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Writing essays is time-consuming and arduous for students in all fields. What’s more, rewriting old essays to improve grades can feel like an even greater time suck. So, let us rewrite your old essays to perfection!

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Why Using a Free Plagiarism Checker is Essential

You’ve created a paper for presentation in your educational institution, and want to check content for originality. Or perhaps you’ve ordered papers from writing companies and want to check essay for plagiarism. Whatever the reason, the purpose stays the same – you clearly need to check papers before submission. To help users worldwide detect copied content, we’ve created free plagiarism checker! With the assistance of this useful instrument, you can search for any stolen data and avoid it in your document easily.

When you are preparing assignments or writing research papers, quality is the first thing teachers pay attention to. Of course, mistakes and typos strike the eye, but they can be easily fixed. However, many students duplicate content and attempt to pass it off as their own. As a result, college plagiarism has become a common thing, and such works frequently are returned to students. To avoid facing such a problem, it is necessary to sift through text before submission. That’s why our plagiarism detector is tool for you.

If you decided to buy papers from professional authors, you might come across the same problem – copied essays. Don’t give those so-called “helpers” the chance fool you! Use a plagiarism scanner to be sure the paper you’ve received is entirely authentic and is worth the money paid.

How Does Our Online Plagiarism Checker Work?

  • Attach the file from your computer or just copy the text and paste it into the special field.
  • Click the ‘check my essay’ button.
  • Wait for the engine to submit your request and examine content.
  • Receive a plagiarism report including the percentage of uniqueness of your text. Any copied words and expressions will be highlighted, and a list of sources with the same content will be presented.

There is only one way to foretell your academic success – gain absolute confidence in the quality of assignments you submit. Let our free plagiarism checker for students review your document for you!

Although quality is paramount when it comes to academic papers, one aspect of any professional work that can never go unmentioned is originality. In fact, it is considered unprofessional and highly unethical to copy content from another author's’ work without giving credit to them.

For this reason, we have always taken it upon ourselves to scan every piece of content created by our writers to ensure that it is 100% original and completely unique. We use many different tools to scan content for originality. By the time the paper is finally submitted to you, it is usually 100% authentic. But it doesn’t end there. If after reviewing the work you feel that chunks of the content were lifted from someone else’s work, all you have to do is contact our customer support team who will work swiftly to investigate and resolve the matter.

Essay Plagiarism Checking Essay Plagiarism Checking Essay Plagiarism Checking

Other than maintaining originality, we are also extremely keen on confidentiality. We have taken several measures to ensure the confidentiality of our client’s details. For instance, we have a strategy in place that ensures client information remains with us and only us. Not even our writers have access to the personal information of our clients. Furthermore, all our staff — writers included — sign an agreement which requires them to adhere to a strict confidentiality protocol.

We monitor these two issues (plagiarism and confidentiality) very closely: from the moment you join our platform as a client, and throughout the creation of your papers and even after your paper is delivered. We always work hard to ensure that you get the best possible experience. Therefore, you can relax knowing that maintaining confidentiality and avoiding plagiarism are our top priorities.

When you use our academic writing services, you are always guaranteed high quality, error-free, 100% original and confidential papers that meet your requirements. You will never ask Google to "write my paper for me" again.

With the help of you can check your essay for plagiarism in multiple languages: in Spanish, German, French and Portuguese.

What is Considered Plagiarism?

Patchwriting - rephrasing another author’s words and using them without attribution in your essay.
Invented Sources - creating non-existent sources and citing them.
Paraphrasing - rewriting the text in other words and not citing it.
Self-plagiarism - refurbishing or reusing your own work completed in the past.
Fake citations - citing information but with incorrect sources.
Misleading Citations - omitting citations and claiming credit for another person’s work.
Incremental plagiarism - poorly paraphrased content, although correctly cited.
Uncredited Paraphrasing - text not adequately translated into your own words, with presence or absence of citations.
Direct plagiarism - deliberate copying another author’s words or idea into an assignment without providing any type of acknowledgment.
Accidental plagiarism - not knowing or forgetting to cite material from outside sources.
You do not need to worry about plagiarism issues,
if you ask for a writing help from our professionals.
How We Can Help if Plagiarism Checker
Detected Plagiarism in Your Essay:
  • Rewrite copied parts
  • Fix formatting
  • Help with the structure
  • Add in-text citations
  • Create an outline
  • Find credible sources
  • Generate topic ideas
  • Edit reference list
  • Write paper from scratch

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