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What Is a Research Paper and How to Write It?

19 Dec 2017Essay Writing Guides

There are tons of assignments that people are facing at schools and higher institutions, each of which is difficult and responsible in its own way. Among all the different sorts of academic written assignments, research paper writing is often considered to be one of the most challenging and complex ones that students have troubles with. Is it really that stressful and hard to handle it? The answer is individual and depends not that much on the subject that you are studying but more on your personal abilities and knowledge. What is the goal of such task, what are its main rules and goals, and how to handle it faster and easier – in this article, we will give you the answers.

What Is a Research Paper?

It is a large scientific work assigned to students of higher levels of schools, as well as in colleges and universities all over the world. The main goal of this project, regardless of the subject for which it was assigned, is to define a particular issue, research it, and provide new ways to solve it that can be used for further investigation of the problem.

Research paper writing consists of several stages. The first stage consists of choosing a relevant topic and making a thesis statement that shows the objectives and goals of your investigation. It is followed by the research and experimental stage during which a student studies the matter, works with relevant literature, and collects data for the written part of this project. Then you have to write the paper itself. The last stage is less stressful as you already have all the necessary information and only need to analyze and present it in a proper manner, however, it requires knowing and following the basic principles of academic writing.

What Are the Main Types of Research Papers?

What is the key to getting the highest assessment? The main things that can help you cope with research paper writing are understanding of the task and its objectives, and in-depth knowledge of the topic that you have chosen. There are a few most common types of research papers. Each kind is widely used in different educational institutions for different disciplines and thus, it is important to know how to write each of them. As a rule, the guide provided by your teacher will state which sort of work you are required to write and what are the main requirements but to give you a general idea of what to expect, here are the main ones:

  • Definition;
  • Cause and effect;
  • Interpretive;
  • Compare and contrast;
  • Argumentative;
  • Reports;
  • And analytical research paper.

Every type has a different aim. An argumentative work has to show a few sides of a particular issue and provides arguments in favor of one of them, a definition project aims to provide a clear explanation and analysis of one specific matter. Cause and effect research paper writing requires you to present a logical chain of causes and effects that relate to the selected issue, while reports simply outline a study (or studies) that were conducted previously. Interpretive papers are similar to definition ones. Compare and contrast works, as a rule, describe the same issue from the perspectives of two different authors (scientists), while analytical research paper writing requires you to create a deep analytics of various opinions regarding the same issue.

Tips for Writing a Research Paper

Regardless of the type, research paper writing is not that easy, as it requires not only good knowledge but also some strong analytical skills, which not everyone possess. Is it possible to simplify the process? Luckily, there are a few good tips that can help you finish the task faster and without wasting too much energy or effort on it, and here are the main ones:

  • Plan ahead – even if you believe that you can perform this assignment faster, give yourself minimum a month;
  • Create a good thesis statement and confirm it with your professor – make your statement short, keep it simple and clear, and make sure that it is relevant enough;
  • Take notes while conducting a study;
  • Have a detailed outline that contains all the main points, examples, and arguments;
  • Be sure to follow the requirements;
  • Make a rough draft that you can confirm with a teacher and polish until it is flawless.

Is There a Way to Get Help?

Due to a complexity and large volume of this assignment, only a few people find it simple to cope with it within the given time. In fact, the biggest part of students, especially those who have just enrolled into a university or college, have many struggles with these types of tasks and often simply need someone who could help them out. Is it possible to get a helping hand? Although everyone has this question inside his mind, not every student is aware that there is a way to get a helping hand from a professional writer or even professor, who would help you get a high grade easily! If you have failed to fulfill the assignment on your own or you have no time to finish research paper writing – do not be afraid to ask for professional help! Get high-quality and fast assistance with academic papers at our site. Find a suitable native-speaking writer with MA or Ph.D. degree at our website and be confident that you research paper writing assignment is taken care of by a real pro!

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