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  • Developing a Dissertation Outline

    Writing a dissertation thesis is the most time consuming phase of a student s postgraduate education Before you dive deeply into the process of creating a scientific masterpiece it is essential to ...

    Academic Writing

    21 May 2018

  • How To Write a Dissertation?

    Doctoral studies Ph D for some students can be a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and support for their research and for others an extra a headache Not everyone is ready to go for it Indeed ...

    Academic Writing

    13 May 2018

  • 10 Fun Facts About Laughter

    Everyone is searching for happiness all the time Laughter is a direct manifestation of it It is fun to giggle and it is a great method to decrease tension People feel good when they titter Accordin...

    Student Tips

    06 May 2018

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  • 30 Fun Facts About Star Wars

    Without any doubts Star Wars is the biggest most popular beloved and by far extremely profitable sci fi drama ever George Lucas s big idea presented us brilliant vistas and an astonishing sense of ...

    Student Tips

    04 May 2018

  • 10 Fun Facts About May Day

    May represents the beginning of spring Spring brings happiness and marks a fresh start In many countries the first day of spring is even celebrated as a new year In Hawaii for example May Day is Le...

    Student Tips

    27 Apr 2018

  • How To Write A Précis Efficiently

    College life can be fun until that bubble of happiness bursts due to the workload modern students have to cope with Some students possess strict dedication towards learning process others would lik...

    Academic Writing

    17 Apr 2018

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