50 Best Demonstration Speech Ideas and Unique Strategies

The idea of public speaking gives you chills? You want to impress teachers and classmates with your knowledge on a particular topic but you’ve never given a lecture before or lack good demonstration speech ideas? Don’t worry. We’re here for help. Whether it is for college or one must prepare it as part of job, this guide is useful for handling any presentation types.

What Is Demonstration Speech?

When struggling with project, first step towards success is to understand its definition.

Demonstration speech, also known as demonstrative speech, should teach audience. Approach it from an expert’s point of view. The audience will assume you know a lot about topic, so they will be ready to listen, as well as learn.

Think about it this way: students constantly give or hear demonstration speeches. These are lessons, which involve presentations of practical steps. It’s something that your best professors do in class.  

Just to give an idea of this project, let’s go through few basic demonstrative speech topics. You may teach audience how to create smartphone app, edit photograph, or cook a meal. You can draw topic out of any niche, just be sure that you know more about it than audience.


List of Demonstration Speech Ideas for Everyone Who doesn't Have a Lot of Creativity!

How to Choose Right Theme for a Speech?

Clearly, topic has to be unique. Topic will depend on lecture type you’re required to give. It may be based on lesson covered for particular course.

Here are few tips that will help choose good demonstration speech topics:

Do Research. First step is to do research. It doesn’t matter how much one already knows about this theme. Creative approach is a chance to attract more people. For that, be aware of what’s already out there. Start with simple Google search on theme. Take as many notes as possible during this process. Bookmark useful resources in separate Pinterest board, which you’ll keep private or simply in browser or copy and paste links in word document.

Think about Audience. Search through Quora, Reddit, or other online forums. This research helps to see what questions target audience has. Conduct questionnaire, it is easiest way for getting an idea about interests or hobbies potential audience has.

Be Creative! Is there any idea that hasn’t been covered by other speakers? Maybe there’s scarce information about particular aspect of chosen theme? If you can’t come up with unique idea no matter how hard you try, remember: there is an option to find custom speech writing help online. But before doing it, try and write.

Brainstorm for Ideas. After thorough research on materials and audience, write down the first ideas or thoughts that come to mind. There are no limits during this process. Don’t judge ideas, just write them down at first. Then, take good look at that list. What’s the idea that really inspires you to give an awesome lecture? Choose it wisely as this is important step.

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List of Demonstration Speech Topics Divided into Categories

Still struggle with finding big idea? How about some inspiration? Here is demonstrative speech ideas list in few different categories, use it for motivation.

1. Unique Topic

  • How to Be an Empath
  • How to Understand Statistics
  • How to Create an Animated Character
  • How to Recognize an Archaeological Scam
  • How to Find Your Mojo

2. Business Ideas

  • Do Nothing for a Living
  • Apply for Jobs
  • Work from Home
  • Hire Right People
  • Maintain Positive Office Vibes

3. Traveling Topic

  • Hitchhike Your Way through Europe
  • Hike in Africa
  • Explore Your Local Area
  • Avoid Scams as Tourist
  • Book Plane Ticket

4. Funny Demonstration Ideas

  • Graduate without Studying
  • Change Baby’s Diaper
  • Laugh Sincerely
  • Perform Magic
  • Be Bad Person

5. Health/Fitness

  • Do Cardio Training
  • How Does Gluten Work?
  • Train Abs
  • Choose Right Diet
  • Become Yoga Teacher

6. Productivity Topic Ideas

  • Beat Procrastination
  • Become Best Version of Yourself
  • Find Time for People You Love
  • Use Productivity Apps
  • Live Fulfilled Life

7. Environmental

  • Solution to Reverse Global Warming
  • Ultimate Policy for Sustainable World
  • Become Environmentally Conscious
  • Shocking Truth of Mountaintop Removal
  • Adapt to Climate Change

8. History Demonstration Topics

  • How Americans Can Overcome White Supremacy
  • How Women Changed the World
  • Progress of American Society
  • What If We Replaced Donald Trump with Randomly Selected Member of This Audience?
  • How Fashion Is Essential to Democracy

