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150 Amazing Opinion Essay Topics and Ideas

Choosing an opinion essay can be challenging if student does not consider relevant opinion essay topics that would meet an event or subject, making it suitable to provide good argumentation. When college professor asks to present such essay type, it means that formal writing piece on particular topic or event is requested. It must represent an opinion, a personal take on specific issue.

Still, as one wants to maintain academic style structure for opinionated writing, it is necessary to mention an opposite view right before conclusion paragraph. Yet, how does one choose successful opinion essay topic to receive A grade? Just like paper title generator, one needs strong arguable thesis subject. Choosing good opinion essay topic should relate to personal skills, experience, reliable sources, analysis, and solid research that reveals reasons for specific viewpoint.

7 Opinion Essay Writing Tips

Good opinion writing topics may be compared to prompts that instantly describe what the article is about. The same goes for each piece of writing where opinion is given. Here are writing tips from EduBirdie’s experts that make essay writing a breeze.

  1. Brainstorm Future Topic - select from several opinion essay topics so one can see if chosen research meets course requirements.
  2. Use Supporting Evidence - always backup presented information with reliable sources that include accurate citation.
  3. Mind Opinion Paragraph Topic Sentence - make sure that prompt is clear as to what side is taken.
  4. Remember Opposite Viewpoint - always insert opposing reasoning that’s why choose suitable opinion essay topic.
  5. Turn to Related Research - see if there is any other research on given subject.
  6. Strong Thesis - first paragraph should have perspective statement that links to subsequent paragraphs.
  7. Proofreading - check twice for grammar, spelling, structure, citing to meet each grading rubric points.

150 Opinion Essay Topics Divided by Subject

Good opinion topics are relevant to initial discipline and student’s strongest skills. Below are 150 ideas in most popular disciplines to choose from. Good assignment idea asks a question and is  argumentative, posing an opinion.

Political Science Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Should minors vote?
  2. Law should be equal for everyone
  3. Gun control is political control instrument
  4. Is United States foreign policy efficient?
  5. Ways that help eliminate corruption
  6. Political leaders should rely on technology
  7. Should government control religious practices?
  8. There is no freedom of speech in media
  9. President’s role in my opinion
  10. Pros and Cons of Socialism
  11. What are true reasons of Cold War?
  12. Reasons for US and Cuba relationship meltdown
  13. Whistleblowers in politics are government-controlled
  14. Are private prisons ethical?
  15. May politicians represent media outlets?

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History Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Advantages of Monarchy in modern society
  2. Ghandi - messenger of peace
  3. Symbolism in Ancient Egypt
  4. Gender bias in Ancient Rome ruling
  5. History school curriculum is irrelevant for present times
  6. Learning history benefits
  7. Holocaust legacy as opinion essay topic
  8. Bias in Vietnam War coverage
  9. Pearl Harbor Cause-and-Effect
  10. Should World War II archives be available?
  11. Is Bernie Sanders socialist?
  12. Abolition of Slavery controversy
  13. History of propaganda in the US media
  14. Martin Luther King’s message is distorted today
  15. American Workers Unions are ignored in modern society

Environment Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Global warming is a hoax
  2. There is not enough ecology education in schools
  3. Emissions may control greater penalties
  4. Government hides information about ecological damage
  5. GreenPeace activists are not always ethical
  6. Polar bears are legacy of entire world
  7. Fishing wars should have control at global levels
  8. Rainforests are affected by mobile networks
  9. Electric cars benefit
  10. Tsunami prevention system flaws
  11. Panama Canal creation as opinion essay topic
  12. Should there exist global earthquakes prevention financial fund?
  13. How may social strikes help highlight environmental damage?
  14. Hidden dangers of globalization
  15. Is chipping of animals ethical?

Nursing Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Should nurses focus more on nursing theorists?
  2. How is ER room stress management supervised?
  3. Pharmacists and physicians should have closer cooperation
  4. Vaccination: forced or volunteer?
  5. Reasons for autism
  6. Should there be global medication control?
  7. Are herbal practitioners equal to traditional medicine?
  8. Reasons for medical personnel shortage
  9. Obama Care failures as opinion essay topic
  10. Was that could prevent medical errors
  11. Should culture be obligatory in healthcare curriculum?
  12. Should potentially dangerous medical information be made available?
  13. Medical marijuana made illegal. Your opinion on this topic.
  14. Racial bias in healthcare
  15. Should children have a right to decide in critical situations?

Social Media Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Social media takes away analytical element of education
  2. Facebook limits relationships depth
  3. Smartphone applications lead to addiction
  4. Should Internet be censored?
  5. Do modern students rely too much on technology?
  6. Does social media promote environmental issues?
  7. Identity theft online as opinion essay topic
  8. Cyberbullying versus physical bullying
  9. How should children be protected online?
  10. Do online media networks result in cultural bias?
  11. Is Twitter political messenger?
  12. Smartphones influence on youth
  13. Should piracy be punished at greater depths?
  14. May technological advancement be dangerous?
  15. Is Facebook equal to successful personality?

