Non-Trivial Marketing Research Paper Topics for Your Next Essay

Marketing is a very broad field. Today, it even encompasses the field of digital marketing and all of its sub-branches such as content and social media one. You can easily find yourself in a tough spot, unable to choose marketing research paper topics to write your paper about and that's when important to remember about the precise work our research paper writing service can provide.

Research papers deal with specific fields of marketing, strategies, case studies, and unique situations. As a student, you can leverage your research paper assignment to showcase your ability to think independently, find and use relevant sources of information, and analyze data.

Choosing the right marketing research topics can help you succeed in all these tasks. Below, you will find a list of over 100 powerful topics carefully selected by our professional team.

How to Choose a Relevant Topic for Your Research

Before you start combing through our list, you should learn how to choose the right topic on Marketing. Below are some useful tips for you to consider:

  1. Interests and passions take priority - if there is a marketing field you're personally interested in, you should choose a topic from there. When you are interested in something, you will be passionate about research and you will dig deeper to find relevant studies to back up your claims;
  2. Narrow down the direction of your topic - once you have a general idea about your topic, you need to narrow it down. For instance, you might be interested in influencer marketing - which is a general topic. A more specific one would be “The Influencer marketing from the ROI perspective: Is it the most efficient social media technique?”
  3. Comb through online lists of marketing essay topics - now, you can look for ideas that are closely related to your general and more specific topic. The best way to seek inspiration is to go through lists such as this one. There are hundreds of viable topics for your paper, and you’ll probably find at least a couple that you are personally interested in.
  4. Choose a topic - the right topic is not only the one that inspires you but also the one that is well-researched. Well-researched topics will provide you with enough sources to cite in order to back up your claims. It will be easier for you to identify certain aspects that are still not well-researched to make your own contribution to the field. Hit relevant online academic databases such as BSC and EI.

List of Marketing Research Paper Topics

If you are looking for some general, non-specific research topic, the following 50 topic ideas can prove valuable to you.

  1. The Relation Between Brand Awareness and Repeat Purchases
  2. Components That Help Improve Brand Performance
  3. Marketing and Company Reputation: The Best Strategies to Use
  4. Is Corporate Social Responsibility a Marketing Strategy
  5. The Best Social Media Strategies to Drive Customer Engagement
  6. Analysis of Social Media Marketing Impact on Customer Behavior
  7. The Relationship Between Influencer Marketing and Lifestyle Branding
  8. The Most Noteworthy Technologies used to Improve Customer Online Decision Making Process
  9. Online Shopping: How Customers See it
  10. The Role Brand Personality Plays in Purchase Decisions
  11. The Use Cases of Virtual and Augmented Reality in E-commerce
  12. The Major Components of Well-established Customer Relationship
  13. Brand Reputation Impact on First-impression With Customers
  14. Consumer Behaviour: Factors That Drive Convergence and Divergence
  15. Components of a Competitive Marketing Strategy
  16. Does Brand Experience Affect Consumers Purchasing Decisions
  17. What is Social Marketing Mix Strategy
  18. The Importance of Product Packaging in Competitive Marketing Strategy
  19. How to Price and Position Products or Services for Marketing Effectiveness
  20. What Makes Marketing Campaigns Targeting People with Wearables and Smartphones Unique
  21. Target-marketing and Product Design
  22. Building a Company Brand Image Through Guest Blogging
  23. The Key Differences Between B2C and B2B Marketing Strategies
  24. The Best Practices in B2B Marketing Campaigns
  25. Case Study of IBM’s B2B “Every Second Counts” Marketing Strategy
  26. The Best Social Media Platform to Use for B2B Marketing
  27. How Customer Satisfaction Affects Sales Performance
  28. Marketing Campaigns Targeting Millennials and Generation Z: Comparative Analysis
  29. Examining the Effects of Product Descriptions, Reviews, and Ratings on Purchase Decision
  30. Is Affiliate Marketing a Digital Marketing? Why?
  31. The Most Efficient Marketing Strategies to Repair Bad Reputation
  32. How Consumers Connected to the Brand Receive Negative Word of Mouth
  33. Components of Brand Loyalty
  34. The Relation Between Brand Personality and Identification With Brand Loyalty
  35. Customer Satisfaction vs. Brand Loyalty: What to Focus on to Prevent Losing Customers
  36. Brand Attachment Role in Invoking Targeted Emotions in Consumers
  37. Unethical Company Behavior Effect on Brand Attachment
  38. Can Marketing Help a Company Build Brand Equity
  39. Identifying the Most Important Factors That Contribute to Customers Switching to Another Brand
  40. How to Leverage Marketing to Drive Innovation
  41. Aggressive vs. Discrete Marketing: What Works Best for Generation Z
  42. An Analysis of Purchase Decision of Millennials in the US
  43. Purchase Decisions of Generation Z and Y: Comparative Analysis
  44. Social Media Marketing: Is it More Efficient for Targeted Men or Women Segment
  45. Language as a Barrier to Efficient Online Marketing Campaigns for Big Brands
  46. Components of Brand Credibility That Drive Consumer Loyalty
  47. Are Cultural Differences a Factor in Marketing Messages Strategies
  48. Purchase Decisions of Food vs. Cosmetic Products: Where Labels Play a More Important Role
  49. Components of Customer Relationship Management Strategy
  50. Email Marketing Role in Improving Customer Retention Rates

