100 Original Political Science Research Topics

political science research topics

Political Science research papers can easily become overly complex and weak if there are too many ideas scattered across assignment. In order to remedy such situation, choose suitable political science research topics that not only meet initial requirements, but suit author’s personal interest and skills. It should be noted that such assignments are written by Law students, educators, sociologists, or philosophers.

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5 Do’s & 5 Don’ts of Political Papers

Things that are important for any political science research paper:

  • Always make sure that opposite opinion or counter argument paragraph is included before conclusion part.
  • Backup provided facts with reliable academic sources.  
  • Turn to statistics & data to support provided ideas.
  • Research related literature & similar projects.  
  • Adhere to one idea - one paragraph rule.

Things that you should avoid while completing a research paper for political science class:

  • Addressing sensitive subjects, do not use harsh tone.
  • Unless working with personal reflection, avoid portrayal of only one side of an issue.
  • Stay neutral when talking of political parties. In such way, it allows seeing benefits & flaws of each actor on his or her own.
  • Do not use extensive quoting unless absolutely necessary.
  • Avoid colloquial language along with slang term elements.

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100 Political Science Research Topics

Political Science Research Topics on Comparative Politics

This study field focuses on empirical approach, including comparative methods. Practical examples may include domestic politics, institutions analysis, and diverse conflicts related to domestic or international issues. When choosing such topic, it’s necessary to focus not on study object per se, but on method that is implemented for particular political science issue analysis. Examples can be two parties politics comparison, check some research topics:

  1. Comparative Analysis of Electoral Systems in Democracies Worldwide
  2. The Impact of Political Culture on Policy Making: A Cross-National Study
  3. Federalism vs. Unitarism: A Comparative Study of Government Structures
  4. Political Party Systems: A Comparative Analysis of European Countries
  5. The Role of Civil Society in Democratic Consolidation: A Comparative Perspective
  6. Authoritarian Regimes in the 21st Century: A Comparative Study
  7. Comparative Study of Political Corruption in Emerging Economies
  8. Welfare State Models in Scandinavia and Southern Europe: A Comparative Analysis
  9. The Influence of Religion on Politics: A Comparative Study of Middle Eastern and Western Countries
  10. Political Responses to Immigration: A Comparative Study of the U.S. and Europe
  11. Environmental Policies: A Comparative Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries
  12. The Impact of Globalization on National Sovereignty: A Comparative Study
  13. Women in Politics: A Comparative Analysis of Gender Quotas in Different Countries
  14. The Effectiveness of Counter-Terrorism Policies: A Comparative Study
  15. Social Media and Political Mobilization: A Comparative Analysis of Different Political Regimes

International Relations Political Science Research Topics

Quoting Hans Morgenthau, one can assume that international politics deal with power balance between actors in the international arena. All these struggle involved, filled with conflicts, negotiations, along with controversies take minds of scientists all over the world as they try their best to achieve peaceful resolution of occurring issues. From human rights, global poverty to global ethics, globalization, environmental issues, and security. Here are research topic examples:

  1. The Role of International Organizations in Mediating Global Conflicts
  2. China's Rising Influence in International Politics: Opportunities and Challenges
  3. The Impact of Globalization on Sovereignty of Nation-States
  4. Climate Change Diplomacy: International Efforts and Agreements
  5. Cybersecurity and International Relations: Emerging Threats and Policies
  6. The Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool
  7. The Role of Soft Power in Shaping International Public Opinion
  8. Post-Brexit European Union: Challenges and Prospects for International Relations
  9. The Influence of Non-State Actors in Shaping Global Policies
  10. Nuclear Proliferation and International Security: Case Studies of Iran and North Korea
  11. The United Nations' Role in Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution
  12. Human Rights and International Law: Case Studies of Violations and Responses
  13. The Impact of International Trade Agreements on National Economies
  14. Refugee Crises and International Response: Policy and Humanitarian Perspectives
  15. The Dynamics of US-China Relations in the Context of Global Power Shifts

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Political Science Philosophy Research Topics

This science branch deals with fundamental state legislation aspects, government, liberty, democracy, justice, and legal code mechanics as issued by authority. Most political science essay topics dealing with this subject speak about how society should be set up, what ethics should be applied. There are many political topics to write about. Here are practical topic examples:

  1. The Evolution of Social Contract Theory from Hobbes to Rawls
  2. Analyzing Machiavelli's Influence on Modern Political Thought
  3. The Concept of Justice in Plato’s and Aristotle’s Philosophies
  4. John Locke's Political Philosophy and Its Impact on Liberal Democracies
  5. The Role of Power and Ethics in Foucault's Political Analysis
  6. Hannah Arendt’s Views on Totalitarianism and Modern Political Crises
  7. Karl Marx's Theory of Class Struggle and Its Relevance Today
  8. The Intersection of Feminist Theory and Political Philosophy
  9. Rousseau’s Concept of General Will and Its Implications for Modern Democracy
  10. The Philosophy of Human Rights: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
  11. Utilitarianism in Political Decision-Making: Benefits and Limitations
  12. Libertarianism vs. Communitarianism: A Philosophical Debate
  13. The Impact of Postmodernism on Contemporary Political Theory
  14. Thomas Hobbes and the Notion of State of Nature in Political Philosophy
  15. The Concept of Liberty in the Philosophies of Isaiah Berlin and John Stuart Mill

