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Science Fair Project Ideas

13 Sep 2018

Science fair experiments

Science fair projects - are implementations of skills learned in class. A student is expected to research for a problem, develop possible solutions to the problem and design a test for the chosen solution.

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Simple Comparison Essay Writing Tips

13 Sep 2018

No matter what your major is, you’ll definitely reach a point where you will have to write a comparison essay. If analysis never was your strong suit, then this article will be of great use to you. Let us take a closer look at how to write a comparison essay effortlessly.

Comparison essay writing

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Manager di Rete - Apprendimento cooperativo

05 Sep 2018

Cos’è l’apprendimento cooperativo

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The Ultimate Guide to International Student Life in the US

28 Aug 2018

The Ultimate Guide to International Student Life

It’s time to demystify a few basic truths about student life in the US. You’ll be living the American dream in no time.

From fraternities and sororities with Greek names to images of students hurrying down cobblestone streets avenues lined with autumn leaves – movies, music videos and other outlets of popular culture show many faces of American college life.

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Mortalité et Scolarisation

27 Aug 2018

Use this French press-release example to help you write an attention-grabbing release:

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The Virgo Dwarf Galaxy Essay Example

16 Aug 2018

Dwarf galaxies may not be as impressive in appearance as their larger brethren, but they are at least as interesting from a scientific point of view.

And sometimes they may have hidden properties that will only be found by means of careful observations, probing the signals of their stars at the faintest level.

Such as the entirely unexpected, well developed spiral structure within an otherwise seemingly normal dwarf elliptical galaxy!

This is the surprise result of a new study by a team of astronomers, headed by Helmut Jerjen from the Australian National University (Canberra) who obtained detailed observations with the ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the dwarf galaxy IC 3328 in the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies, some 50 million light-years away.

Virgo Dwarf Galaxy

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8 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory

14 Aug 2018

10 hacks to improve your memory

We’ve scoured our brains and the internet to find for the best study hacks around to help your brain remember information quicker and easier, and ultimately help you do better in your exams.

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41.6% of the US Population Has a Facebook Account

13 Aug 2018

As I have been out talking to CEO’s about why their company’s should be engaging on social networks, one of the first hurdles that I need to overcome is the mistaken belief that social networks are about college students and kids. It is easy to understand how they have arrived at this perception since it is likely that they first heard about it from their kids or grandchildren, or from early media accounts that focused on how college students were using MySpace and Facebook to stay in touch with one another. Well perception and reality do not always mirror one another.

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Learn How to Write an Annotated Bibliography From Experts

10 Aug 2018

After composing your research project, you then have to create a page of references, and depending on your professor, you might have to create an annotated bibliography. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to do this, and do it well!

how to write an annotated bibliography

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay and Impress Your Professors

10 Aug 2018

By now you have figured out how much you are going to have to write in college. You will have to compose many types of essays on many different issues, and one of the papers is the argumentative essay.

how to write an argumentative essay

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