Top 300+ Ideas For Research Paper Topics in 2024

research paper topics

Some say the most difficult part of writing a text – is to start. But topic selection even precedes this starting point. This activity takes off a lot of time, and sometimes imagination just doesn’t work in your favor. That’s where our list of best research paper topics will come in handy.

We collected the most unhacked and powerful ideas to turn the average piece of writing into a research paper. Discover what is a research paper and how to choose suitable and interesting research topics with our help. 

Writing a research topic on your own requires either producing one from scratch (based on your interests and goals and potentially, on some brainstorming) or getting inspiration from a number of sources, like preassembled topic lists, course material, teachers, real life, news headlines, published research in the respective field, etc.

What are the 3 Types of Research Questions?

Before formulating your research questions ideas, note that there are 3 important types of research questions:

  • descriptive – these employ careful and comprehensive observation of a phenomenon/ event, subject, trait, etc. in order to characterize it in detail and to potentially reveal important/ interesting/ undescribed aspects or patterns.
  • causal – these investigate whether altering some variables leads to changes in other variables suggesting a causal relationship.
  • comparative – these look into similarities and differences between two or more entities

What is a Good Research Paper Topic?

Features that tend to characterize good research questions are as follows:

  • specific and concrete – investigation goals and (expected results) have to be clear and focused
  • original – investigating aspects/ entities/ relationships that have not been researched before
  • highly important/impactful for community/ society/ a professional field.
  • highly relevant for potential readers/ reviewers
  • trending – emerging disciplines/ topics spark more interest due to their novelty and yet unexplored potential

College Research Paper Topics

  1. The bias in the selection of the college internships and scholarships
  2. The problems of reverse discrimination in post-college employment
  3. Should multicultural education concepts be implemented at a greater depth?
  4. The drug and alcohol abuse on college campuses
  5. Does social media help students to find appropriate information and learn?
  6. The psychological disorders and the support groups in modern colleges
  7. Should people with ADHD and Autism be separated from the other students?
  8. The art of college political campaigns
  9. Pros and cons of religious colleges
  10. Should college athletes be paid and provided with additional advantages?
  11. The Influence of Social Media on College Students' Academic Performance and Well-being
  12. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online Learning Platforms in Higher Education
  13. The Role of College Education in Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills
  14. The Impact of Student Loan Debt on Career Choices Among Graduates
  15. Analyzing the Shift in College Admissions Criteria in the Post-COVID Era

Health Research Paper Topics

  1. The challenges of deafness and communication difficulties among special needs students
  2. The concept of global health security
  3. The ways to decrease household air pollution
  4. How the information about infectious diseases is distributed online
  5. Should people be allowed to know more about climate change issues?
  6. The privacy factor and the personal health issues
  7. The role of fitness ads in exercising practices
  8. The healthy food standards are not always unbiased
  9. The role of social media in the medical care system
  10. The psychological aspect in the perception of allergies
  11. The Long-term Effects of COVID-19 on Respiratory Health
  12. Mental Health Outcomes of Prolonged Social Media Use Among Adolescents
  13. The Efficacy of Plant-based Diets in Preventing Chronic Diseases
  14. The Role of Telemedicine in Improving Accessibility to Healthcare
  15. Analyzing the Impact of Sleep Quality on Daily Cognitive Functioning

Research Paper Topics on Medicine

  1. Is life-sustaining therapy needed when it’s futile?
  2. The role of placebo treatment
  3. How to avoid animal testing?
  4. Pros and contras of medical marijuana
  5. Is being a vegetarian useful for child’s health?
  6. How obesity affects our health?
  7. Vaccines for kids: their usefulness or damage
  8. Should prescription drugs be advertised directly to consumers?
  9. Do doctors turn their patients into drug addicts?
  10. Advancements in Gene Editing: Ethical Implications and Future Prospects
  11. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine
  12. Personalized Medicine: Tailoring Drug Therapies to Genetic Profiles
  13. The Impact of Microbiome Diversity on Human Health
  14. Stem Cell Therapy: Current Applications and Ethical Considerations
  15. The Challenges and Successes of Vaccine Development in the 21st Century

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Education Research Paper Topics