Political Science Research Topics on Public Administration

This science studies daily functions performed by governmental structures, public administrators work, and various agencies implementation that administer functioning of laws, regulations, as well as introduced policies. Also, many subjects deal with Sociology. Our experts offer such research topics:

  1. The Role of Public Administration in Crisis Management and Response
  2. E-Government and Digital Transformation in Public Administration
  3. Public Policy Analysis: Case Studies of Successful Policy Implementations
  4. The Impact of Public Administration on Urban Development and Planning
  5. Comparative Study of Bureaucratic Systems in Different Countries
  6. Public Sector Reforms: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  7. The Role of Ethics and Accountability in Public Administration
  8. Public-Private Partnerships: Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities
  9. The Influence of Political Leadership on Public Administration Efficiency
  10. Innovations in Public Service Delivery: Case Studies from Around the World
  11. The Impact of Globalization on National Public Administration Systems
  12. Decentralization and Local Governance: Challenges and Opportunities
  13. The Role of Public Administration in Environmental Policy and Sustainability
  14. Human Resource Management Practices in the Public Sector
  15. The Effectiveness of Public Administration in Healthcare Policy Implementation

Political Science Research Topics on Public Law

It is part of law that studies relationships between state and public members. In terms of challenges, it covers broad range of topics from administrative law, constitution, taxes, and criminal legislation among others. It should not be confused with Private Law that deals with families, small groups, private businesses where economics and more personal issues are considered. Public Law deals with administrative authority in relation to citizens. As an example, when certain decision is questioned, individual society member can ask for plea or review analysis by state authority. Even if it sounds too complex, here are interesting political science research questions samples to inspire you for a great research topic:

  1. The Evolution of Constitutional Law in Emerging Democracies
  2. Judicial Review and Its Impact on Democratic Governance
  3. Comparative Analysis of Civil Liberties in Different Legal Systems
  4. The Role of International Law in Resolving Territorial Disputes
  5. Human Rights Legislation: Global Trends and National Impacts
  6. The Effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Laws in Different Political Systems
  7. Public Law and Its Role in Regulating Cybersecurity and Privacy
  8. Environmental Law and Policy: International Agreements and National Implementation
  9. The Influence of Lobbying on Public Policy and Lawmaking
  10. Legal Frameworks for Immigration and Refugee Policies in Various Countries
  11. The Intersection of Public Law and Health Care Policies during Pandemics
  12. Freedom of Speech and Press: Legal Boundaries and Political Implications
  13. The Impact of Public Law on Economic Development and Trade Policies
  14. Gender Equality Legislation: Comparative Studies of Different Nations
  15. The Role of Public Law in Regulating Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Political Science Research Topics

What we have here is analysis and an in-depth study of processes that relate to politics. A scientist can approach certain event and study cause-and-effect of an issue, study political leader personality or write reflection essay about police officers behavior that have bias towards African American teenagers or those that wear a hood. It does cover sensitive topics, yet what makes it unique is scientific approach along with paper structure. Political science research paper topics should be researchable and include sufficient amount of academic sources. Here are some topics to consider:

  1. The Political Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Global Governance
  2. Analyzing the Role of Social Media in Modern Political Revolutions
  3. The Influence of Space Exploration on International Relations and Policy
  4. Political Consequences of Climate Change on Small Island Developing States
  5. The Rise of Virtual States: Implications for Traditional Sovereignty
  6. Cyber Warfare and Its Effects on National Security Policies
  7. The Politics of Pandemics: COVID-19 and Global Political Transformations
  8. The Role of Youth Movements in Shaping Contemporary Political Agendas
  9. The Impact of Cryptocurrencies on National and Global Economics
  10. Political Dimensions of Deep Sea Resource Exploitation
  11. The Influence of Celebrity Culture on Political Campaigns and Elections
  12. The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Shaping Environmental Policies
  13. The Politics of Water Scarcity and Its Global Security Implications
  14. The Intersection of Neuroscience and Ethics in Political Decision Making
  15. The Future of Work: Political Responses to Automation and AI in the Labor Market

Political Theorists Research Topics

As with any scientific field, theorists works take honorary place, especially when student should complete dissertation and include extensive literature review. To make matters easier, it is recommended by most college professors in the United States to examine works and political science theorists legacy. While such paper may not provide answers to global issues. Moreover, students can also choose comparative politics research questions by comparing several important personalities. Check this research topic ideas:

  1. The Political Theories of John Rawls and Their Contemporary Relevance
  2. Hannah Arendt's Analysis of Totalitarianism in the 21st Century
  3. Michel Foucault's Concept of Power and Its Application in Modern Politics
  4. The Influence of Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan on Modern State Theory
  5. Karl Marx's Critique of Capitalism: Relevance in Today's Global Economy
  6. Machiavelli's The Prince and Its Impact on Modern Political Leadership
  7. The Contributions of Simone de Beauvoir to Feminist Political Thought
  8. Jürgen Habermas and the Concept of the Public Sphere in Democratic Societies
  9. Max Weber's Theory of Bureaucracy and Its Modern Interpretations
  10. The Political Ideas of Frantz Fanon and Post-Colonial Studies
  11. Isaiah Berlin's Two Concepts of Liberty and Modern Liberal Thought
  12. Ayn Rand's Objectivism and Its Influence on Libertarian Politics
  13. The Relevance of Rousseau's Social Contract in Contemporary Political Debates
  14. Antonio Gramsci's Theory of Cultural Hegemony and Its Modern Applications
  15. John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism and Its Role in Contemporary Policy Making

Political Conflicts Research Topics

Ranging from economic battles and elections to interests of each country in natural resources, most American senior college professors in different disciplines advice choosing social issues topics. Just look at countries that are in the middle of conflicts and focus on causes & effects at each stage. Here are several research topic examples:

  1. The Geopolitical Dynamics of the South China Sea Dispute
  2. The Political and Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen: Causes and Consequences
  3. The Role of International Actors in the Syrian Conflict
  4. The Impact of Brexit on Political Stability in Europe
  5. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Historical Roots and Future Prospects
  6. The North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Regional and Global Implications
  7. The Political Ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
  8. The United States-Iran Tensions: A Study of Escalation and Diplomacy
  9. The Venezuelan Crisis: Political, Economic, and Social Dimensions
  10. The Kashmir Conflict: Historical Background and Current Developments
  11. The Role of Ethnicity in the Rwandan Genocide
  12. The Cyprus Dispute: A Study of Divided Nations and International Mediation
  13. The Impact of Climate Change on Political Conflicts in Africa
  14. The Political Aftermath of the Arab Spring in the Middle East
  15. The Role of Resource Wealth in Fueling Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa

Political Science Research Topics on Conflict Resolution

It studies peaceful resolution methods of conflicting issues that vary from custody battles, gender bias in the workplace, and up to international conflicts with several countries involved. Most conflicts relate to social studies project topics because there is always socio-cultural argumentation to start with. Each conflict should be analyzed by offering background, methodology, clear structure, and strong thesis. Here are interesting topics for brainstorming:

  1. The Effectiveness of the United Nations in Mediating International Conflicts
  2. Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Reconciliation in Rwanda
  3. The Role of Women in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
  4. The Impact of International Sanctions on Conflict Resolution
  5. The Oslo Accords: Lessons in Middle East Peace Negotiations
  6. The Use of Track II Diplomacy in Resolving International Disputes
  7. The Challenges of Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration in Post-Conflict Societies
  8. The Role of Regional Organizations in Conflict Resolution: The Case of ASEAN
  9. The Impact of Natural Resources on Conflict and Its Resolution in Africa
  10. Cyber Conflict Resolution: Emerging Trends and Strategies
  11. The Role of International Courts in Resolving Territorial Disputes
  12. The Impact of Climate Change on Resource Scarcity and Conflict
  13. The Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Missions in Civil War Situations
  14. The Role of Grassroots Movements in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
  15. The Influence of External Actors on Internal Conflict Dynamics and Resolution Strategies

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Political Science Research Topics on Mediation & Negotiation

While negotiation deals with finding suitable compromise or conditions in a process, mediation stands for intervention in certain dispute with an aim to resolve it. It can be compared to arbitration, yet with involvement of good third party that is impartial. Topics also relate to conflicts and elections often covered by media.

  1. The Role of Mediation in Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  2. International Mediation Efforts in the Syrian Civil War
  3. The Effectiveness of UN Mediation in Global Conflict Zones
  4. The Impact of Cultural Differences on International Negotiation Processes
  5. The Use of Shuttle Diplomacy in Modern International Relations
  6. The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Conflict Mediation
  7. Mediation Strategies in the South China Sea Territorial Disputes
  8. The Influence of Economic Interests in International Negotiation Outcomes
  9. The Challenges of Mediating Conflicts in Failed States
  10. The Evolution of Mediation Techniques in Diplomatic Relations
  11. The Role of Track II Diplomacy in De-escalating Political Tensions
  12. The Impact of Social Media on Public Perception of International Negotiations
  13. The Use of Mediation to Resolve Electoral Disputes in Developing Countries
  14. The Effectiveness of Good Offices in International Dispute Resolution
  15. The Role of International Law in Mediation and Negotiation Processes

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