Digital Marketing Topics for Research Papers

If you have to write a research paper on digital marketing, the following ideas will help guide you in the right direction.

  1. What is the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups
  2. Assessing the ROI of Most Commonly Used Digital Marketing Strategies
  3. Search Engine Optimization Case Study Analysis
  4. Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Reducing Cart Abandonment Rates
  5. Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which one is Better When it Comes to Tracking KPIs
  6. The Most Efficient Free Tools for Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis
  7. Ins and Outs of Targeted Marketing With Paid Search Engine Ads
  8. Email Marketing Role in Lead Generation
  9. Is Customer Relationship Management a Digital Marketing
  10. The Best Digital Marketing Strategy Mix for New Product Launch
  11. The Effectiveness of Video Marketing in the Digital Age
  12. Analyzing the Impact of 5G Technology on Digital Marketing Strategies
  13. The Role of Augmented Reality in Enhancing Online Shopping Experiences
  14. Digital Marketing Trends in the Post-COVID Era
  15. The Influence of Blockchain Technology on Digital Advertising Practices

Content Marketing Topic Ideas

Thirty years ago Bill Gates said, “Content is king”. It still is. If this sounds interesting to research, here are some topics you can use for your inspiration.

  1. Content Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation
  2. How to Use Content to Improve Email Subscription Rates
  3. The Most Important Elements Every Compelling Content Marketing Must Have
  4. What is the Pillar Content and How to Use it to Grow Sales
  5. Repurposing Marketing Content for Startups
  6. Interactive Content Marketing as an Emerging Content Marketing Strategy
  7. Case Study of Canva’s Design School Content Marketing Strategy
  8. The Best Use Cases for One-step vs. Multi-step Content Marketing Campaigns
  9. The Role of Micro Content in Content Marketing Campaigns and When to Use it
  10. The Most Effective Content Promotion Strategies
  11. The Evolution of User-Generated Content in Content Marketing
  12. Strategies for Leveraging Podcasts in Content Marketing
  13. The Role of Interactive Content in Enhancing User Engagement
  14. Measuring the ROI of Long-form Content in Digital Marketing
  15. Trends and Future Directions in Video Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

AI is revolutionizing marketing through personalized advertising, chatbots, predictive analytics, and more.

