tangents unrelated to core topics, meandering structure, and fragmented logic. Our revising realigns focus back to central themes and strengthens overarching cohesion.

🚩 No True Understanding

Today's AI has no genuine comprehension of the factual knowledge or emotional sentiments it writes about. This is easily spotted in the hollowness of prose lacking grounded human insight. We infuse dimensional understanding into superficial machine-generated expressions.

🚩 Lifeless Language

Closely tied to the lack of understanding, synthetic text fails to harness the vivid language patterns that spark reader resonance. We rewrite cold binary expressions using words that metaphorically dance with color and warmth.

Let us remedy the innate deficiencies of AI drafting with professional manual corrections tailored to your needs. Our human touch transforms garbled computer-ese into cogent communication.

Our AI Editing Process

We apply a rigorous multi-step workflow for AI text refinement tuned over thousands of hours with continual optimization. Key phases include:

  1. Preliminary Review: Editors first manually review submissions, tagging areas needing improvement while preserving correctly generated passages untouched to maintain workflow efficiency.
  2. Structure/Coherence Enhancement: Employing best practices from technical communicators, creative essay writers for hire and linguists, our team enhances logical flow, transitions and organizational soundness per genre requirements.
  3. Readability Polish: Leveraging proven principles from education theory and cognitive sciences, passages are honed for ease of comprehension tailored to audience reading levels.
  4. Fact Validation: All substantive assertions are verified across authoritative references, with faulty claims remedied or removed while properly supported statements are underscored.
  5. Tone Tuning: Based on desired impact, our wordsmiths adjust tone on registers from formal/technical to colloquial/conversational using grammatical, metaphoric and cultural techniques.
  6. Uniqueness Filtering: Repetitive elements flagged earlier are reworked to achieve higher originality based on industry benchmarks.
  7. Reference Formatting: Finally, in-text citations and bibliographies are reconciled to required academic/editorial styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc), science homework help.

Our process fuses AI efficiency with proven human expertise in communication craft - upgraded continually through staff training programs.

AI to Humanize Text: Tone Improvement

Beyond fixing factual and logical issues, a vital part of our AI text refinement involves tailoring linguistic style elements like formality, friendliness, simplicity, and impact appropriate for intended audiences and objectives.

Our AI text editors first assess the current tone of machine-generated drafts to determine gaps from goals. We then perform targeted tuning through modifications like:

  • Formality Level: We recalibrate register on the formal to casual spectrum based on use case - whether academic publications requiring technical precision or social media posts aimed at teenage audiences.
  • Friendliness/Warmth: Drawing on psychology principles, we inject appropriate levels of warmth, enthusiasm or compassion suited for greeting letters, customer emails and more.
  • Simplicity/Clarity: If text is overly convoluted or pitched above comprehension levels, we simplify language and structure while retaining sophistication for researcher white papers down to elementary school essays.
  • Impact/Persuasion: Where heightening influential power is desirable, as in marketing materials and political speeches, we amplify using psycholinguistic triggers tailored for motivations of target demographics.

Let our human experts assess your AI text’s current stylistic deficiencies then rework its language patterns to produce precisely the sentiment, formality and complexity levels your goals call for. Perfect clarity and impact awaits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does it mean to "humanize" AI text?

Humanizing AI text refers to the process of having an actual human editor, copywriter, or linguist refine and enhance content that has been generated by artificial intelligence to improve quality in areas like accuracy, coherence, structure, style, and overall readability. Humans can fix issues like repetitiveness, illogical arguments, grammatical errors, and lifeless tone that raw machine-written text often suffers from.

How can students use human editing services to responsibly leverage AI writing?

Students should first properly attribute any AI writing assistance to uphold academic honesty policies. From this point, human editing services can enable students to submit original high-quality assignments aligned to institutional voice, format and competency standards expected in scholarly work - helping responsibly unlock the promise of AI productivity.

How is humanized AI text different from unedited AI text?

Human refinement addresses the gaps that exist in current AI writing capabilities to meet publishing standards. Experts strengthen logical flow, verify facts, expand superficial ideas, and rewrite awkward passages that trip up algorithms but come naturally to people. This polish makes AI drafts reliable enough for business, academic and creative applications.

Why is it important to humanize AI copy instead of using it as-is?

Uncurated AI text remains a poor approximation of human discourse. Without the depth, reasoning and accuracy that comes from manuals editing, synthetic content underperforms across key metrics like originality, factual reliability and structure - falling well short of audiences’ expectations while also coming across as robotic and lifeless.


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