Education Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Are e-books dangerous?
  2. Should smartphones be forbidden at colleges?
  3. Private schooling is shadowing standard education
  4. Should teachers punish students?
  5. Comparison of American education to any other country
  6. Are online sources reliable for research?
  7. Are non-traditional schools more adjustable to real life?
  8. Should students learn only subjects they like?
  9. Distance learning benefits
  10. Should Latin be studied today?
  11. Campus violence is related to video games
  12. There should be alternative to GPA
  13. Unintentional plagiarism as opinion essay topic
  14. Is college only a financial debt?
  15. Should religion have place in education?
  16. Are gender schools still relevant today?

Generation Gap Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Should parents learn how to communicate online?
  2. Music role in generation gap topic
  3. How may one overcome generation gap
  4. Link between fashion needs and crimes
  5. It is lack of education in certain subjects that leads to generation gap
  6. What are key signs to identify generation gap?
  7. Age difference in the workplace
  8. Hollywood image impact on different age marriages case
  9. Millennials’ typical signs as opinion essay topic
  10. Should there be educational Internet courses for people over 60?
  11. Parents should have social media control tools
  12. Should teenage children’s parents follow same fashion styles?
  13. How large is generation pattern must be?
  14. What should next generation include?
  15. Should preschool children be allowed smartphones?

Literature Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Gender bias in 17th century English literature
  2. Satirical aspect in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  3. Love and death in Shakespearean sonnets
  4. English language grammar should be preserved
  5. Reading leads to better spelling as opinion essay topic
  6. Should English literature be diminished in college?
  7. Do engineering students still require English?
  8. Will composition essays help with successful career?
  9. Fyodor Dostoevsky - an image of Russian society
  10. Martin Luther King - African American people’s voice
  11. Will science fiction help advance technology?
  12. Can reading help PTSD patients?
  13. Will paper books be eliminated soon?
  14. Classic books should be made free
  15. Ways to help modern children read

Culture Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Modern pop stars are based on vulgar power display
  2. XXI century fashion leads to eating disorders
  3. Acoustic instruments are replaced by computers
  4. Online communication distorts physical relations
  5. Internet has ruined record companies
  6. Globalization has damaged traditional fashion elements
  7. Is modern culture based on past decades?
  8. Popular Korean pop music as opinion essay topic
  9. Biased attitude in rock music
  10. Youtube stars Phenomenon topic
  11. How may piracy be controlled?
  12. Online streaming - Pros and Cons
  13. Political strikes & Cultural aspect
  14. Traditional cuisine of China and Thailand in the United States
  15. Anti-war culture today as opinion essay topic

Psychology Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Should companies screen future employees for mental issues?
  2. Children with ADHD syndrome should be divided in special classes
  3. Autists are hidden geniuses
  4. Negative effects of violence in the media coverage
  5. Could animals help reduce the stress?
  6. Physical education role in anxiety reduction
  7. Anorexia phenomenon as opinion essay topic
  8. Diets & their negative impact
  9. School conflicts negotiation tips
  10. Inaccurate sleep patterns impact
  11. Modern role models cannot be applied in real life
  12. Meditation psychological effect topic
  13. Phobias presented by TV propaganda
  14. Antisocial Personality Disorder control
  15. Narcissism background & their bloggers

These are far not all topics we offer. Contact our 24/7 experts for specific essay topics or help with opinion essay writing.

Opinion Essay Sample for Students

It is not a secret that best way to learn is by examples, therefore, below is an opinion essay samples that you may use as an example while completing your own opinion essay on any topic:

Social Media has Negative Impact on Body Image

Social media networks may be compared to invisible role models that dictate fashion and moral standards. Since there is no control per se making information is freely available even to young people, social networks contribute to distorted standards promotion. One of them is body image that is based on celebrities and anorexia templates that results in eating disorders and traumatic experiences. Because of power of peer pressure online, young people copy improper and distorted viewpoints in order to become popular and successful, which results in healthcare hazards including mental breakdowns.

Social networks like Facebook or Instagram, control what is popular by sharing or reposting celebrities’ images which unificates body shapes and fashion standards. Having a post by certain pop star or an actress (actor) in social network influences personal views even subconsciously. It forces young people to mimic their heroes by eating less and focusing on brand clothes, copying improper behaviors. Striving to become popular among initial circle, online users limit themselves to what is being offered and repeated on a daily basis.

Even though it can be assumed that online users do not always count on peer pressure, but large media networks promote fashion standards and body image with forced advertisements that link certain patterns with success and power. Those that oppose negative Instagram impact should research narcissistic digital era culture behavior that rarely promotes healthy eating or physical activity. Networking itself limits physical interaction, proper body images analysis that person encounter on his or her own without socio-cultural pressure.

Thus, it seems that online media promotes incorrect viewpoints and takes away creativity, personal analysis, leaving no freedom of making a choice. Online promotion is powerful, yet this power must have supervision within ethical and moral norms, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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