  1. AI-Driven Personalization in Digital Marketing
  2. Predicting Consumer Behavior with AI
  3. Ethical Considerations in AI Marketing
  4. The Role of AI in Content Creation for Marketing
  5. Enhancing Customer Service with AI Chatbots
  6. AI's Impact on Social Media Marketing Strategies
  7. Utilizing Predictive Analytics in Marketing with AI
  8. Personalizing Email Marketing Campaigns through AI
  9. Optimizing Marketing for Voice Search with AI
  10. AI Integration in Marketing Automation Tools
  11. Improving Customer Segmentation Using AI
  12. AI's Influence on Search Engine Optimization
  13. AI in Identifying and Managing Influencer Marketing
  14. Gaining Real-time Customer Insights via AI
  15. AI in Programmatic Advertising and Targeting

Strategic Marketing Problems

If you have a mindset of a strategist, the following paper topics that address strategic problems will be interesting to you.

  1. Poorly Executed Market Research
  2. Inconsistencies in Communication of Products or Services Values
  3. My Company is too Small and Can Make it on top Without Marketing
  4. There is no Marketing Plan
  5. Marketing and Sales Departments are not Connected
  6. A Company Doesn’t Track History with Customers
  7. Poor Business Visibility
  8. Marketing Department Depends on Legacy Marketing Strategies
  9. Company’s Target Market Segment is not Defined
  10. Innovative Marketing Solutions are Not Worth Investing Into
  11. Overcoming Market Saturation in Highly Competitive Industries
  12. Strategies for Adapting to Rapidly Changing Consumer Preferences
  13. Addressing the Challenges of Cross-Channel Marketing Consistency
  14. Developing Effective Responses to Negative Publicity and Brand Crises
  15. Balancing Short-term Sales Targets with Long-term Brand Building Strategies

Social Media Marketing Research Paper Topics

With billions of people using social media platforms daily, social media provides excellent marketing opportunities. Here are some topic ideas dedicated to social media.

  1. Social Media Marketing Role in Lead Generation
  2. SMM: Advantages and Challenges
  3. Social Media Marketing vs. Community Management: Differences and Use Cases
  4. Case Study of Starbucks Social Media Marketing
  5. Advantages and Challenges of Targeted Marketing With Facebook Ads
  6. History of Social Media Marketing: The Most Noteworthy Successes
  7. Text vs. Image vs. Video in Social Media Campaigns
  8. The Emerging Data-Driven Social Media Marketing Strategies
  9. SMM Tools: Analysis of Buffer
  10. Instagram Reels Importance in New Product Promotion
  11. The Impact of Algorithm Changes on Social Media Marketing Effectiveness
  12. Analyzing the Role of User Engagement Metrics in Social Media Strategy
  13. The Effectiveness of Micro-Influencers vs. Celebrity Influencers in Social Media Campaigns
  14. Social Media as a Tool for Crisis Management and Brand Reputation
  15. The Role of Social Media in Cultivating Brand Loyalty among Millennials and Gen Z

Consumer Behavior Research Topics

If you’re interested in consumer behavior and the purchasing decision-making process, you’ll find the following topics interesting.

  1. The Most Noteworthy Consumer Behavior Changes When Shopping Trendy vs. Mainstream Products
  2. Analysis of Modern Consumer Behavior: Is it Rational or Irrational?
  3. How to Measure the Purchase Intention
  4. How to Forecast New Product Adoption Rates
  5. The Major Types of Online Consumer Behavior
  6. The Commonly Used Methods for Predicting Consumer Behavior
  7. The Factors of Purchase Intention
  8. Should All Online Shops Offer Consumer Anonymity? Why?
  9. Purchase Intention: Color-emotion Associations
  10. The Most Effective Methods for Customer Retention
  12. The Influence of Social Media Trends on Consumer Purchasing Decisions
  13. Analyzing the Impact of Eco-Friendly Packaging on Consumer Choices
  14. Consumer Trust and Its Effect on Brand Loyalty in Online Marketplaces
  15. The Role of Emotional Marketing in Shaping Consumer Behavior

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Choosing the right topic for your research is not always as easy as it may seem. These 100 marketing research topics are here to make the entire process easier for you. Don’t forget to acknowledge your research paper requirements when you are choosing the topic. Picking a well-researched topic that you are personally interested in is the best thing to do. If it is impossible to complete your assignment before the deadline, EduBirdie’s professional writers are here to help you out.

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