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Academic Writing Tips

  • What is a Capstone Project & Things to Know

    You might be already familiar with the role of capstone in architecture or engineering as it represents the crowning construction or a certain culmination of total achievements. As we talk about th...

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  • How to Write a Literature Review Student’s Guide

    Learning how to write a literature review is one of those tasks that every college student faces at least once when working with a research paper or using a synthesis of books and magazines that ha...

  • Selection Of Top Research Proposal Topics In Education

    Talking about education is always tricky. It’s a large field where many things are happening globally. However, this means that there’s a lot of room for discovering new angles that can be interest...

  • How to Write a Position Paper With Helpful Tips

    In simple terms, a position paper represents an essay writing that shows an arguable opinion about a certain issue or a problem. The purpose of the paper is to convince your target audience that th...

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