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How to Write a Good Research Summary

18 Oct 2016

You may have an exuberance of research, carried out using diverse topics and methods but the usual research summary has the same structure for almost all research papers writing projects. The ideal research paper includes a title, abstract, introduction, methodology, results section, sometimes discussions and references. Also you can read about research paper definition. While preparing to commence your summary of research experience section try to find a good research paper summary template to use it as a skeleton while writing a summary of your own. First, you need to pin down a purpose of your summary. The summary usually draws conclusions of your written essay and accentuates specific points highlighted in it.

If multiple assignments stand in the way to your summary or you are not certain if the structure of your paper is a decent basis, ask one of our qualified specialists to help you make a winning one. This article will show you how to write a research summary simply!

research summary writing

The Structure of a Research Paper:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Methodology
  5. Results section
  6. Discussion
  7. References

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The essence and some tips on how to summarize a research paper.

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  1. Make sure you know what your paper is about. You need to have a complete picture of the main points you described in the main part. If you are puzzled by the way your task is done, then it will be hard to make an informative summary which shows the adequacy and appropriateness of the analysis. With this in mind, reread your work or at least skim it quickly to remind yourself of the structure and essential parts. 
  2. Each paragraph should have enough attention because you need to have a clear picture and even a table in your head. So, you have to know the thesis statement, research question and hypothesis for the paper. Then, you probably tested your hypothesis which means you did some manipulations and used diverse techniques to either prove it or discard it. Methodology also plays a great role. Skim through main figures, statistics and tables which give credibility to your work. After that, find some interpretations of those statistics and table as well as of the whole experiments. Most part of the interpretations should be your.  
  3. Make an in-depth reading. Proofreading is the best way to check whether your paper has any mistakes, whether you need to convert case as well as make sure that your study make some contribution to the scientific community and helps resolve some issues connected to the subject matter you elaborated and studies. 
  4. Make a skeleton of the conclusion by writing down all the main point you will include there (as you've created research outline). The draft will help you stick to the point without any evasive thoughts. Remember to: state the question, hypothesis; enumerate your methodological approaches; use some examples/interpretations from literature sources but not too much; outline the results if the study and your personal contribution.  Make an overall conclusion. 
  5. Edit for style, completeness, mistakes in grammar, spelling, structure. If you have decided to write a paper on your own and not to buy research papers online you should check the correlation of research summary and ethical considerations. You may also give it to your friend to look through your work and assess it. Sometimes when you are too engaged in the process you may not see the obvious mistakes and small flaws. You need a fresh look at your summary.
  6. Read some examples of other academic papers like comparative and critical thinking essay, research articles, on resettled refugee integration in Canada (specific topics), research summary act, etc. Find some peculiarities about each of them. This way you will practice more. You can read research paper guidelines if you want to know more.

Some typical mistakes

Some students do not take their assignment too seriously and that is why cause dozens of small mistakes that hamper them from getting a high grade. Among them we may name: spelling, grammatical and stylistic, mistakes; too much wordiness that encompasses “really”, “exactly”, “I would say...” etc; using direct quotes (try to paraphrase all the stuff you find in the literary sources. The instructor needs to see that you understand the topic and not just copy the words by other people). Also remember that you need to summarize your paper without plagiarizing, for that you can use different plagiarism tools.

May your writing be easy and informative and do not forget to use this list of helpful tips on how to write a research paper summary!

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