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Essay Format Tips from an English Teacher

19 Jun 2018

Following your professor or teacher’s favorite essay format is very important. You may think that having to follow this type of style is silly, but adhering to the most popular styles, such as MLA or APA helps students to keep their papers neat, organized, and free of plagiarism. That is why you must follow these instructions.

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Developing a Dissertation Outline

21 May 2018

Writing a dissertation thesis is the most time-consuming phase of a student’s postgraduate education. Before you dive deeply into the process of creating a scientific masterpiece, it is essential to develop a plan for completing your inquiry successfully. If you are not sure about what you have to do, you should find some dissertation outline templates online.

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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

17 May 2018

Writing a dissertation proposal is an initial phase before you start writing a thesis to receive your Master’s or Ph.D. degree. It is crucial to be innovative and exceptional. It has to reveal the importance of the research and outline the methodology of your future investigation. The paper enables you to verify the topic of the thesis, although it can be changed during the process of writing.

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How To Write a Dissertation?

13 May 2018

Doctoral studies (Ph.D.) for some students can be a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and support for their research, and for others – an extra "a headache". Not everyone is ready to go for it. Indeed, admission to PhD – this is perhaps the most important step for the student because it is the highest level of education. Thus, obtaining a Doctoral degree always demands energy, commitment, time and money from students. In short, the doctorate is not for everyone. Therefore, to enroll in the PhD programs you need to be highly motivated.

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Structuring a Dissertation & Thesis

10 May 2018

A dissertation is the final step of your educational path to get a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. It shows all knowledge and skills you acquire to conduct a scientific project. It demonstrates an ability to set the targets, critically analyze the data, and produce a deep survey of the literature. The academic discourse has to find the solutions and clarifications, provide comparisons, and generalize what findings can be used to extend theory. Remember that fruitful academic writings are those, which are narrowly focused.

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Best Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

18 Apr 2018

Topic is a crucial aspect of any piece of content, be it written or oral. It is frequently difficult to pick a certain topic of speech because the choice is diverse. Interesting topics for persuasive speech can be chosen from all the fields of knowledge. The most important thing is an understanding of what is really interesting to the listener and what kind of audience is targeted.

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How To Write A Précis Efficiently

17 Apr 2018

College life can be fun until that bubble of happiness bursts due to the workload modern students have to cope with. Some students possess strict dedication towards learning process, others would like to have more free time and fun. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your college life! However, you cannot miss the submission date because you may not get your degree.

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How To Write a Conclusion for Your Essay? Find Out Now!

12 Apr 2018

Are you worried about finishing an assignment you have worked so hard on? Sometimes, it seems to be easier to start off and do a study again, instead of coming up with a good conclusion. When your professors read your papers, they want to see how you have presented your viewpoints. There are times when we fall short of words. Such a situation could even provoke a thought of hiring a specialist, who has a way with text flow. Since there are deadlines to follow, you do not have the luxury of wasting any more time.

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What is Writing a Critical Thinking Essay?

06 Apr 2018

This particular term refers to a type of essay written to discuss a specific idea, voice clip, written piece or a video, using purely one’s ideas, argumentative essay, critical analysis essays and suggestions, with no input from other sources of information. Critical thinking reading and writing are often required by university lecturers as well as other teachers to test the student’s ability to independently produce ideas based on what he/she is given.

Where do we come in?

One may be tempted to ask, “What is the purpose of critical thinking?” Critical thinking tests college student’s writing and analytical abilities; how adept he is at reading between the lines and proffering arguments with solid back-up points. And this is where our services are of great use. We work towards aiding you through the process and ensuring that your critical thinking thesis reflects the best of your abilities.

 how to write a critical thinking essay

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How to Make your PowerPoint Presentation Interesting

04 Apr 2018

It is undeniable that modern world is oversaturated with information, which makes it harder to communicate with your audience and express yourself via writing. Simply typed text with no visual elements would tire anyone fast. That is why graphic presentations quickly became popular among college professors – such a way of delivering information occurred to be more effective. Listeners want to see the accompanying photos, clear diagrams, competent drawings, view a subject-related video clip, or even listen to a song if the topic of discussion is music. And here you cannot do without the skills of using multimedia presentations.

At present, there are several different services and programs that can help you create presentations. The most popular one is Microsoft PowerPoint. Everyone can work with this program. It is really versatile, convenient, and easy to use. In this article, we will try to reveal some secrets of how to create a PowerPoint presentation winning and eye-catching.

Currently, it’s hard to even imagine a demonstration of something (e. g., a tutorial o) without using a powerpoint presentation services. And this is not accidental because a person is able to absorb about 10-70% of the material he has heard, 20-72% of what he has seen, and 65-85% of what he has seen and heard at the same time. The slideshows have become indispensable in various spheres of our activities, including design, marketing, pedagogy, coaching, economics, and engineering. Their use is a key to success to some extent as it opens new paths in the development of thinking, creative abilities, and provides new opportunities for learning and creative growth.

powerpoint presentation services

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