  1. How can standardized tests improve education?
  2. Does college graduates make more money?
  3. Should education be cheaper?
  4. How will modern technologies change the way of teaching in the future?
  5. The creation of particular learning methods for blind children
  6. Social networking and school
  7. Metal detectors at schools
  8. The effects of contemporary teaching methods
  9. The role of technology in lesson planning
  10. How to manage bullies and take actions against bullying at education institutions?
  11. The Effects of Bilingual Education on Cognitive Development in Children
  12. Evaluating the Long-term Impact of Early Childhood Education Programs
  13. The Role of Technology in Enhancing Special Education
  14. Standardized Testing: Measuring Intelligence or Memorization?
  15. The Influence of Teacher-Student Relationships on Academic Achievement

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Environmental Research Paper Topics

  1. How to reduce global warming?
  2. How to stop wasting paper and save trees?
  3. Can overpopulation be managed?
  4. Should more films about environmental issues be produced?
  5. Human impacts on forests
  6. Underground effects of earthquakes
  7. How to elaborate the optimal adaptation of buildings threatened by hurricanes?
  8. Is it possible to predict hurricane impacts?
  9. Is nuclear power safe for humans?
  10. How dangerous is GMO food?
  11. Assessing the Impact of Urban Sprawl on Local Ecosystems
  12. The Effectiveness of Plastic Ban Policies on Ocean Health
  13. Carbon Capture Technology: Viability and Potential in Mitigating Climate Change
  14. The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Biodiversity Conservation
  15. Analyzing the Environmental Consequences of Fast Fashion

Research Topics on Entertainment and Sport

  1. Are social networks good for our society?
  2. Do violent video games make kids angry and cruel?
  3. Is it necessary to forbid using animals for entertainment?
  4. Do beauty contests set the non-achievable beauty standards?
  5. Are newspapers going to be replaced by online sources of information?
  6. How gaming consoles influence the youth?
  7. Should women be allowed to compete against men?
  8. What television programs should be banned?
  9. How tv shows impose fake moral standards?
  10. Can the use of social media, such as Facebook, lower teens’ self-esteem?
  11. The Psychological Impact of Competitive Sports on Young Athletes
  12. The Influence of Celebrity Endorsements on Consumer Behavior
  13. E-Sports: The Rise of Competitive Gaming and Its Recognition as a Legitimate Sport
  14. The Role of Sports in Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and Understanding
  15. The Economic Impact of Major Sporting Events on Host Cities

Research Paper Topics on Media and Communication

  1. Should the media programming of ads aimed at children be made illegal?
  2. The role of mediation in the media
  3. Should bloggers be considered as journalists?
  4. The ethical side of modern news reports
  5. The freedom of speech online
  6. The copyright law restrictions and the vague concepts
  7. The importance of psychology and communicative skills in journalism
  8. The role of gender in interpersonal communication
  9. The modern standards of nonverbal communication
  10. The negative influence of Instagram and body image distortion
  11. The Evolution of News Consumption: Impact of Social Media on Traditional Media
  12. The Role of Media in Shaping Public Opinion During Political Campaigns
  13. The Ethics of Surveillance and Privacy in Digital Communication
  14. The Effects of Smartphone Usage on Face-to-Face Communication Skills
  15. Virtual Reality: The Future of Immersive Journalism

Research Paper Topics on Politics

  1. Should the drinking age be lowered?
  2. Should adults have the right to carry a concealed handgun?
  3. More gun control laws should be enacted
  4. How can the international community prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons?
  5. How can ethnic killings be stopped?
  6. Current prospect for peace between Israel and the Palestinians
  7. What world would be like without wars?
  8. How to avoid workforce reduction?
  9. Should the death penalty be allowed?
  10. Is socialism possible?
  11. The Influence of Social Media on Political Mobilization and Public Protests
  12. Campaign Finance Reform: The Effects on Political Representation and Elections
  13. The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Shaping Global Policy
  14. The Impact of Populism on Traditional Political Party Systems
  15. Cybersecurity in Elections: Protecting the Integrity of Democracy

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Is autism a disease or a development idiosyncrasy?
  2. How to forecast and shape behavioral patterns?
  3. How to manage child violence?
  4. How to deal with a mental breakdown?
  5. The impact of classical music on the work of the brain
  6. How insomnia affects our health?
  7. How bad dreams influence our mood?
  8. Is stress really harmful?
  9. How depression impacts the immune system?
  10. Intellectually gifted people: how is it possible?
  11. The Psychological Effects of Social Isolation in the Digital Age
  12. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs. Mindfulness: Comparative Outcomes in Treating Anxiety
  13. The Role of Resilience in Recovery from Trauma
  14. The Impact of Parenting Styles on Child Personality Development
  15. Neuroplasticity: How Learning and Experience Shape Brain Function

