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Why Is Plagiarism Illegal?

18 Mar 2018

Plagiarism always leads to serious negative consequences. Ph.D. holders may lose their degree and students may be suspended if the paper is not unique. What is the reason for such a serious attitude? Why does every course start with a lecture about the uniqueness of research? Is it possible that there are as many fresh ideas as students in colleges all over the globe?

Is plagiarism a crime?

We all understand from the beginning of any course at college why is plagiarism illegal and why every essay, paper, presentation, book report and reaction paper must be unique. Only, do we?

Note: Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or idea and passing them off as one’s own. It is illegal not to mention an author when using his/her work, being it a text (including just an idea expressed in that text), visual element (from graphs and tables to photos and videos), or an audio recording.

The definition supposes students doing it consciously. They are reading research on an academic website, copy and paste parts of a text that contain important ideas without citing the source. What if you come to a certain conclusion by spending days or weeks in a library, note it in your paper but later it appears that the idea had been already stated by another researcher? In this case, your paper is no other than plagiarized. How about hours or days spent by research? Is copying illegal in such a case?

is plagiarism illegal

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Plagiarism Checker for Teachers

18 Mar 2018

Why Is Plagiarism Checker For Teachers Necessary?

When it comes to intellectual property, it is easy to steal. You just copy fragments of information and use it in your assignment and it is not a secret that many college students do that with their papers, and they are completely sure that no one will detect their plagiarism. But is it true?

Plagiarism checker was created to help teachers to prevent their students from stealing intellectual property. It doesn’t let them present assignments of other students as their own thoughts and ideas and that is why such services are so needed in different schools.

plagiarism checker for teachers

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The Issue of Plagiarism or Academic Citation

18 Mar 2018

Plagiarism and citation can possibly create great troubles and increasing concern of college students. While performing different types of academic papers, a student is obliged to stick to certain rules. They are necessary to fulfill an assignment properly. Those rules ought to be fulfilled precisely as it is stated and no mitigating circumstances are accepted. One of the most significant and inevitable requirements is to make the correct citation and avoid plagiarism.

Why is it important to cite sources?

When a student writes an academic paper, adding some proved examples that will strengthen the suggestions is necessary. Use the information to get those examples and prove some of your concepts. This is when the issue of plagiarism or academic citation will appear.

why are citations important

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Analysis of ”Good People” by David Foster Wallace, 2007

12 Mar 2018

Essay example - Analysis of ”Good People” by David Foster Wallace

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How to Write an Essay Fast

11 Mar 2018

Compositions are a form of written work aimed at presenting your thoughts and knowledge in a cohesive manner. If you’re wondering how to write an essay in an hour, bear in mind that you need to study the issue of your research thoroughly ahead of time. We all have different skills when it comes to writing tasks but we all need help with academic papers. Some people can focus immediately and write an essay fast, without any preparations or an outline, while others are not able to do it without careful planning. If you cannot write your own work quickly and without great preparation when timing is of the essence, then you can use ready-made essays on a wide variety of topics.

How to write an essay fast and what’s the most difficult aspect of writing an essay? First of all, it can be difficult to come up with a title for your composition. If you can determine a topic, you can start writing, and come up with a final title later. You need to keep in mind that there are three parts in any composition: introduction, body of the text, and conclusion. This is a traditional and easy way to write an essay.

Get ready for essay writing

It is important to make sure that you eliminate all potential distractions, and you have everything you need, like a piece of paper or a computer. Make yourself comfortable. If you prefer to work in silence, consider going to the library. If you need background noise, then turn on some music or try working in a cafe.

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IEEE Referencing Guide For Students

02 Mar 2018

You have landed on this page for a reason! If you study Computer Science, IT or Engineering, your lecturer may have prescribed you to apply IEEE citation style guide. The complexity is that it is hard to grasp and most students face issues in this area and require an informative guide.

The good news is that we have covered the nitty-gritty of IEEE citation format in this guide. Maybe you have spent a lot of time researching for the best format, but it gets confusing because different guides offer controversial information.

Read on to find out about the IEEE citation guidelines, rules, format and much more.

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How to Avoid Plagiarism With Ease?

01 Mar 2018

All over the world, numerous educational institutions use special tools to detect plagiarism in the papers that students submit because uniqueness has always been one of the essential requirements to an academic essay. In fact, plagiarism in any form is a serious violation that can have serious consequences and result in bad marks or even an even expulsion from the university. This is why avoiding plagiarism is so vital! In the following sections of this article, we will share the most useful and effective tips on how to avoid plagiarism but first, we have to clarify what this term actually means to have a full image of the problem.

ways to avoid plagiarism

What Is Plagiarism And How To Avoid It?

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The Dire Consequences of Plagiarism

01 Mar 2018

Have you ever tried to copy someone’s work and flaunted it as your own creative piece? If the answer is a resounding YES then you should NOT be proud of it! It is not fair because someone has spent several weeks or years writing it! It takes a lot of research to write academic content.

Most students feel that it is somehow all right to copy someone’s work, which is posted online. The trouble is that your professor will catch you at plagiarism in college and may prevent you from achieving the degree this year! You would need to face other penalties for plagiarism, which are not praise-worthy!

Here is a quick post for you to understand the consequences of plagiarism and the ways to avoid it. How to check your paper for plagiarism? Can you find someone to provide you plagiarism-free texts? You will find all that and more in this informative post.

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What Is the Difference Between Plagiarism and Copyright?

01 Mar 2018

When we carefully consider plagiarism and copyright infringement, everyone understands that both terms concern stolen data or ideas of another author. It is a crucial task to understand a difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement. Both words have a similar meaning, but they have the main difference that any writer must be informed of. Plagiarism is the deliberate appropriation of authorship for someone else’s work of science, literature or art partly or fully.

Now let’s answer “what is copyright infringement.” It is a violation consisting in the use of works of science, literature, and art protected by copyright law without the permission of authors to take advantage of their paper.

Thus, the main difference between these terms is that the earlier mentioned word is an ethical domain while the second one is a legal one.

Copyright and plagiarism in academic environment

Plagiarism can be viewed from at least two viewpoints: legal and ethical in the academic environment. From a legal perspective the difference is that, it is a copyright infringement which is prosecuted by law. Any intellectual work is protected by law. Consequently, author can sue a plagiarist. From the ethical perspective, this term means a dishonest action.

When entering a university, a student agrees to follow fixed regulations and avoid any forms of dishonesty and fraud, including stolen custom written essays, falsification of data, and cheating. Ethical standards are controlled by several mechanisms. The majority of universities have authoritative documents that regulate the behavior of employees, professors, researchers, teachers, students and other personnel. They describe different types of academic dishonesty and ways to deal with them.

copyright infringement

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Easy Guide To Referencing Sources In Harvard Citation Style

01 Mar 2018

It is a fact that plagiarism is one of the most unwanted elements in every existing sort of academic writing, a possible way to avoid which is referencing, citing ideas, quotes, and other information borrowed from other people. For this purpose were created different styles of citations.

Harvard style referencing is one of the most commonly-used styles. It is used by students and scientists from all niches of science in their documents, which is why chances are that you will face the need to format your sources using Harvard citation style at some point.

Below are some guidelines on how to reference sources in Harvard style. It provides useful recommendations that students who work on article and need to cite information sources should follow, below you can find detailed Harvard style guidelines.

harvard citation style guide

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