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  • Guide to ROTC Programs

    The Reserve Officer Training Course, which is usually abbreviated as ROTC was developed with the intention to allow people who want to serve in the military do not miss the opportunities that are o...

    College Resources

    13 Jan 2020

  • Decade To Remember

    Every decade brings its ups and downs, has significant inventions and discoveries. The past decade is not an exception, moreover, it can be called a decade that changed our mindset and paved the wa...

    College Resources

    13 Jan 2020

  • Best Plagiarism Checkers in 2020

    When you are studying, you have to constantly do assignments of varying complexity. The problem is, even if you rely on relevant research, you might get into trouble for using too many ideas that a...

    College Resources

    23 Dec 2019

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  • Guide to Choosing a Major

    Choosing a major is the complex process that involves considering not only personal preferences and already obtained skills but also financial and career expectations along with the major’s relevan...

    College Resources

    16 Dec 2019

  • Renter Guide for Students

    Housing is one of the most important aspects that students should consider when moving to college or university. While many colleges recommend freshmen to live on-campus, within time, it becomes ob...

    College Resources

    04 Dec 2019

  • Slang of Gen Z

    BAE Before Anything Else “Bae" started from cute Twitter post and now it became viral and refer to anyone considered to be the most important person in your life. Clap Back Going ba...

    Education News

    03 Dec 2019

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