Science & Technology Research Paper Ideas

  1. How is light being used to treat cancer and other diseases?
  2. What is the current evidence that Mars has had water and maybe life?
  3. Can nanomedicine potentially extend the human lifespan?
  4. What is the future of computing and artificial intelligence?
  5. The role cryogenics may play in future
  6. Can alternative energy effectively replace fossil fuels?
  7. Is it beneficial for wild animals to have interactions with people?
  8. What evidence do we have that CMB is the result of the big bang?
  9. How will self-driving cars change the way people live?
  10. Can using system like bitcoin help protect identity theft?
  11. The Potential of CRISPR and Gene Therapy in Curing Genetic Diseases
  12. Nanotechnology in Medicine: The Next Frontier for Drug Delivery Systems
  13. The Role of Quantum Computing in the Future of Cybersecurity
  14. The Ethical Implications of Humanoid Robots in Society
  15. Renewable Energy Technologies: Assessing the Efficiency and Sustainability of Solar Power Solutions

Research Topics Ideas on Culture

  1. A new comprehension of past events
  2. The origin of racial discrimination
  3. The roots of antisemitism
  4. The impact of advertisements and commercials on modern art
  5. The most remarkable cultural achievements of the 20th century and their influence on our society
  6. Cultural revolutions throughout history
  7. How pop culture trends influence youth?
  8. Should pregnant celebrities be exposed on magazine’s covers?
  9. Why was Greek cultural influence so important for the ancient Mediterranean world?
  10. Why was the Victorian period a time of cultural change?
  11. Cultural Impact on Climate Change Response: A Comparative Study
  12. The Preservation of Folklore and Oral Traditions in the Digital Age
  13. Cross-Cultural Communication: Overcoming Language and Ethical Barriers
  14. The Influence of Globalization on Indigenous Cultures
  15. Cultural Diplomacy and Its Role in International Relations

Research Paper Topics on Math

  1. The influence of algorithms
  2. Is it possible to build a winning monopoly strategy?
  3. Why is 'x' the unknown?
  4. How math changed the world?
  5. What's the solution to the McDonald's math problem?
  6. How do math geniuses understand extremely hard math concepts so quickly?
  7. Should high school math contests be banned?
  8. What is the relationship between music and math?
  9. Are math formulas ever used in real life?
  10. What are some of the most confusing math problems ever?
  11. The Role of Mathematics in Cryptography and Cybersecurity
  12. Mathematical Models in Predicting Pandemic Outcomes: A Case Study of COVID-19
  13. The Application of Game Theory in Economic and Social Decision Making
  14. Chaos Theory and Its Implications in Weather Forecasting and Climate Science
  15. The Impact of Big Data on the Evolution of Statistical Methods and Theories

Research Paper Topics on Business

  1. How do dirty business tactics work?
  2. Can business be started without money?
  3. Notorious business leaders
  4. Entrepreneurship and family business
  5. Ethical decision making in everyday work situations
  6. What are the most effective strategies for promoting a small business?
  7. Is it worth it to expand the business into a new region or country?
  8. How to build a successful startup
  9. The role of international business and sustainable development
  10. The impact of climate change on international business strategies
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility: Measuring the Impact on Business Performance
  12. The Gig Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for the Modern Workforce
  13. Innovative Business Models in the Age of Sustainable Development
  14. The Influence of Organizational Culture on Employee Productivity and Satisfaction
  15. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Shaping Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategies

Research Paper Topics For Middle School

  1. Is going vegan the healthiest choice for you?
  2. Is the greenhouse effect artificial or natural?
  3. The causes, effects, and consequences of earthquakes
  4. How much computer games can one play without getting addicted
  5. Princess Diana and her dynasty
  6. Why is competition so critical for humans?
  7. How did poetry evolve?
  8. Methods used by ancient sailors to navigate the globe
  9. Gender roles in children’s books and cartoons
  10. Who is the greatest general who has lived on the planet?
  11. The Science Behind Video Games: How Gaming Affects Reflexes and Learning
  12. The History and Cultural Significance of a Popular Holiday
  13. The Impact of Recycling Programs in Schools
  14. Animal Habitats: How Urban Development Affects Local Wildlife
  15. The Role of Social Media in Modern Communication Among Teens

