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100 Social Studies Topics and Guidelines for Writing Social Study Essays

The social studies concept was introduced by American educators (National Education Association and Bureau of Education) at the beginning of the century and is still in use in the US while also being adopted worldwide. In our country, this subject is taught in kindergarten as well as in elementary and high schools (up to grade 12), highlighting both its importance but also its varying difficulty level and adaptive content as students develop intellectually and socially.

Given its multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary character, social study topics can be typically assigned to particular subfields. Below we provide a comprehensive selection of social studies topics sorted according to categories as well as tips on how to choose a topic and how to write an essay for social studies.

Definition and Importance

So what is social studies and why does it matter? In US educational system, social studies are defined as an educational discipline focused on studying various aspects of human society. Social studies represent integrated and systematic study of several areas of social science/ humanities, among which economics, civics, history, geography, culture, sociology, political science, archaeology, law, philosophy, religion, etc. occasionally drawing knowledge from natural sciences, math and other studies. Our essay writers help students write essays for homework and school projects.

Finally, following a 1992 definition of the US Board of Directors of National Council for the Social Studies, “Social studies is integrated study of social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence”. Importance and ultimate purpose associated with this discipline resides in teaching young citizens to make reasoned and informed decisions for public good in a democratic and culturally diverse society, or put shortly, to educate good citizens for a modern society.

Tips on How to Write an Essay for Social Studies

When writing a social studies essay or research paper one should consider following brief recommendation list:

  1. Social studies are so interdisciplinary, it might not only be enough to decide what social studies research topics you should select but also what perspective(s) will be adopted – what courses or disciplines you are going to draw knowledge from, how much information will come from each discipline? An advantage resulting from this interdisciplinary character is that one is free to follow a topic wherever it leads (like when solving a real-life problem), which makes research and writing twice as entertaining. You may also check ideas for social media essay topics and use them as inspiration.
  2. Check your information sources in advance. If you are exploring a challenging social science topic, make sure you explore potential sources a bit to understand whether you’ll be able to efficiently process this information for studies. For instance, if a topic is fairly unpopular, or narrow, or has to do with a very recently discovered phenomenon, you might find information only in peer-reviewed journals and its complexity might simply make it inaccessible to you.
  3. Follow the usual project writing cycle for a natural workflow – researching and gathering evidence, writing a thesis, creating an outline, writing the paper respecting structure requirements, revising and editing, proofreading.

How to Choose a Suitable Topic for Social Studies

When looking for social studies topics, one could follow the following strategies:

  • Consider your preferences – what discipline(s) would you like to explore deeper while preparing your project? This is useful to decide in any case, since, regardless of how you pick your topic (by browsing online or by other means), this would allow narrowing down your searches/ inquiry and end up working on something you like.
  • Ask your social studies teacher – as someone keenly aware of the field, he/she might definitely have a few interesting ideas (original or trending) for essays or even an entire list of social studies topics from previous student generations (don’t worry – similar topics do not mean similar content, visions, approaches, or writing styles).
  • Research social studies topics (online or in printed literature) – your social studies handbook is likely to include many references to information that is only briefly described or mentioned – one could always pick such a topic for deeper exploration.
  • Perform a keyword search on Google – combining keywords smartly can do wonders. Use keywords relating to the discipline or topic you are interested in or list names of several disciplines (for an interdisciplinary topic at the interface of all these). Write down a few combinations and try them out. Examining search hits could help locate some wonderful ideas.
  • Find online comprehensive lists of social studies fair projects ideas – you might not necessarily pick a project topic from such social issues list directly but might be inclined towards picking a related topic. In other words, this provides useful ideas or seeds for further exploration.

By contrast with social studies, social sciences are higher-level studies included in more advanced curricula. Thus, when looking for social science essay topics it could be even useful to consult peer-reviewed academic journals or other professional literature as it helps identify trending, important, or simply interesting topics. The easiest way to get guaranteed high grades is to buy assignments online, which saves a lot of time when you run short of the deadline.

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100 Social Studies Topics by Category

Below follows a comprehensive list of social studies and social sciences topics:

Culture Topics

  1. Culture and Languages of the Punjab Region
  2. The Secret Identity of Chinese Women
  3. History of Christmas Cards
  4. Silk and Its Importance to Ancient Chinese Culture
  5. The Concept of Culture and Its Main Aspects
  6. Traditions of the Day of the Dead in My Family
  7. Spanish Culture Project: Reflection on The Day of the Dead
  8. Analytical Essay on Eastern Theater Traditions
  9. A Study of Pop Culture: A Cross-Cultural Impact on Young Human Resources in India
  10. The Problem of Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Discrimination in South Africa

Political Studies Topics

  1. The Role Of Media In Political Communication
  2. Political Discourse Analysis
  3. Political Discourse Analysis Of Imran Kahn’s Victory Speech
  4. Comparative Study on Voter Preference of Political Parties Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need
  5. The Evolution Of Political Humor
  6. Party Politics in Taiwan
  7. Thomas Hobbes One Of The Founders Of Modern Political Philosophy
  8. Is Democracy the Best Form of Political System? Essay
  9. Politics Of Language In Education In A Global Polity
  10. Exploring the Relationship Between the Political Leaning of Newspapers and Their Portrayal of Adults with Anxiety Disorders

