170+ Informative Speech Topics for Student

The first step in the stairs of confidence and success is an invention. Start with building what you already know and use it as an inspiration. Informative speech topics are everywhere around you. It is possible to prepare a spec literally on everything that surrounds you.

Discover which thoughts visit your mind more often. Even if it is only food and sleep, you can prepare a marvellous and important for many students speech on how nutrition influences sleep. Be creative and discover what you passionate about are. Have a killer paper due? Pay professional essay writers to do it for you.

A list of informative speech topics for college might give you an idea of a diversity of topics.

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What is an informative speech and example?

An informative speech is meant to provide information (often complex, detailed) on an object, living being, personality, phenomenon, event, industry, current knowledge in a field, etc. An example could include educating the audience on how to recognize fake news online or on major conspiracy theories circulating on the Internet. 

If you're looking for further clarification and want to see an informative essay example, you can find various samples online to better understand the structure and content of such speeches.

What are the 4 types of informative speeches?

Informative speech topics usually fall into one of the following four highly-recognizable categories:

  • definition speeches – they normally focus on explaining a concept or theory
  • explanatory speeches – these normally explain a state of a field, technology, etc. providing evidence, statistics, etc.
  • descriptive speeches –  these aim at creating a detailed mental image of a described subject, phenomenon, historical event, situation, etc.
  • demonstrative speeches – these speeches teach the audience how to perform an action/ process

What are good informative speech topics for college?

There is no universal formula for choosing the best topic, but to increase the chances, try to pick a topic that is narrow enough to address an issue comprehensively. Also match your topic to audience’s interests – consider their needs and concerns and make it really relevant for them.

How do you choose an informative speech topic?

When choosing a speech topic, besides considering your interests, you have to decide whether your speech should focus on objects, processes, events, or concepts. As for the approaches you undertake, you could do some brainstorming, or review pre-assembled lists of topics or course material to find inspiration (you could use the latter to derive related topics ).

Informative speech topics about Technology and Science

The most up-to-date and exciting informative essay topics are here. Check it out!

  1. What is CRISP and why is it important to understand the concept now?
  2. Why genetically modified food and organisms are not the scariest scientific achievement?
  3. How technology has changed the food industry (any industry)?
  4. How has Elon Mask changed rocket technology to the revolutionary one?
  5. Alternative sources of energy
  6. Intergalactic civilization: is it myth or reality?
  7. How do violent games affect children?
  8. What are the pros and cons of 3D printing?
  9. What are computer viruses and how to avoid them?
  10. Comparison of operational systems for your PC
  11. How social media has changed since it first appeared
  12. A guide for creating a strong presence on Linkedin
  13. How to use social networks securely and avoid common threats
  14. How Facebook uses big data for its operations

Informative speech topics about Environment

Profitable and good informative speech essay topics for making the Earth a better place are in the following list of topics. If you are concerned about our planet, about the pollutions, rational usage of energy, lack of clean water on the planet, and other important topics, you can represent an explanation of how you understand the problem and why is it so important today.

  1. Why genetically modified food and organisms are not the scariest scientific achievement?
  2. Plastic and its effect on the environment from a long perspective
  3. Zero waste consumption: how implementable is the idea in modern society
  4. Rubbish recycling plants: how effective are they
  5. How did Elon Mask manage to get clean water from rubbish?
  6. Are environmental studies important for college students? Should it become a part of an educational plan?
  7. How does meat production affect our environment?
  8. Which industrial fields are the most harmful for the environment?
  9. How the fashion industry affects our environment and why is it important to consume wisely?
  10. Politics are making it difficult for everyone to work together on climate issues
  11. Why are oil spills so dangerous for the environment?

Informative speech ideas on Education

Preparing an informative and interesting speech on education may become a struggling task. However, if to think creative, and  it might become an involving inspirational speech not only for students but also for tutors.

