125 Descriptive Essay Topics: The Easiest Way Writing a Descriptive Essay

Assignments and descriptive essays are issues every student faces during studying period. Even if it's extremely hard to complete everything your professor gave you, you still have to learn how to write in different styles, meet all the requirements, including all the essentials you need to have in your text. We all have our own tips and tricks to carry through the assignment period, and we all are professionals in our own type of paper.

If you ask a college student to name the easiest type of paper, he would probably recall a descriptive essay. But what is a descriptive essay and why is it so simple to write? We’re here to help you out on that question and give you additional descriptive essay topics to make your college life easier. And if you want a descriptive essay writer to help you, you are very welcome to click the "Hire writer" button at the top of this page.

Descriptive Essay Topics

What is a Descriptive Essay and How Does it Differ from a Simple Description?

The main goal of the description essay is to describe something, be it a person, a situation or just something you want to tell people about. While writing this type of descriptive essay, you have to compose the text using your own experience and thoughts. No researches, no outer opinions, just your mind, and your head. Only sensory information is used to understand the descriptive topic. The description of the things is clear and simple. Imagination, though, creates pictures in the head of the reader, which makes this experience unique and personified.

It would make sense to start the introduction with a description of the context of the subject on which the entire description would focus. Doing so puts things into perspective for the reader.

How does it differ from a description? A simple description can be just several sentences or one long paragraph when a descriptive essay usually contains five paragraphs. It has its style and includes a thesis in an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

When it comes to writing, you should be aware of the structure as it differs from all the other types of descriptive essay. First of all, you should pick the topic from the descriptive speech topics you’ll be interested in. Then, you’re free to plan out your parts. As we already mentioned, a descriptive essay has five parts:

  • Introduction. In the introduction you should include your thesis statement and dwell on the topic. That's the part, which will grab the attention of the reader, so it should be written simply and smooth, giving some essential background information for the reader to understand your topic better. Don't forget to make a transition from the background data and your thesis statement. In descriptive essays, the thesis usually takes up one full sentence.
  • 3 body paragraphs. Three body paragraphs should have evidences that will prove your thesis. If you find yourself struggling with this part, use five simple tables to arrange sensory information you have about your topic and then pick them right from your notes to prove your thesis.
  • Conclusion. This last part of the paper concludes all the information and gives a summary of it. You should have your last remarks in this part and rephrase your thesis statement.

Before starting on your descriptive essay about a place or a person, you should know what you can write about and describe it in general. Here are some of the ideas:

  • places,
  • people,
  • animals,
  • behavior,
  • favorite trip and so on.

Pre-writing stage

First of all, think of what you’d like to write about and pick a topic from descriptive speech topics, social issues topics or process essay topics that will match the theme. Have some inspiration from the essays of other people. Search around for descriptive writing topics and prompts if you can’t think of something unique for yourself. Expository essays are easy to write if you have enough inspiration on the chosen descriptive topic.

How to start a descriptive essay?

If you find yourself struggling after getting some descriptive essay ideas, think of the main statement you can use in your creation. This step is the one that can make out your main thesis statement and keywords that will describe your descriptive topic. As we already mentioned, make five tables for five senses. This arrangement will make it a lot easier to transfer your data to the next step.

Create a draft of your expository essay

Take time to create a draft that will become a close version of your descriptive essay. Pick all the keywords and include them into the five paragraphs. Don’t forget to make three points to prove your thesis statement and describe your topic. Make only an example that will be stretched out by the other details you’ll add at the next step.

Adding details to your descriptive essay with the help of enriched English vocabulary and online dictionaries

It's okay if you have limited vocabulary because this step will add more value to your expository writing. Add everything you want and describe it properly so your reader will be interested in what you wrote. Create an image in their head with the sensory words you can find in online dictionaries like Oxford, Cambridge or Macmillan ones. Make sure that they will touch on your descriptive topic and prolong the body paragraphs.

Take time to revise and edit the paper with the help of various free online grammar checking tools or help by EduBirdie

Before you check your descriptive essays for mistakes by rereading it, make sure to use online grammar checking tools to have your back covered in case your eyes miss something. You are also free to order paper from our writing service in case you want someone else to check it before you do it by yourself.

Edit the descriptive essay

Before you start editing your paper, take a long break. You can always go out with your friends, take a walk, and have a nap or a night of good sleep. Your mind should be fresh before you come back and reread your essay. Take all the time you need, read it out loud, add or remove sentences, check if you have placed everything correctly. It’s useful to double-check grammar in case online tools missed something. Would your paper make sense if you were the reader? Maybe you’ll have to rewrite whole paragraphs so they would make more sense and convey the descriptive topic better.

