10 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Essay Writing Ethically

Many ethical issues have come up since the emergence of artificial intelligence tools for academic writing. One of them is the famous ChatGPT solution, which became a serious breakthrough in machine learning. As one may assume, such academic assistance has both cons and pros. It quickly became an ethical issue to consider. While it is possible to implement AI-based tools to help you complete an assignment on time, some improper use cases are also becoming apparent. The purpose of this guide is to show you how to use ChatGPT ethically without violating the academic integrity rules. But if you feel overwhelmed, you can always rely on the expertise of essay writers. They can provide valuable assistance and help alleviate the burdens associated with academic writing.

Essential things for writing an exemplary essay

It's important to remember that artificial intelligence tools won't be able to complete a college essay instead of you. While it can complete your thesis or even compose a reflective essay in technical terms, none guarantees the perfect final result. You have to know what it takes to compose a good essay. There are at least three stages that you have to consider. 

  1. Preparation Stage: the key is to narrow things down and choose a topic that inspires you. You must research relevant information and create an essay outline. 
  2. Writing Stage: it means that you have to set your arguments and create a strong hook sentence. Your introduction must present some value. Develop and support your thesis as you continue with at least three pieces of evidence in your body parts. Your conclusion should not introduce new ideas but must provide a brief summary, a moral lesson, or a call to action (depending on the subject and essay type). 
  3. Revision Stage: also known as proofreading and editing combined. You have to check your content upon completion. Start by editing and check for the structure, grammar, spelling, and essay format aspects. Once done, continue with paper proofreading, where you focus on the readability factor.

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10 ways to use chatGPT in essay writing ethically 

If you are worried about using ChatGPT for essay writing and wish to find the best ways to achieve success and avoid plagiarism, you are in the right place. Here are ten cases of use that you will find useful: 

  • Creating summaries and abstracts. 

The most common scenario of using ChatGPT as an Essay Helper legally is creating summaries of some content. It can be helpful for your essay. You can even use your introduction paragraph to generate an abstract! Of course, it doesn't mean cheating because you would still have to edit and adjust things. It is a great way to save time and still sound fresh. You can still generate a decent summary when processing lengthy content! 

  • Expanding your vocabulary. 

Another great way to use ChatGPT without turning to plagiarism risks is by expanding your list of words. It is also possible to improve your language skills if you are limited in terms of your vocabulary. You can find replacements and suggestions for another word. For example, if you do not wish to use “the best” every time, you can ask the system to provide you with synonyms or alternatives. It will help you when you need to create unique sentences and improve your writing and analysis skills. 

  • Paraphrasing specific content. 

If you wish to change an odd sentence structure, using ChatGPT for paraphrasing or readability is great. Converting documents from pdf to word can further facilitate the editing and customization process, making academic writing more efficient. It is vital to remain specific and input as much accessible information as possible. It will help you to receive better results. You still have to check whether the original meaning has been preserved because there are numerous cases when the system cannot “catch” the content correctly. When you have to work with some quotes or wish to generate the same idea yet in different words, ChatGPT is a good solution! 

  • Generating thesis statements. 

The trick here is to provide at least three main arguments or key elements you wish to support. Since most college students often feel stuck with thesis creation, addressing ChatGPT is legit. As long as you try to create something inspiring and go beyond what comes to your mind, it should fit within academic ethics. Just make a claim, and do not keep things overly complex. Keep it simple! It will help you to edit and adjust things when you work on the readability aspect.

  • Working on your outlines. 

The default ChatGPT feature will provide a classic outline for the 5-paragraph essay. You must provide information for the introduction, three body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Changing the default settings is possible by adding a counter-arguments paragraph or writing a lengthy school debate essay. It helps create amazing outlines and saves time and nerves, as you do not have to come up with lots of copying and pasting! 

  • Creating hook sentences. 

As long as your hook is not a clear fact or statistical information, it should be sufficient. ChatGPT is one of those tools that help you to create inspiring sentences. It is the best solution when dealing with writer’s block or starting your essay. You can input the basic thoughts and some ideas to generate text. The only problem is that ChatGPT won’t make things emotional, so you must adjust the hook sentence for tonal purposes. The key is to inspire your audience! Research your topic and input information related to your essay for hook sentence results. 

  • Developing presentations. 