  1. Expository presentation on how does virtual classes work
  2. Fun ways to involve youth in sports
  3. A simple solution to the complex problem: will a number of divorces reduce it to implement the course on relationships, and family at high school?
  4. Our online essay writing assistants helpful or harmful for the education of a particular student?
  5. How to find and proceed with information in a fun way?
  6. Should students learn programming languages in high school?
  7. How does high school programs differ within different countries and why?
  8. Leadership studies for students: whom to teach students goal setting and persuasion?
  9. How to develop creative abilities in class?
  10. Should usage of gadgets be restricted in educational institutions? Are they helpful or harmful?

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​Informative speech topics for College

  1. Pros and cons of buying a car for yourself
  2. How psychology concepts can be used for effective marketing
  3. Why communication is important in any relationship
  4. How parents are also responsible for their children’s education
  5. Reasons why many parents neglect their kids today
  6. The importance of kids growing up with both parents
  7. How college students can get discounts
  8. The best cheese types in the world
  9. The drawbacks of vegan diets
  10. How the political system in China works

Informative speech topics for University

  1. How 3d printers are changing various industries
  2. Why many people consider dogs as their best friends
  3. How is chocolate produced - the process explained
  4. How close are we to colonizing mars
  5. Why the educational system should include more practical skills
  6. How credit cards work and why you shouldn’t use them so easily
  7. Why is higher education so important
  8. How to work part-time while studying
  9. Reasons why certain classes should be shorter than 45 minutes
  10. Traits that all good students share

​Informative speech topics on Sports and Health

Essay on sports and health can appear not only entertaining but also informative and life-changing for some students if to pick a correct topic.

  1. How does sugar influence human body?
  2. Why is child obesity such a common issue today?
  3. Should food culture be a part of the educational process in high school or college?
  4. What are antibiotics and how does humanity get used to it? Why is responsible consumption important?
  5. What is alcohol and how does it affect the human body? Can it produce alcohol itself?
  6. Why is it important to go into sports at the college and take part in various tournaments?
  7. The phenomenon of sports fans: how did they appear and why?
  8. Which kind of sport is the best option for health?
  9. Which traumas are the most common for professional sportsmen?
  10. Sport as a professional career: does it worth it? What are the longer perspectives?
  11. How healthcare has improved rapidly due to technology developments
  12. Alternative medicine myths and facts you should know
  13. How physical activity affects our health positively
  14. What we know so far about gut microbiota?

​Informative speech topics on Psychology and Communication

  1. Why some people are simply incapable of lying
  2. How we undermine depression by normalizing it
  3. How social media affects our self-esteem and perception of ourselves
  4. Full-blown pacifism is actually naive and unrealistic
  5. No matter how much we evolved, our primal instincts still play a role
  6. Practicing mental hygiene is just as important as “typical hygiene”
  7. How social networks disrupt our ability to communicate in person
  8. Why being kind in conversations help you establish authority
  9. Communicating with children like they are adults helps them develop
  10. How emotions affect our decision-making when we become adults

Public speaking ​informative speech topics

  1. Why public speaking is a very important skill for everyone
  2. Delivering crucial information in your public speeches is essential
  3. Why you should introduce the “fun” element in public speeches
  4. How to use emotion as a tool in your public speeches
  5. Public speeches and their effects on careers
  6. How being a good public speaker affects your confidence
  7. Public speeches help you network with other people
  8. How to read your audience during a public speech
  9. Learning how to engage your audience in your public speech
  10. Where you probably go wrong during your public speech

​Informative speech topics on Society

Good topics for speech on sociological questions can lead to positive results and self-education.

  1. Which types of societies are incomparable and why?
  2. What is social discrimination and why does it take place today?
  3. Why is patriotism and how does it work today?
  4. What is the difference between patriotism and nationalism?
  5. Why society always needs idols like actors, political figures, and other?
  6. Why easier professions are much better paid than the ones that need much more training and special preparations?
  7. Does racial discrimination exist among police?
  8. Why governments of many countries support homeless people?
  9. Who are millennials and which future can they expect?
  10. Can military be career become a fulfilling choice for women? Which difficulties are there on your career path?