9. Religion/Faith

  • Become Buddhist
  • Distinguish Christianity from Hinduism
  • Read and Understand the Book of Revelation
  • How Religion Makes You a Bad Person, But Faith Makes You a Good One
  • Face Doubt

10. Informative Topic Ideas

  • How Community Solved Violence in Boston
  • How Democratic Society Was Created
  • Basics of Cooking
  • Take Care of Your Skin
  • Choose Perfect Career

Writing Steps for Successful Writing

Do Your Research. Once you settle on topic, research it again! Search for studies, academic articles, newspaper publications or other authoritative sources. Read through them, take notes, create charts or tables. It’s important to support ideas with outside materials. It makes arguments sound credible.

Create Thesis Statement. Thesis statement is main part of demonstration speech. It should provide your own position regarding the chosen topic, list arguments that will be used to support ideas. Audience must know what speech is about from very beginning. Create descriptive statement that’s clear enough to guide all ideas in right direction.  

Complete Outline. Check our demonstration speech example below. You can be flexible with outline. There’s no specific format one should follow. The main structure is simple: introduction, body, and conclusion. Introduction must include hook or anecdote that usually helps attract attention. Body of demonstration lecture should be based on various evidence or data found during research. Conclusion should summarize main ideas from essay and restate thesis.

Write First Draft. Draft all ideas you came up with regarding the topic. Follow suggested structure, comply with your outline. This is not final version, mistakes are allowed.

Edit. This is final step. Now it is time for reading demonstration essay several times, fixing mistakes, inserting in-text citations and completing correct formatting.

Demonstration Speech Example Outline + Example Thesis

You could really use an example for demonstration speech outline and thesis statement, right? Here’s your example:

How to Find Truth in Deceiving World

Introduction: share personal experience. Tell how fake news affected your voting decision during previous presidential elections in the U.S.

Thesis statement: Anyone is allowed to write anything on the Internet, so it’s hard to know what the truth really is.

Body: Who regulates what gets posted online? What’s Google’s role in this? How fake news affect people’s opinions? How can we fight the trend of false reporting?

Conclusion: Give specific tips on how to recognize real vs. fake information

Make Your Speech Memorable

1. Know Your Audience

Have a look at your audience as group with similar issues. They are looking for specific solutions that you should present them during this lecture. Find appropriate terms and terminology.

2. Use Credible Sources

Convince with facts! Use numbers, statistics, survey results, or other factual data that leaves no space for doubt. Scholarly peer-reviewed articles are best sources. Do not rely on blogs.

3. Use Simple Language

Be casual and simple. Present events in chronological order, so you won’t get people confused.

4. Speak Directly!

Write as if you were directly talking to someone. Imagine you’re teaching your friend about this topic. Be straight, do not make hints, be as clear as possible.

5. Be Knowledgeable

The demonstration will be effective only if you teach something that audience doesn’t already know. So don’t be Captain Obvious!

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Rules for Presenting Your Talk

Create a PowerPoint Presentation. When you give people something to look at, you take the attention away from you. You’ll be more relaxed, and the presentation will be more fun for them in comparison to long demonstration speech.

Use Visuals. Graphs, videos, and pictures will add great appeal to your lecture.

Get Assistance from Audience. If, for example, you show how to prepare a recipe and you say it’s easy, get someone from people to prepare it. That way, you’ll prove it’s easy.

Breathe! When your breath is calm during the demonstration speech, you’ll sound more confident. Practice breathing! Attend some yoga classes before the presentation; that will help a lot!

Be Funny. Even the most serious topics can bear some humor. If you can subtly infuse jokes in lecture, do it.

How We Can Help with Your Demonstration Speech

We hope that our  ideas for demonstration speech were useful! However, even if you follow all right tips, sometimes it’s impossible to write great demonstration lecture. Then what?

All you need to do is come to us and say “write me a speech!” We have a team of brilliant writers from any niche. Just place order and check out bidders. You’ll definitely get good results!

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