High School Research Paper Ideas

  1. The ways to address drug addiction cases in high school
  2. The physical vs digital communications
  3. The body image and the K-Pop culture
  4. The importance of school volunteering and social work
  5. The changes to the academic process due to Covid-19
  6. The legacy of the Trail of Tears
  7. The role of motivation in becoming a better student
  8. The role of books in print and the libraries
  9. The ways to improve school safety
  10. The role of parental involvement in school work
  11. Exploring the Psychological Effects of Social Media on Teen Self-Esteem
  12. The Physics of Sports: Analyzing the Science Behind Athletic Performance
  13. Climate Change and Its Effects on Local Ecosystems
  14. The Evolution of Language in the Digital Age
  15. The Rise of Cryptocurrency: Economic Education and the Future of Money

History Research Paper Topics

  1. What were the impacts of World War II on the rights of women?
  2. What factors initiated the WWII
  3. Is liberalism the most optimal solution?
  4. What were the consequences of women suffrage movements
  5. What was the impact of Martin Luther King’s protest against the Catholic church
  6. What is the most effective military strategy of all time
  7. How has Asian art influenced contemporary art
  8. How have different monetary systems affected the development of humanity
  9. What is the correlation between the Roman and Greek culture?
  10. Aztec empire and its architecture
  11. The Role of Women in World War II and Its Impact on Gender Roles
  12. The Influence of the Silk Road on the Cultural Exchange between East and West
  13. The Effects of the Cold War on Space Exploration Competition
  14. The Historical Accuracy of Popular Historical Films: A Case Study
  15. The Impact of the Printing Press on the Renaissance and European Society

Art Research Paper Ideas

  1. The reasons why digital museums must be present and made available
  2. The peculiarities of the Flemish artists
  3. Should Japanese anime be considered as a separate art form?
  4. The role of Photoshop and similar digital solutions in the perception of modern art
  5. The history of photography and the artistic expression forms
  6. The challenges of the modern artists during social distancing times
  7. The Middle Eastern perception of color and the light
  8. Ancient Rome's role in the creation of the sculptures
  9. Should the artists be allowed to represent their works in public parks?
  10. The importance of art education in middle schools
  11. The Evolution of Street Art and Its Acceptance into Mainstream Art Culture
  12. The Influence of Digital Media on Traditional Painting Techniques
  13. The Role of Patronage in the Development of Renaissance Art
  14. The Psychological Impact of Color in Abstract Art
  15. Cultural Representation and Diversity in Modern Art Museums

Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. The American dream literature
  2. How does harry potter reflects the ideal of the time
  3. Can you show a new aspect of prose based on the independent investigation
  4. The prose of women suffrage movements
  5. The dawn of literature on modern society
  6. Why do authors use metaphors and similes
  7. Evaluate and discuss the allegory of 2 random novels
  8. What factors are helpful in allowing you to identify the genre of a novel you are reading
  9. Is fanfiction considered an independent literature
  10. Romance and sex in Renaissance
  11. Fiction as an instrument of propaganda
  12. The Representation of Gender Roles in Victorian Literature
  13. Postcolonial Voices: How Literature Has Shaped National Identity
  14. The Journey Motif in Classic American Road Novels
  15. Dystopian Visions: What Modern Dystopian Literature Tells Us About Today's Society

Law Research Paper Topics

  1. How is the Islamic law perceived around the globe
  2. Is ECOLEX a pathway to environmental law
  3. Why is it critical to learn the GATT documents?
  4. What does the European patent office do?
  5. Mass communication law
  6. Impact of women’s authority in different countries on the planet
  7. Evaluate the effectiveness of the international criminal law court tools
  8. Detailed analysis and report of the comparative criminal procedure
  9. Exciting outtakes from the inter-American human rights library
  10. Does the US copyright office really help writers defend their businesses?
  11. The Impact of International Law on Human Rights Practices in Developing Countries
  12. Cyber Law: The Challenges of Regulating Online Behavior and Privacy
  13. Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Age: Balancing Innovation and Protection
  14. The Effectiveness of Rehabilitation in Juvenile Justice Systems
  15. Comparative Analysis of Gun Control Legislation and Its Impact on Violent Crime Rates

Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. The Role of Religion in Modern Secular Societies
  2. Interfaith Dialogue: Benefits and Challenges in a Pluralistic Society
  3. The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Ethical Decision-Making in Business
  4. Religion and Politics: An Analysis of Their Intersections in Contemporary World Affairs
  5. The Impact of Religious Education on Tolerance and Cultural Understanding
  6. The Evolution of Religious Practices and Their Adaptation in the Digital Age
  7. The Psychological Effects of Religious Rituals and Traditions
  8. Comparative Study of Creation Myths Across Different Cultures
  9. The Role of Women in Organized Religions: A Historical Perspective
  10. Secularization: The Decline of Religious Influence in Western Societies
  11. Religious Extremism: Understanding the Causes and Seeking Solutions
  12. The Impact of Pilgrimage on Religious and Spiritual Life
  13. Religious Symbols in Public Spaces: Freedom of Expression or a Call for Regulation?
  14. The Relationship Between Religion and Morality in Contemporary Ethical Debates
  15. The Effects of Globalization on Indigenous Religions and Spiritual Practices

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Should education be made free for everyone?
  2. The influencers and bloggers cannot be considered as a job
  3. The role of military service is the way towards maturity
  4. Should Internet access be limited during college lectures?
  5. The death penalty service is not an ethical solution
  6. Fashion industry creates a bad influence on young people
  7. The Fairplay concept should be rewarded financially
  8. Should tobacco be made illegal indoors?
  9. Religious differences often become the cause of wars
  10. The majority of mobile applications represent the invasion of privacy
  11. Universal Basic Income: Economic Savior or Road to Dependency?
  12. Mandatory Vaccinations: Public Health Requirement or Personal Choice Infringement?
  13. The Death Penalty: A Necessary Deterrent or a Violation of Human Rights?
  14. Climate Change Policies: Economic Hindrance or Long-term Investment?
  15. Animal Testing in Medical Research: Ethical Consideration or Scientific Necessity?

These are the 200+ topics on various subjects, which you might find useful when creating your own. In case you need help aside from creating topics, you can also order the original research on Politics, Media & Communication, to do my Math homework, Law, and even Nursing papers for sale on Edubirdie.

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How to Choose a Good Research Paper Topic?

While it may seem challenging to come up with a good research paper topic as you try your best to narrow things down, the trick is to choose something that influences you because you know it well and can support your arguments with relevant evidence. The subject should be well-structured and relevant to your thesis statement. Always take time to research the list of sources to compose your topic sentences as well to make them relate to your thesis part. It’s always best to check a good research paper introduction example before you start working on the paper and choosing your topic, or contact our essay writing service for help. Here are the steps to consider:

  • Start With Observing Your Interests.

If you are confused with a variety of interesting topics for writing a creative essay, it’s better to decide what interests you the most. Don’t stick to easy research paper topics just to complete the task fast. If you are allowed to freely choose what to write an essay about, use the opportunity to create something unique. Write down the list of your interests and break down every idea into small certain topics. When you have a list in front of your eyes, it will be easier to make up your mind and start considering a particular issue.

Then you should examine what aspect of the topic is preferable for you to outline in your research paper. A list will save you here again. Use pros/cons template to include all the arguments and objections to the issues.

  • Come Up With an Argumentative Research Question.

The most challenging part of choosing a competitive research paper topic is finding an aspect that poses some importance for your course and the subject per se. While it may seem that it is sufficient to make a general statement, your argumentation should include a clear research question. Consider asking yourself why you have chosen a particular topic and how your research will make it clearer or provide innovative solutions.

  • Study Available Research Topic Ideas.

Since we have already mentioned the dangers of choosing something too broad, it is vital to narrow things down and brainstorm the list of possible research paper ideas that deal with the same subject. In other words, you can write down at least five different subjects and see whether you can find sufficient information to support them with the sources or statistical data. Remember the importance of your topic’s wording!

  • Compose Strong Thesis Statement.

It must be done at the same time as you choose your research paper topic because these two concepts must be interconnected. Your subject must reflect your main idea of the thesis statement. Make sure that you have the list of sources prepared in advance to incorporate relevant information in your body paragraphs. As always, they must be the supporting evidence for your thesis statement’s idea and the research purpose.

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