How to Write Topic Sentences Guide with Tips and Examples

Topic sentences

The topic sentence is critical to any written work, including essays and papers. It is what you place either at the paragraph's beginning or the end of the previous one, helping the reader to look at the content overview.

The role of topic sentences is to present a clear idea to be discussed in the next section. 

They are like a map for the reader, providing a concise statement of the main point or argument you will run across in every paragraph.

Crafting effective topic sentences can captivate the reader's attention, establish the purpose of the writing, and organize key thoughts. This article delves into the crucial elements of well-written topic sentences, emphasizes their significance in writing, and provides guidance on creating them.

Topic sentence and thesis statement: what's the difference?

When writing a paper, both components play an essential role in crafting a well-organized, clear, and coherent essay. The thesis statement sets the foundation for the entire paper, guiding the writer to stay focused on their main argument or idea throughout the paper. It should be concise, clear, and specific, presenting the central point the author wants to convey.

One way to ensure a strong thesis statement is to make it arguable, meaning it should present an argument that can be supported or refuted with evidence. A strong thesis statement will help the writer to stay on track and present their ideas coherently.

On the other hand, topic sentences help to organize the content within each paragraph by providing a clear and specific focus. In contrast, a topic sentence relates to a particular paragraph and presents more narrow ideas specific to the section. It should be concise and clear, outlining the paragraph's main idea.

When crafting topic sentences, ensure they are specific and not too general. They should be clear and precise, indicating the covered section. Additionally, they should be varied and not repetitive to keep the reader engaged and interested.

Both topic sentences and thesis statements work together to guide the reader through the author's central argument or idea while also ensuring that each paragraph contributes to the key message. While the thesis statement outlines the paper's central idea, topic sentences aim to organize sections within an essay to offer more coherence and clarity.

Topic sentences: types and examples

You may run across various topic sentence types that can be used depending on the paragraph's purpose and content. We offer to look at some topic sentence examples and 4 types of sentences to help you better understand which ones will complement your writing.

Statement of fact

This topic sentence presents a fact or statistic supporting the paragraph's main idea.


According to a recent study, over 50% of Americans believe regular exercise is important for their health.


You can highlight their differences by comparing several things, concepts, or ideas.


While some prefer traditional classroom learning, others find that online courses offer more flexibility and convenience.


It is one of the simplest types that provides a definition or explanation of a term or concept you aim to discuss next.

Topic sentence example:

In psychology, cognitive dissonance refers to the mental discomfort experienced by someone with two or more contradictory beliefs.

Cause and effect

Use this type to explain the cause-and-effect relationship between two or more events, situations, or phenomena.


Global temperatures are causing more frequent and severe natural disasters worldwide.

Argument/thesis statement

You can benefit from this type when presenting an argument for your paper.


Legalizing marijuana would significantly benefit individuals and society, including increased tax revenue and reduced drug-related crime rates.

How to write a topic sentence?

When you start writing topic sentences, identifying and organizing your thoughts may be easier with the text's main idea. Use these tips to set your topic sentence structure off to a good start.

  1. Start with the main idea.

As previously discussed, the thesis statement is the key idea that will be spread throughout the essay. That is why the first step before writing a topics sentence is to craft a stong thesis statement — once you do, it will serve as a foundation for key thoughts in each section.


Using renewable energy sources is essential for combating climate change and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

  1. Identify the key points.

Find ideas to support your main thesis and include them in the essay.


The use of renewable energy sources can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Be specific.

Once you have some ideas and arguments written, narrow them down as much as possible — your topic sentences should convey one idea at a time and be concise and focused.


Wind and solar power are renewable energy sources that can be harnessed to generate electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power and geothermal energy are readily available and can provide a constant electricity supply.

  1. Relate your topic sentence to your key statement.

Once you create a topic sentence for the next section, review your thesis statement and see whether it supports it.