Controversial topics for ​informative speeches

  1. Drugs aren’t good for you or for your health
  2. Why the world is ready to move a step further from democracy
  3. Corruption within police departments all over the world
  4. We are paying excessive taxes to the government
  5. Education should be available to everyone as a human right
  6. Science isn’t really objective, and it’s tainted with politics
  7. Lots of people are talking about climate change because of politics
  8. Most professional athletes use steroids
  9. Video games are real sports, and most people can’t be pros

Informative speech topics on Economy and Finance

Understanding of main financial principles, history of the currency, safety issues is crucial today. The best way to learn it is to find topics for informative speech topics that are interesting to you and research the question.

  1. Comparison if retirement policy among different countries
  2. Why doctors have different salaries in different countries?
  3. What is the average salary in different countries and why?
  4. Crucial information about applicable financial aid for different social groups.
  5. How to finance your education?
  6. Which countries offer free education and how does it affect the economy?
  7. What is the economic crisis and how does it appear?
  8. The Great Depression: history, reasons, effects
  9. What is the stock market and how to recognize main trends?
  10. Safety of internet banking

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Informative speech ideas on Family

Youth spend years to accomplish higher education or professional preparations to gain a well-paid and satisfying job, but many of them spend no time preparing for family life and learning how do relationships between relatives work.

  1. Should the course on building healthy relationships be implemented into school or college educational program?
  2. How to raise children in a single-parent family?
  3. What are the concepts of raising children in bisexual families?
  4. How biracial adoption affects the child?
  5. How to treat parents who practice helicopter parenting?
  6. What kind of family behaviour can be considered as violence and where to go if you experience it?
  7. Home violence in Arabic culture: myth or reality?
  8. What social programs exist to support families with difficulties?
  9. Solo type of living vs. families: does modern youth tend to be single instead of married?
  10. The partnership is a new type of family: how modern youth treat living together for years without being officially married?

Informative speech topics on Politics and Culture

A great way to discover politics and culture is to represent your short talk to one of the following topics and discuss it in a group. Write a final paper with a few conclusions including a visual representation of the concepts if needed. Visualization is the best way to memorize needed information.

  1. What are the main directions of immigration in the world?
  2. Main environmental problems in your country
  3. Gun control statistics in different countries
  4. What is the free trade agreement and how does it work?
  5. What is communism and why it never was successful in world history?
  6. What is a concept of universal basic income and how does it work? Would receiving a minimal salary from government exterminate poverty?
  7. Explain the concept of the European Union
  8. How does the government of different countries invest in music?
  9. What is the importance of culture in different countries?
  10. Funny cultural traditions among nations
  11. Why is socialism a step backward compared to democracy?
  12. How are laws made in different political systems?
  13. Global politics affects countries around the world more than ever
  14. The US two-party system is outdated - here’s why

Fun informative speech topics

  1. Why do we have hiccups, and how to deal with them?
  2. Body parts we actually don’t need to function
  3. How medicine actually looked like at the beginning
  4. Funniest business ideas that worked and made money
  5. Do you like conspiracy theories? here is why you do.
  6. How much of our brain power do we actually use
  7. reasons why some people can’t get math no matter how much they try
  8. Why is metal music a better role model than modern pop
  9. Things we don’t actually need but still buy them
  10. How experts sneak in food and snacks into movies

Informative speech themes on Justice and Law

The following list of speech topics represents a wide range of problems in the country and in the world. If you have no idea what does a topic say, google it and research it. Maybe you will find the answers in your research and will find what to share with your class.

