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Best Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

18 Apr 2018

Topic is a crucial aspect of any piece of content, be it written or oral. It is frequently difficult to pick a certain topic of speech because the choice is diverse. Interesting topics for persuasive speech can be chosen from all the fields of knowledge. The most important thing is an understanding of what is really interesting to the listener and what kind of audience is targeted.

How to make a speech fascinating and persuasive

The main criteria determining a quality of your rhetoric is its simplicity for audience’s perception and fascination. You can achieve this in different ways.

For example:

  • use of intonation accents, as important moments, should be highlighted by voice or pauses;
  • absence of excitement, trembling in the voice;
  • using of information only from reliable, authoritative sources;
  • presence of artistic elements in your rhetoric (it is important to preserve the informational value of presentation);
  • refusal of excessive use of negations (particles "not", "no", etc.);
  • appropriate structure of report – fascinating facts should be at the beginning and the most important – at the end.

It is also important not to forget about a sense of humor, as persuasive speech on any subject matter with jokes will become colorful and interesting. In this case, the key thing is not to go too far with humorous inscriptions. Otherwise, performance will not be taken seriously.

What is important in choosing a topic for a speech

Before choosing a narrow topic on the basis of which the report will be built, several important facts have to be taken into consideration.

Purpose of speech topic ideas

The subject of debate is inextricably bound to a purpose of your speech. There are different purposes, for instance:

  • conviction;
  • entertainment;
  • information;

Each goal requires its own facts and its speech writing skills.

Taboo topics

Even in the context of an interesting and relevant topic, there might be facts that are better to avoid. They may seem boring to the audience or become offensive to listeners.

It is worthy abandoning:

  • incomprehensible or too simple subjects, as this dispels attention;
  • too sharp or resonant subject matters;
  • directions that do not correspond to audience’s mood.

The most interesting topics for a persuasive speech

The audience should get new thoughts and ideas about an issue, understand the different perspectives and opinions from which you can look at the problem.

It is necessary to formulate the problem laconically, clearly and intriguingly even if you are not as creative as a powerpoint writer, for example. There are always good persuasive speech topics for college students that could grab attention of any person, regardless of interests, job, etc. These might include:

  • the lightest metal on Earth;
  • the largest flower;
  • the most unusual records from Guinness World Records;
  • the most expensive fruit in the world;
  • how to prepare ice cream from jellyfish;
  • the most unusual war in the world without weapons;

When it comes to persuasive speech ideas, controversial topics are very popular, for example:

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  • how to become self-confident;
  • how to react to unreasonable criticism;
  • how to speak with a boor;
  • how to overcome an alcohol addiction;

There can be a lot of academic-oriented subject matters for students, as they are focused on their courses, academic success, and college life. Such themes are always popular, like:

  • easy ways to preserve the nature;
  • mortality and fertility: on what does the ratio depend;
  • how to eliminate unemployment;
  • how to learn a foreign language fast;
  • how to express your thoughts correctly;
  • how to speak in a sophisticated manner.
  • how to overcome procrastination;
  • what things you won’t be taught at school;
  • how to become a happy family member;
  • the phenomenon of love from biochemistry perspective.

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Last but not least, we can offer you a few psychology-oriented topics that have lots of perspectives to review them from. These might be a bit controversial, yet still exceptionally interesting and thought-provoking. They are:

  • how to communicate with a "difficult" interlocutor
  • magic words
  • compliments can do wonders
  • acceptance of reality
  • do not be afraid to be afraid
  • how to love yourself
  • where to find the meaning of life?
  • what should I do about my global aim?

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