Tip: Ask your family member or a friend to listen to your descriptive essay, ask them to criticize what you’ve written. It will help your practice in the future.

The 125 Descriptive Essay Topics for Every Struggling Student

When you can’t choose your own descriptive topic, you can always find descriptive writing topics on the web and choose one for your theme. There are several things you can write about as an author so you have to decide if it will be about a place you’ve visited, a person you know or something completely different. In any case, here are our topics for descriptive essay for the struggling students.

Topics to describe a place

  • My favorite place in my hometown
  • A favorite room in my house
  • The house I grew up in
  • My perfect vacation
  • I wish I lived in that house
  • My perfect room
  • The place I want to visit
  • My dream apartment
  • My favorite classroom
  • I like studying in this café
  • My favorite restaurant to visit
  • I had a dream about this place
  • This store is my favorite to shop in
  • I walk my dog in this park
  • A museum that I visited recently
  • The street I like to walk around
  • What I see from my window
  • A city I got lost in

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If you want to describe a person

  • My mom is the most creative person
  • My dad is the most interesting person
  • A person I look up to
  • My favorite singer
  • My favorite dancer
  • An athlete that made me like sports
  • My best friend
  • I’d like to meet this celebrity
  • My pet
  • Meet the writer of the essay
  • I miss them
  • This is an average human
  • I’d like to meet this person in the past
  • A perfect companion for me
  • I like this in a person
  • What makes me appreciate a person
  • A stranger that caught my eye
  • Why I love my boyfriend (girlfriend)

Your memories and topics about your experience

  • This was my perfect date
  • The day I visited another country
  • How I rode a horse for the first time
  • When I discovered my favorite hobby
  • How I decided who I want to become
  • My perfect trip
  • Best childhood memory
  • How I spent my time with my grandparents
  • How my parents raised me
  • Best memory with my closest friend
  • The first day of school
  • When I became a freshman
  • The best party of my life
  • The best way I spent my weekends
  • My most interesting birthday
  • What I remember from my 12th birthday
  • My pet in childhood
  • The day I attended a dentist
  • My first crush
  • The last play I’ve seen
  • The best concert I attended
  • This made me scared
  • This made me excited
  • I miss this day
  • My funniest memory
  • The day I met my friend

Things and object in your life

  • My favorite thing to play with
  • My favorite TV show
  • An expensive thing I’d love to have
  • My study essentials
  • My anti-stress toy
  • What I always have in my pocket
  • Furniture that helps me relax
  • My bed makes me feel comfortable
  • My childhood toy
  • Why I like my smartphone
  • This thing is special to me
  • A toy I still play with
  • My first car
  • I collect these things
  • I’d send this to the future
  • I never leave my house without this
  • I’d send this to the past
  • Describing a smartphone to someone from the '60s
  • I like my laptop
  • My favorite food
  • I like to cook this
  • My family treasures
  • What’s in my pocket
  • What’s in my bag
  • My favorite tattoo

Hobbies, processes, and occupations

  • My future job
  • Something I like to do in my free time
  • My friend’s hobby
  • The way my family members relax
  • My favorite club
  • My dream job
  • My new hobby
  • The way I start my morning
  • How I usually end my day
  • Getting ready for a date
  • Writing my first story
  • Learning something new
  • Passing an exam
  • The way I study
  • How I visit the gym
  • Drawing a portrait
  • How to bake a pie
  • When you need to end your relationship
  • How to escape a robber
  • What helps me relax

Behavior and character

  • I like this trait in a person
  • I hate this trait in a person
  • An emotion I hate to feel
  • How I react to a surprise
  • What makes me laugh
  • How to get my attention
  • What makes me feel scared
  • How to make my family members excited
  • My pet peeve
  • An addiction I have
  • Something I quit doing
  • My life as a vegan
  • What influences me as a person
  • When I feel sad
  • When I want to give up
  • How I get motivated
  • What annoys me
  • Traits that my friend have in common

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Don't forget that your descriptive topic reflexes the main reason why you decided to write your essay. You should convey your individual feelings and describe this main point to your readers. Follow the structure, use your ideas and everything will be alright with your future essay. You can use topic sentence generator! Our professional descriptive essay helpers will be glad to help you with your homework. Good luck!

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