  1. Why are the taxes for an electric car?
  2. Drinking age rules: why and when did they appear?
  3. What is pledging guilty and what are the benefits?
  4. What are anti-trust crimes and how to prevent them?
  5. Minimum wage laws in different countries: why are they so different?
  6. Why smoking in public places should be illegal?
  7. Do homosexual have a marriage right? Do they have right for adoption?
  8. Can abortion become illegal? In which countries is it illegal today?
  9. Legalization of drugs. How does it work?
  10. Should government support illegal immigrants?

Informative speech topics on Business

Make your informative speech topics relevant to the audience. It can be inspirational when applied in practice. Advise best inspirational literature, movies, other speeches, and etc.

  1. How to find a cool business idea?
  2. Is it possible to start a business with zero investment?
  3. Should you or should you not start a business with a friend?
  4. Is it possible to run a business while being a student?
  5. How to turn a hobby into a business?
  6. Which personality traits are important to run a company?
  7. Why should you visit a psychologist before starting a business?
  8. What behavioural patterns should you know to run a company?
  9. How to prepare for running a company or a project?
  10. Which corporations are running the world?

Short informative speech topics

  1. How screen exposure affects us in a harmful way
  2. Computers changed us in just a couple of decades
  3. Why modern humans wouldn’t be able to live without electricity
  4. Why everyone should do some type of sports
  5. If machines become self-aware, they could destroy us
  6. The dangers of creating real artificial intelligence
  7. Global adverse effects of the Internet
  8. The history of the Internet and its development
  9. Everyone should be taught how to use the internet
  10. Having role models is a good thing; here is why

Literature and History informative speech topics

A list of informative speech ideas doesn’t end here. The last but not least, unique and popular ideas on history and literature deserve your attention and attention of your audience. Keep in mind, speaking with the public on a particular historical event they might not remember or a book they might never read is not the best idea. Choose simple and popular topics and dive deeper into research, share ideas and concepts, not facts.

  1. Ancient Egyptian art: the beauty and the mystery
  2. The city of Rome
  3. The greatest emperors in world history
  4. The assets of Chinese history for the world
  5. Why and how Japan has become the most technological country in the world?
  6. Can electronic libraries replace paper books?
  7. Can a young author write a novel today that will become historical?
  8. Which genres are the most popular today and why?
  9. How does modern auditory change its preferences?  
  10. Does high school or college program in literature fulfil interests of modern youth?

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How to choose a suitable informative speech topic?

Choosing the topic for a speech may become confusing. There are so many topics to speak about and such a short period to prepare your speech. There are a few issues you might experience while choosing a topic:

  • Lack of interest. A speech may seem interesting in the beginning, but after writing a few essays, it appears that there is nothing to talk about anymore. Make sure that a chosen topic is modern and three is enough interesting information to represent to your audience
  • Too many facts. There is no need to retell the content of a novel, a historical event, the content of an experiment or other. Make sure there are concepts and ideas in your speech. A presentation should leave a positive aftertaste and cause a vivid discussion.
  • Losing a point. It may happen that you start your speech with family issues and end up talking about politics and justice. To avoid this make sure your paper doesn’t fit any other category but the chosen one. If it looks like your family topic transformed into politic one, rephrase the heading and make it politic from the beginning.
  • The audience can lose interest. Make sure you represent your speech with simple words and understandable concepts. One of the best practices is imagining that you are trying to explain your point to your granny. It will help you to cover a wide audience.
  • The speech is boring. It doesn’t depend on a topic but on the way you represent it. Add some funny things to your speech. Check TED talks as an example. Every speck has a joke or something funny. Entertain the public and educate it.

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Choosing an informative speech topics is nearly half of a task. With the correct concept, you already have a plan in your head and can easily prepare your speech for an hour. Sometimes choosing a topic may take a few days. Take your time and make sure you have enough information and ideas to share. If you experience troubles in preparing a speech, there is a team of professional speech writers who can help you with a task. You can buy a speech or proofreading of your completed speech. There are professionals who can help you to make it better or make everything for you in a few hours. If there is an online helper, why not to use it?

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