Gender Studies

  1. Does Gender Matter In Psychology Subject?
  2. Gender Stereotypes: Sources And Solutions
  3. Gender Gap in Math Achievement
  4. Sexual Orientation: Gender Identity And Gender Studies
  5. The Peculiarities Of Women In Science
  6. Gender Discrimination In Swinburne University: History, Reasons And Solutions
  7. The Correlation Of Gender And Labor
  8. Gender Discrimination In Education
  9. Linguistic Sexism And Gender Culture In Standard Average European Languages
  10. The Politics Of Science: A Study Of The Pursuit For Gender Equality By Women In Science

Religion Social Studies Topics

  1. Analysis of the Early History of Islam
  2. Similarities And Differences Of World Religions
  3. How did Muslims affect European (especially Spanish) Literature
  4. Critical Analysis of the Gospel of John: Divinity, Exorcism, Salvation and the Kingdom, Crucifixion
  5. Comparative Study of Ethical Concepts of Hinduism and Islam Based on Bhagavad Gitā and Quran
  6. Art, Architecture, and Beliefs of Ancient Egypt: Analytical Essay
  7. Comparative Study Of Buddhism And Jainism
  8. The Role Of Gods And Muses In Homer’s Iliad And Odyssey
  9. Common Indian Comparative Religions
  10. Critical Analysis of the Article: Author’s Use of Seven Revelations Given to Abraham Lincoln

Anthropology Studies Topics

  1. Odyssey and Hercules: Comparative Analysis
  2. Race And Gender In Anthropology Learning And Education
  3. Anthropology In Works Of Zora Neale Hurston
  4. Ability to process abstract concepts as ultimate cause of world domination by Homo sapiens (according to Yuval Noah Harari).
  5. Transition of hunter gatherers to agricultural practices – was it associated with an increase life quality?
  6. Burial customs vs ancient cultures topic.
  7. What cave drawings tell us about early community life?
  8. Marriage ceremonies in various old cultures.
  9. Body alteration practices as distinctive cultural traits in tribes.
  10. Impact of language on human cooperation efficiency in early days.

Linguistic Social Studies Topics

  1. Does Our Language Change How We See The World?
  2. Natural Language Processing And Its Applications
  3. Role Of Computers In Linguistics
  4. Cross-Linguistics Between Vietnamese And English In Bilingual Participants
  5. The Usefulness Of Forensic Linguistics
  6. A Contrastive Analysis Between Indonesian And English Prepositions Of Place
  7. The Significance Of Statistics In SLP And Linguistics
  8. Literary Theories, Linguistic Aspects And Interpretations Of The Alchemist
  9. Impact of Language Diversity on International Management: Analytical Essay
  10. Lexical Cohesion In Academic Writing: Abstract Of Applied Linguistics

Economic Studies Topics

  1. Impact of Foreign Investment in a Country
  2. Factors Influencing The Growth Of Entrepreneurial Mindset Among Students
  3. Impact of Knowledge Management Processes on Competitive Advantage: Analytical Essay
  4. Legalization Of Drugs For An Economic Growth
  5. The Impact of Competition in Chance of Small Business Success
  6. The Approaches To Overcome Inequality
  7. The Impact Of Work-life Balance On Wellbeing Of Employees
  8. Whether Education an Investment or Consumption
  9. Economic Inequality and Its Implications
  10. Economic Implications Of Free-College Tuition, Its Impacts And Government Role

Law Social Studies Topics

  1. Translational Legal Research for Social Justice
  2. The Necessary Requirements for Social Workers
  3. The Role Media Plays in Promoting the Plight of Crime Victims in the Criminal Justice System
  4. Social Action Advocacy Plan
  5. The Nature of Law and Its Classification
  6. Social Justice And Social Work Practice
  7. The Relation Between Law, Human Rights And Morality
  8. Factors That Contribute to Social Justice
  9. Privacy Law In Australia As A Way To Protect People
  10. Social Justice As The Attribute Of Modern Society

Conflict Studies

  1. The Role And Importance Of Conflict Management Skills
  2. Does Religion Incite Conflict?
  3. Using Communication to De-escalate Conflict Situations
  4. Seeking Balance in the Conflict Nature of Human
  5. Individual Differences And The Effects On Workplace Conflict
  6. Psychological Approaches to Study of Conflict
  7. The Relation of Communication and Conflict
  8. Social Perspective on Social Class: Conflict Theory
  9. Understanding External Intervention in Violent Conflict
  10. Communication And Conflict Management

Sociology Studies Topics

  1. Sociological Topics: Ethnicity, Socioeconomics And Family Dynamics
  2. Subjective Research Techniques in Sociology
  3. Different Types of Communication Behaviour
  4. Advantages of Education to Social Mobility
  5. Social Media Impact on Lifestyle
  6. Studying Mass Communication Today and in the Past
  7. Influence of Social Media on Interpersonal Relationships
  8. A Study of The Panopticism Concept
  9. Importance Of ICT In Social Science Studies
  10. Sociological Perspectives And Their Application To Belief Systems In Contemporary Society

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