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How To Succeed In Short Essay Writing

21 Sep 2016

Teachers of any subject can assign an essay task. Students usually turn very happy when there is a requirement to write short essay, however, it could happen to be more complicated that the long one. People tend to confuse what is a short essay, so this article will cross the t`s.

The main feature of short essay writing is that the student has to put all his ideas and arguments into a limited amount of words. Despite the shortness, the topic must be reflected as high as it is possible. Fortunately, there are easy ways of how to write a short essay.

So, whether you were assigned to write college papers, descriptive, argumentative or narrative essay, there are basic requirements which a grant writer should follow.

Write an Outline

Writing an outline is a must especially when you were assigned a broad topic. So, if you suffer from the chaos of thoughts, before you start working on the paper, write down your basic ideas and possible arguments. Dwell on your goal and decide what information you are going to cover in each of them.

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Keep to the structure

This type of paper has a specific structure: introduction (1 paragraph), main body (3 paragraphs), and conclusion (1 paragraph).  In such a way, your work will be elaborately structured and become easier to comprehend.


The first impression matters, even if you`re writing short essay. The purpose of introduction is to attract readers attention and cause the interest so your aim is to make an impressive introduction within no more than three sentences. You must make it concise, informative and catchy. In the first sentence claim about the urgency of the problem, persuade the audience  that it worth reading. End the introduction part with thesis statement. It must be focused on the main problem. So, if your topic is too broad, focus on something more specific. And this statement must be debatable, it should call the opponents want to argue on your issue.

Main Body

As we have mentioned before, good argumentative essay topics have a particular 5 – paragraph format. Three of them must be devoted to the main body part that contains your ideas with supporting evidence or facts.  It is easier to read a paper where main points are divided into paragraphs according to their micro-topics. Put the strongest argument in the first paragraph and support it with appropriate facts. Arguments where the supporting facts that are less effective should be shown in a descending order. It will make a great advantage of your essay if your evidence will contain quotations, but don't forget to cite them according to the formatting requirements. To make your text cohesive use conjunctions and linking words. That will make a flow of your narration logical because ideas should gradually appear from one to the next.

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Present results of your analysis in the final paragraph. Here the writer must show how the ideas from the main body support thesis statement, which you should paraphrase. It is not a summary of your work, but a synthesis, after which your conclusion must close the question raised in the introduction part. Here your aim is to provide a reader with a new view of the subject. If the first sentence of the introduction should have drawn reader’s attention, the last sentence of conclusion should make him satisfied with what he have read.


Writing process is, first of all, the process of creation, when both apprentices and professionals may allow a mistake. When your ideas are perfectly reflected but the amount of both grammatical with orthographical mistakes is high, you are going to get a low mark. Prevent your work from being vain by proofreading it, check it with possible grammar checkers.

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