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How To Write a Brochure Tips from Experts

04 Apr 2018

Nowadays, people can start a business regardless of their age, education, and even budget. In fact, many successful executives started launched their companies in their students years. After starting any kind of business, eventually, you will come to promotion and marketing issues. That’s when questions like “What is a brochure?” and “What does a brochure look like?” will occupy your mind. Well, this guide is here to clarify these queries.

A brochure is a printed tri-fold sheet made of a glossy paper. It is a type of marketing tool which should capture the attention of potential customers. That’s why graphics are used to increase the readability of the information contained. Mostly, they are manually distributed. Sometimes they are sent through email or stacked in racks. Here is how to write a brochure that actually works. So that`s very important to write your brochure letter correct to all the requirements and be, in some way, the professional email writer who can interest the customer in one click.

Persuasive brochure structure

What to include in a brochure, you may ask. One of the biggest mistakes of brochure writing is including too much information rather than focusing on persuasion. Persuasion is not just about advertising. As a matter of fact, informational brochures come in big canvases where you can support your ideas and persuade the readers. If you have all the space, make good use of it; not by jumbling information but making your case as persuasive as possible.

how to write a brochure tips

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Definition and Basic Rules of Academic Writing

04 Apr 2018

It is quite difficult to come up with a strict definition for academic writing term, since this particular type of writing is used in many different forms. The common things for all these forms are the style, language, structure (rather a strict one), accurate formatting, and the purpose. Academic writing style is aimed at demonstrating the evidence of learning. This term is very diverse. That is why there are few aspects you have to find out prior to start completing another coursework or research paper.

Study Well Means Write Well

Do you know what an academic paper writing is? Any piece of writing (research paper writing, essay writing, lab reports, assignments, and dissertations) done to fulfill a requirement of a college or university can be called academic. Therefore, a broad academic writing definition could include any assignment given in an academic setting.

academic writing

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Famous Plagiarism Cases Every Student Should Know

02 Apr 2018

Being a member of a scholar community, every student has been introduced to the copycat syndrome (also known as plagiarism), probably during the first week of his or her freshman year. We think that each university, college, and even faculty have their own famous examples of plagiarism. Well, no wonder that in higher education, where people write college assignments, research papers, essays, and get diplomas determining their future careers, everyone is worried about his intellectual property.

In a world with easy access to information, it is usual to find thousands of websites with the same content. Some of them are original and some others, not really. When an exact content is copied from a source and it is used in a different place as own, taking credit for the effort of someone else, it is called “plagiarism”.

Scholars are usually victims of “accidental” plagiarism, they have such an easy access to information that they might believe that this “free” info can be used as they wish without any kind of consideration for the original author who wrote those lines. And, without knowing, they fall in an illegal action that, if it is discovered, can affect their lives and career.

To get an idea about what’s this issue about, there are some cases of copying that were in the public eye some time ago, and even today they’re still remembered. Some famous plagiarism cases are the Joe Biden plagiarism and the J.K. Rowling case.

examples of plagiarism

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How To Prevent Plagiarism When Writing

01 Apr 2018

It is hard to define exactly how much writing is expected form an average student during one schooling year. Anyway, the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) tries to define certain statistics each year. Results of this survey, conducted by Lafayette College, are fascinating. 38% of students write more than 10 papers that are between 5 and 19 pages, and 18% have written a paper more than 20 pages in length. This data does not take into account learners writing dissertations or theses – most voluminous kinds of assignments. Dealing with such a huge amount of writing tasks students often ask the question "How to prevent plagiarism from happening?"

how to prevent plagiarism

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How to Check if an Essay Is Plagiarized

01 Apr 2018

Due to the surprisingly high amount of academic assignments students get at their colleges or university, no wonder they run out of inspiration quite fast. Unfortunately, there are no many ways of writing differently on the same topic. Meaning, when a class get a task of write a paper on the exact same topic, plagiarism issue arises. We bet you have already seen a case when a plagiarized essay was turned it to a professor, and how serious the consequences were for that poor student. So, how to check if an essay is plagiarized before submitting it? Let’s find that out!


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The Best Plagiarism Checker for Students

29 Mar 2018

Submitting a challenging task or struggling with an approaching deadline can drive people to do some crazy things. One of them is presenting a copied paper.

A Reliable Plagiarism Checker for Students

College students sometimes submit rather challenging essays. These might involve spending too much time conducting a research and creating a perfect assignment. As you refer to several references when creating your essay, you need to rewrite every word to present original content. This sounds easier said than done. This is why some of them might do some unconsidered things that usually cost them a lot.

Originality is a huge issue when it comes to submitting academic tasks. If a professors find out that your essay is copied, there is no way they would accept it. In worst case scenario, you might be penalized.

Not all the online checkers are reliable enough for checking students’ academic assignments. This is why contact our website for the best plagiarism checker for students.

student plagiarism checker

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How Much Academic Plagiarism Is Allowed?

29 Mar 2018

If you ask your lecturer how much plagiarism is allowed in the research paper, he will not hesitate to say zero. Saying that ideas and thoughts are yours when they belong to someone else is not allowed and acceptable in the academic environment.

When conducting research, it is important to back up what you have found and support your own ideas. But you have to be careful with how you do it, otherwise, it is referred to as cheating. To make it simpler you can ask professionals to “write my research paper for me” because writing on your own can be difficult and plagiarism percentage significantly affects your academic grades.

plagiarism percentage

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How to Avoid Procrastination in College

28 Mar 2018

Discover our working tips that will help you stop procrastinating in college and being overloaded with assignments you can’t finish in time.

Avoid procrastination in college

The problem of procrastination has been in existence since the 7th century before B.C. Hesiod; a Greek poet recommended to his readers avoiding delaying work until tomorrow. This phenomenon describes people of different ages and nationalities.

Modern psychologists found several reasons that explain why we postpone things. This helps students because their success depends on how effectively they manage their time.

We have reviewed three methods that bring positive results. Check out these ideas and solutions to beat the habit of procrastinating. Start developing good habits that help in college and help to get results.

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Take Your Productivity To Another Level With Pomodoro. Short Guide

28 Mar 2018

Every student faces a well-known problem of constantly getting distracted and procrastinating – it is certainly one of the most common student obstacles to focusing on the task at hand.

I have been looking for the cure for quite some time. So after discovering Pomodoro, I honestly believe it’s super-effective. It’s one of the few management methods I can really put to good use and so can you.

Be Productive with the Pomodoro Method

Because of how powerful it is, I feel obliged to share it with you and demonstrate how it can radically change your productivity.

Want to learn more? We will introduce the key principles of this method, how it can benefit you, how you can start using it straight away, and most importantly, some tools that will help you implement this method.

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Is It Possible to Plagiarize Yourself Without Knowing?

23 Mar 2018

Students write hundreds and maybe thousands of essays, reaction papers, reports, and other assignments during the whole study at college or university. No wonder that they start struggling with producing brand new ideas for each paper they have to turn in. Is it possible to plagiarize yourself? Yes, moreover, it is quite probable. We have similar beliefs, ideas, vocabulary and there is a possibility you use the same ones in all of our papers. You may have already plagiarized yourself many times. We are using the same speech patterns in everyday life as well as the same ideas and believes while writing essays. If we will look at the bigger picture, that is the reason writers and journals have their idiosyncrasy. How negative is it for academic world?

plagiarizing yourself

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