How Should You Use the 4 Types of Sentences: a Short Guide With Exercises

You learn using language through proper structure and punctuation. These help us deliver our message meaningfully that people can understand. Knowing all types is important as it will help in using some appropriate phrases for conveying a clear message with the right tone. How you speak and write can confuse if you don't know how and when to use correct punctuation. If you need any help, we offer the best research proposal writing service and are open 24/7.

The 4 types of sentences are:

  1. declarative (statement),
  2. exclamatory (exclamation),
  3. imperative (command),
  4. interrogative (question).

We will discuss their patterns and functions.

What are the Most Common 4 Kinds of Sentences?

1. Declarative/Statement Sentences

This type of structure helps in making statements and stating basic information. You can also express an opinion using them. It is the most common type among 4 types of sentences and is prevalent in most academic writings and verbal speech. Put a period when ending this type of the sentence.

  • Students failed to complete their essays on time.
  • My wife loves eating cake in the morning.
  • The developer needs new resources for completing a project.

2. Exclamatory/Exclamation Sentences

You use an exclamatory type to express deep emotions or feelings. It can either be disbelief or happiness, and it must be finished with an exclamation point. Rarely you need to use this type in formal and highly objective writings.

  • I got an A in my research paper!
  • That movie was exciting!
  • I can’t believe how fast that car was moving!

3. Imperative/Command Sentences

You use it when giving demand or instruction. A period puts in the end, but in some cases an exclamation mark might be used. This can either be negative or positive depending on a message.

  • Do not stop!
  • Never speak to me like that again.
  • Please leave your shoes outside.

4. Interrogative/Question Sentences

This type is simple to understand as it helps in asking a question. You use a question mark at its end. For framing your question, choose words like “why,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “do,” or “how.”

  • What time will you finish writing your English homework?
  • What is an adverb?
  • How often do you read this article?

Using the Types of Sentences in Practice

Using this declarative type in writing provides direction and purpose for your context. The reader understands perspective and flow to the topic. You can use it in a creative piece or any subject of some formal writing. A simple one like, “The stock market took a hit yesterday,” relays important information about the market to your readers. This structure is perfect when laying down facts in a simple, understandable manner.

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An exclamatory sentence helps readers relate to your emotions and feelings. Using this type is best in blog posts or creative writings where it is imperative to arouse the readers’ emotion. Saying, “He can fall now!” helps display surprise. Choose this type when you want to arouse the readers’ imagination. It is one of 4 kinds of sentences that should not be overused as it might make writing look amateurish.

When you want to issue an instruction or command, your mind is usually in an imperative condition. The reader will act based on your command. You can make your writing more conversational and polite by using words “please,” “just,” or “do,” at the beginning of a sentence. Rather than telling the reader, “Do your chores,” cushion it politely and say “Please, do your chores.”

By now, we know that you choose interrogative kind of sentence to ask questions. Ask direct questions to avoid miscommunication. An example might be, rather than using indirect questions like, ”I was wondering if you want to go watch movies.” say “Do you want to go watch a movie with me?” This is understandable and helps get straightforward answers.

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Test your Knowledge

Read examples below and identify what are the four types of sentences

  1. Will the teacher be late?
  2. He scored a goal.
  3. I completed my college application essay.
  4. Read this book now.
  5. The trip was exciting!
  6. Who graduated at the top of a class?
  7. Shut the door.
  8. What a cute dog!
  9. Peanut is better than jam.
  10. Brush your teeth.


  1. Interrogative (?)
  2. Declarative (.)
  3. Declarative (.)
  4. Imperative (.)
  5. Exclamatory (!)
  6. Interrogative (?)
  7. Imperative (.)
  8. Exclamatory (!)
  9. Declarative (.)
  10. Imperative (.)

Using these four types of sentences in writing helps to vary the tone and prevent it from being monotonous. Also you can use these sentences in poetry, but remember about poem punctuation. You should use interrogative sentences to hook readers and create depth to your story. Use different types of sentences in your paragraph to give it some beautiful flow.

Whether you are writing fiction work, analytical essay or a formal document, it is important to understand how and when using different sentences. Keep in mind that scientific work or academic papers do not require exclamatory types. Maintain one right balance of word construction and structure.

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