Chemistry Research Topics That Will Knock You Off Your Feet

Finding suitable chemistry research topics is not an easy task to accomplish, especially if one struggles with several topic ideas or looks at bordering disciplines. Most Chemistry students in the United States often seek for most popular and easy ideas, which is not always efficient as successful paper should be original. From experiment rules and mole reaction to organic and inorganic fields, topic should be researchable and analytical in order to help undergraduates understand how research basics work. You can fulfill all these requirements with the experienced assistance of our academic research paper writing service.

Offering chemistry help online, EduBirdie expert team can guide you not only in choice of relevant research topic, but will follow initial grading rubric rules, including professional editing to make final assignment custom, accurate, and well-structured. Our mission is to make Chemistry homework interesting, affordable, and plagiarism-free as we take you towards success!

Interesting Chemistry Research Areas

As one sees chemistry topics for research project, it is crucial to choose something that interests you and can fully reveal innovative approach to studies or laboratory work. For example, one can combine biology with genome analysis, which will lead to study of NanoChemistry - innovative and hot topic! Remember that Chemistry is never limited to study of periodic table elements or acids dissolution that most might remember from school lessons. What most students fail to see is that there are many areas of chem fields to discover, including:

  • Nanochemistry - fairly modern and cool area that combines chemistry with nanoscience achievements. From synthesis and genome study up to building blocks and models, it is widely used in carbon nanotubes technology and military weapons construction. As one can see from our topics list, we have included several actual examples for brainstorming. If you want to go for something innovative or even controversial, remember to always support information with accurate citing and reliable sources as it helps avoid plagiarism.
  • Organic Chemistry - In simple terms, it is scientific approach to study of structure, composition, and diverse properties of organic compounds that contain carbon. From reactions to synthesis, proper study of this area is essential for veterinarians, dentists, chemical engineers, specialists that work with living organisms. Real life examples include plastics, foods, fuels that are constantly used in daily life. Even though this research areas is quite complex, Edubirdie experts may find interesting chemistry topics that are dealing with engineering.
  • Biochemistry - while term may sound vague, its power lies in great coverage of such diverse subjects as environmental protection, healthcare, genetics, usage of opioids for rehabilitation. What makes this science field especially relevant is laboratory environment that increases amount of helpful topics as one can turn to simulations or modelling. It is where experiments along with study of reactions are explored with significant link with biology. From painkillers medication to genetically-modified food use, implement strong arguments or assumptions since researches papers always base around interesting thesis.
  • Biomolecular Research - also known as high-throughput screening system, which is the most challenging scientific fields that are common in drug discovery, identification of antibodies and active genes that can lead to particular breakthrough solutions. With certain therapeutics involved, topics are usually argumentative with extensive analysis. If this subject is too complex, look for chemistry research paper topics for high school, they are also included in topics list. However, biomolecular studies are not always complex when writer follows clear structure, supports challenging experiments with citation. Ordering research papers online from us, we always ensure that every fact is backed up with reliable academic resources.
  • Analytical Chemistry - For those who analyzes diverse compounds and their properties, science field is safe bet. Most American college professors recommend choosing only one chemical property of an object in writing assignment, yet in some cases like volumetric analysis research, it is allowed focusing on more than one equivalence measure points to show neutrality or any other state of an element in question. Likewise, write about thermal analysis properties in lab experiment or journal style, which is popular among undergraduate students and will make a great chemistry research topic. In case something more advanced is required, there is electromagnetic radiation where students should provide structure models and simulations.

5 Tips For Successful Research & Writing

  1. Complete Outline. Research paper outline should include arguable thesis statement that either makes assumption or speaks of benefits or disadvantages of particular scientific method, as an example. Additionally, outline keeps paper structured and avoid too many ideas in same assignment. Start your chemistry research with outlining main points.
  2. Limit Use of Personal pronouns & colloquial language. Write in active voice, keep paper structured from Introduction with hook sentence to Conclusion, which should make call to action and an outcome of experiment or study in topic question.
  3. Use Reliable Sources. Do not use exact phrasing, but paraphrase in own words. If such is impossible, citing should be short and used only when absolutely necessary. Remember that sources like Wikipedia are not considered reliable for serious research paper.
  4. Use Clear Structure & Transitional Sentences. Each paragraph should start with topic sentence that sums up main idea of chemistry research topic.
  5. Add Visual Materials & Relevant References. If possible, addition of visual materials or appendix data with similar case studies can make even mediocre chemistry research paper topics original and successful.

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Choose From 50+ Chemistry Research Topics

Have a look at the best chemistry research topics collection for inspiration and creativity boost. Select the one you like the most, modify it for better research.

Controversial Chemistry Research Topics

Innovative Chemistry Research Topics

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Essential Chemistry Research Topics

Hottest Chemistry Research Topics

Analytical Chemistry Research Topics

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Chemistry Research Topics Ideas for High School

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Lack of reliable sources, urgent deadlines, formatting rules or failure to understand initial instruction often makes Chemistry assignments impossible to complete. As engineers deal with complex scientific data, even slight inclusion of thermal processes or laboratory reactions of certain compounds can ruin entire work. No matter how difficult or specific your assignment may be, chemistry experts at EduBirdie can complete your research paper and assist you through every writing stage.

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