Most presentations should be kept short, so ChatGPT is a great solution for presentations, short blog posts, or slideshows. It can help you with the titles and short captions that must be included for your multimedia parts. Start using the summary feature first and then ask it to generate text for a slide. It will instantly change the inner algorithm and provide you with condensed content! You can also work with the speeches or even use ChatGPT for your video presentation, where you have to keep with the time code. 

  • Making comparison lists. 

One of the most problematic aspects of essay writing is comparing things. Likewise, you can work with the list of pros and cons for something you study. Another ethical way to use ChatGPT is by creating and analyzing solution papers. Just ask the system about the pros and cons of a certain subject. For example, input something like “Describe the benefits and drawbacks of electric vehicles.” It will help you list your paper's facts and save time. Still, you have to check the results and ensure that you include at least one source that will help you to prove the facts. At least, you will know what information to seek and check by using a simple Google search! 

  • Exploring topic ideas.

Some people may argue that asking ChatGPT for inspiration is against the ethical norms of the academic community. Still, you only have to ask to generate some topic ideas to help you explore things. Try your best to stay precise about the subject you want to research. For example, you can ask the system to “Generate five different ideas on the use of smartphones by students” or “Help me compose 5 great research ideas about global warming”. The more specific you are, the better your results will become. You do not have to ask for Marine Biology ideas but talk about the dolphins. It will help narrow things down and assist you with the best ideas. 

  • Overcoming repetitions in conclusions. 

ChatGPT helps to enhance your essay content by focusing on repetitions and readability. You can ask the chatbot to help you improve your written content and seek for repetitions or odd sentences. While the results may vary, depending on your subject, it will still help you to highlight the issues. Remember that you may encounter some false alerts. Likewise, you must summarize the facts when you have to generate a conclusion for your essay. When you receive a paraphrased conclusion or a special re-statement of your thesis, you can learn how to use different words and avoid repetition. 

Note: A friendly tip when using ChatGPT and learning how to write an essay is remembering the language processing idea. You must provide an excellent GPT prompt to generate an idea that will assist you. If you wish to seek something that will relate to what music is listened to by the younger generation, you must narrow things down. Clear your question and add keywords related to "younger generation" and "music tastes." Speaking of tips, the ChatGPT input should be kept as short as possible because it is exactly when the less will generate way more!

Limitations: why ChatGPT isn't a perfect tool to help write an essay?

When you have to compose an essay, it's essential to remember that it’s a machine-learning tool that cannot access all the latest data in real-time. It means that you won't be able to include all the latest facts or statistical data for your Business Marketing or Sociology essay. In other words, if something has been added to the system, you can access it. If something is not there, it can be problematic! 

ChatGPT may come up with awesome ideas, yet it is possible to encounter inaccuracies and nonsensical bits of text. You won't be able to add an emotional element to your writing or use sarcasm if necessary for your essay. The tone will always remain formal. There will be no expressive language per se! 

The knowledge base of ChatGPT is always limited! It can become problematic if you seek a thesis that reflects all the latest information! It won't be able to add in-depth information as it mostly works with summaries. In certain cases, it will provide you with basic information without explaining anything. 

To sum things up, you will always have to fine-tune the answers or the content that ChatGPT generates. It will take time and effort, which may be even greater and more challenging than writing your essay from scratch! Of course, these are the basic limitations you will encounter when using ChatGPT for academic writing. It's essential to acknowledge these inherent limitations when using ChatGPT for academic writing. If you are seeking a more comprehensive and reliable solution, considering the use of professional essay services may be beneficial. Leveraging chatpdf ai could further enhance your academic efforts by offering streamlined document conversion and analysis, ensuring your research and writing processes are both efficient and effective.

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The best ways to achieve academic success! 

Machine learning should not replace your analysis or writing skills because it is there to assist you, not replace you entirely! If you want to achieve academic success, you have to learn and process things! When you are stuck or need to complete your assignment on time, the trick is planning. When you learn how to create an essay outline or take your time to proofread things, it may not be easy right away!

Perfection takes practice to improve your existing skills. Adding ChatGPT to your arsenal of tools can be helpful if you use it ethically to keep yourself inspired! Now, if you need more assistance and wish to humanize AI text as you seek another pair of eyes to check your writing, feel free to contact Edubirdie experts!

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