The increased use of renewable energy sources can help combat climate change and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, which are finite resources that contribute to global warming.

By following these steps on writing a topic sentence, you will get to support your thesis statement, creating a well-developed and persuasive essay.

Using topic sentences as transitions between paragraphs

When crafting an essay, you aim to create a coherent flow of ideas throughout the paper. One of the ways to reach this is by using topic sentences as transitions between paragraphs, linking the previous section's key idea to the next paragraph's main idea. Transition sentences play a crucial role in achieving smooth paragraph transitions - or you can simply pay someone to write my paper and go on with your business!

This ensures a logical and cohesive argument or narrative that helps the reader see how different ideas are connected in the paper.

To achieve this, such sentences can briefly summarize the idea presented in the previous section and establish a new idea that will be explored in the next paragraph. Additionally, using transition words in your topic sentences can be helpful as they establish a link between your thoughts and facilitate the flow of your writing. Here are few good transition words samples you can use: for example, furthermore, in fact, also, in contrast, however, yet, etc.

In fact, research shows that regular exercise can improve both physical and mental health.

For instance, it can say that you will provide supporting evidence for an argument presented in the prior section or use it to emphasize a shift in focus or perspective.

Introducing few paragraphs

You will usually find topic sentences at the paragraph’s beginning. Yet, they can be used to introduce multiple sections at once. You can first introduce the section’s key idea when structuring ideas into subtopics. Then, you need to use subsequent paragraphs to provide specific details or examples of the main idea. This approach is especially helpful when you must convey the section's key idea upfront and leave some specific details to the following sections. 

From the reader's perspective, using topic sentences that introduce a few paragraphs can help grasp the essay's overall structure. This way, you can ensure your readers can easily follow the reasoning. 

For instance, a topic sentence example may be an argumentative essay about the benefits of a plant-based diet. You could use topic sentences to introduce each essay section, such as the environmental benefits, health benefits, and ethical considerations. Within the section on environmental benefits, the following sections could explore specific aspects of the topic, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water resources, and reducing land degradation. Similarly, within health benefits, you could use topic sentences to introduce the section's main idea and then use subsequent paragraphs to provide specific details or examples, e.g., reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Where should I place the topic sentence?

When writing an essay, it's essential to structure your paragraphs to allow the reader to follow your argument/idea. Regarding topic sentence placement, there are two common approaches:

1. The first is to place it at the paragraph beginning, which is the most common method.

This approach immediately lets the reader understand the paragraph's main point, providing a framework for supporting details or examples. This approach is particularly useful for complex or lengthy paragraphs requiring a concise introduction.

2. Alternatively, some writers may place the topic sentence at the end of the previous paragraph or even in the middle to create a smoother transition.

This approach is useful when the writer wants to connect sub-topics discussed in the previous section to the next section, highlighting their connection. It can also help to maintain the coherence and flow of the essay, making it easier for the reader to follow the writer's key idea.

It's worth noting that regardless of the placement of the topic sentence, it should always relate to the thesis statement and contribute to the overall argument or idea presented in the essay. It's also important to ensure the topic sentences are varied and not repetitive to maintain the reader's interest and engagement.

Where you put your topic sentences, define how well your essay will be structured, as it impacts the essay’s flow and organization. By carefully considering where to place them, you can create a clear and engaging piece of writing that effectively communicates key ideas.


What is a topic sentence example?

 "Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and connect." 

This example shows a clear argument, which signalizes to the reader what will be discussed in the upcoming paragraph.

How to write good topic sentences?

First of all, make them clear and concise. Focus on the one main idea that relates to the thesis statement. You should use them to introduce the section’s main point or argument.

Why are topic sentences important?

They provide structure and organization to an essay or paragraph, guiding the reader through the writer's argument or point. They also help to make the writer's ideas clear and concise.

Where can I find topic sentences?

The topic sentence usually goes at the paragraph beginning to introduce the main idea or argument discussed there.

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