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Psychology Case Study Topics: 50+ Ideas

When you are asked to handle psychology case study topics, it means that you should know the subject well and explore it the best way possible to determine the problem and find the most efficient solution. It is one of the reasons why looking through the list of topics for case study in Psychology is so important since you can get creative and see what fits your mindset. If you have a possibility, always choose between several topics and change the wording to see what will work the best way. By doing so, you will feel inspired and can adjust your thesis statement and the scientific research outcome. If you experience any sort of problems with this, just ask us "do my assignment online" and we gladly offer assignment help with guarantees.

Psychology Case Study Topics

Psychology case study topics

As a rule, you can choose your psychology case study topics based on your initial course or subjects that you would like to explore. For example, if you are dealing with Child Developmental Psychology, you may focus on such aspects as ADHD, dyslexia, or Autism, which would represent an interesting ground for exploration. Here are some good ideas to consider:

  1. The link between domestic violence and delays in child development.
  2. The ADHD struggles in adults: the differences compared to childhood scenarios.
  3. Video games and cognitive development exploration.
  4. The physical aspects of struggles when being on the autism spectrum.
  5. The use of computers and the link to social environment isolation.
  6. The peer pressure and social withdrawal.
  7. The financial income and the mental wellbeing.
  8. Mental disorders and the military service.
  9. College isolation cases among African American students.
  10. College athletes and related peer pressure.
  11. Single parents vs full families for child development.
  12. Minecraft and problem-solving skills in children.
  13. Leadership skills and egoism exploration.
  14. Should critical thinking be taught at kindergarten?
  15. Subconscious impact on our cognitive development.
  16. The fear of parents and speech disorders.
  17. Drug use and the long-term effects on mental health.
  18. The media effect and the violence among teenagers.
  19. The portrayal of sleeping pills culture in the media.
  20. Social media and the negative body image.
  21. The PTSD and the divorce cases.
  22. Ethnic minorities and poor mental health.
  23. Dyslexia and the volume of communication on behalf of the parents.
  24. The negative effect of horror stories upon children.
  25. The importance of reading and writing skills.
  26. The negative impact of religious education on young children.
  27. The origins of hypocrisy in politics.
  28. The competition and the sports psychology.
  29. Anxiety in teenage children: reasons and effects.
  30. The Covid-19 stress and anxiety case study.
  31. Stuttering and domestic violence.
  32. Agoraphobia.
  33. Frontal brain damage and mental development.
  34. Alcohol consumption and social withdrawal.
  35. Gambling obsession issues.
  36. Sudden cases of panic among first pregnancy mothers.
  37. Hyperactivity disorders among college students.
  38. Personality formation during early childhood.
  39. Prejudice in the workplace.
  40. Discrimination of people with disabilities.

You can use these examples as the starting points for your research. Just choose your topic and do your best to narrow it down so you can find reliable and specific sources to support your thoughts and ideas as you come to conclusions. If you experience problems with that, ask Edubirdie for case study help.

Case Study Topics List For Psychology Students

The majority of Psychology students will deal with a plethora of various case study cases because it is always the best method to explore certain issues. If you are not sure about how they must be, take a look at our list that contains ten competitive case study topics for students. Just start with similar research cases, include theory from your Psychology textbooks, and explore the most efficient solutions.

  1. The social control on behalf of restrictive parents.
  2. The origins of negative social propaganda.
  3. The formation of anger and parental examples.
  4. The development of Electra and Oedipus complexes.
  5. Middle school bullying and social withdrawal.
  6. Child abuse and behavioral changes.
  7. The social stigma in the perception of autistic people.
  8. Anorexia and the body image culture of modern times.
  9. Perception of single male parents in society.
  10. Psychological effect of lengthy alcohol consumption.

Your Psychology case study topic will always depend on what you learn unless you have already been provided with an example to follow. Even if you have to deal with an average Joe or Jane of a certain age (or a group of people), you should identify the problem and proceed from there. Still, the most important is to choose some topic that you know well and find relevant research and study cases.

Social Psychology Case Study Topics

Social Psychology is one of the most popular fields of this challenging science. As a way to help you overcome the writer's block or as you buy case study, we came up with a list of ten social psychology case study topics to help you get into the creative mode.

Here are case study ideas for Psychology to consider:

  1. Leadership styles and prejudice.
  2. Social influence learned from the media.
  3. Nonverbal behavior and domestic violence cases.
  4. Distance learning and social perception of information.
  5. Fitting within one's social group among teenagers.
  6. The influence of the parents on behavioral patterns of pre-school children.
  7. Social restrictions and panic attacks.
  8. An autistic perception of sounds and images.
  9. The positive impact of sports on the social development of a person.
  10. Self-Perception and Distorted Social Behaviors (DSB’s).

Remember that even though you may already have your case study chosen, you should still provide at least three examples of similar research points to support your opinion. Focus on your perception as a student, opinions of fellow researchers, and the general overview of your chosen problem.

Case Study Topics On Personality Psychology

Psychology is always revolving around personality development and various qualities relevant to any individual. It is only natural if one considers all the types of research that can be conducted. Take time to look through our list of case study topics on personality that may be either argumentative or case-based.

These ideas will help you to get creative:

  1. Various methods of Multiple Personality Disorder reporting.
  2. How do children learn the traits of taking care of their younger siblings?
  3. The link between our personality development and sports preferences.
  4. The marriage aspect and similar personalities.
  5. The military upbringing and Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator.
  6. The personality traits of college athletes.
  7. Intentional college plagiarism and moral qualities of an individual.
  8. Social isolation and personality changes on social media.
  9. Why do people with autism show extraordinary cognitive skills?
  10. Competition and high self-esteem through the prism of personality disorders.

Once again, you should always consult with your academic advisor as you choose your case study subject to ensure that it is acceptable and within your course's guidelines!

How to Choose a Good Topic?

While choosing a good case study topic in Psychology is always subjective, you should follow the next guidelines to achieve success with your assignment:

  • Research Your Psychology Topic.
  • Analyze Your Case Study Data.
  • Identify The List of Possible Problems.
  • Determine The Most Efficient Solution.
  • Seek Relevant Facts.

Your case study topic should reflect at least one clear methodology and provide examples with sufficient analysis. Think deep about the causes and write down the list of effects that may affect the outcome as you explore the case study scenario.

Preliminary Research Factor

Most importantly, always conduct preliminary research before you approach your case study topic in Psychology. If you have insufficient knowledge, you should explore similar cases or change the original wording a little bit to narrow things down. When in doubt, always talk to your college professor to pick the best solution and make sure that you meet every point in your grading rubric. While the case studies may seem overly complex or too broad, always take time to find the golden medium between being precise and meeting your general objectives.

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