Grad's Employment Guide: Your Trampoline to Success

Here it comes, the final straight up towards the graduation day. Though getting closer to that finish line is usually accompanied by major anxiety about the nearest future. Was higher education worth it? Is it possible to get successfully hired, or grads are destined to remain jobless for an uncertain period of time? If you’re asking these questions right before the graduation day, honestly, you’ve been putting that off way for too long. But still go ahead, better late than never. And in case you’re not so close to the finish, it’s the perfect time to take action towards the bright future. We help smart college students like yourself get the greatest grades and make the best decisions possible with our reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable services like college papers for sale.

Pre-Graduation Alert

Before you get the official graduate status, it’s vital to think of what you can do to make your job hunting efficient while you’re still a student. Because that process starts well in advance of stepping out of an alma-mater. So what are the crucial pre-graduation steps? Note these ones down.

Making of a CV 

For the majority of grads, writing a resume is a nightmare. What if there’s nothing to hook the employers with? Or what points should you cover to get into the “yes” CV pile? Well, you’re obviously not a pioneer in this matter, so just follow the well-proven way. 

  • Keep it short and to the point

The right CV should not cover more than 2 pages as headhunters scan resumes within a couple of seconds. Here is just the right place for brevity.

  • Outline your goals

Being fresh to the job market means you can’t have plenty of experience. So focus on your goals that might be appealing to the employers. 

  • Don’t keep your skills 

It’s no surprise a degree isn’t enough to be competitive in the workforce. An impressive skill set is what makes you valuable. 

  • Dwell on educational achievements

It’s wrong to assume that employers don’t care how successful you were at the college or university. All your academic achievements and the actual level of your educational preparation do matter.

  • Reveal additional activities

Internships, volunteer work, study trips, or leading of a student organization - add everything that makes you stand out of the crowd.

Prepare The References

It’s always important what people think of you, but more importantly, is to get this written down. Every professor, employer, a curator, or the head of the project you’ve volunteered is a precious source of recommendations that will influence your future employer’s image of you as a person and a worker. Here the tip is not to wait till you’re forgotten but ask for the letters of recommendation to be written hot on the trail. 

Scan The Job-Hunting Networks

There are dozens of recruiting websites out there, and you’d better not choose one of them. Who knows which is going to play out. So right after making the final touch-ups with the CV, create accounts, and download it everywhere you feel like you’d like to work. But don’t underestimate yourself, dream big and knock at any door, whatever impossible it may seem to a graduate.

Such networks:

Arrange Your Portfolio

If you’ve been sensible enough to think of this point well before now, you probably have an impressive list here. Nowadays almost every degree implies having a portfolio, but if yours does, it’s a huge plus. All the projects, researches, certificates, and case studies are the real substitutes for your lack of job experience.

Dress For The Success

Needless to say that you can’t get a second chance to make the first impression and your look is your weapon. Go for the items attributable to the business formal style, but try to avoid extra statement details like a red tie, for instance. It will signal that you claim for the leading position in the room, which you obviously would better not show off until the right time comes.

Use The Career Centre

Such centers are at universities for a reason. They know your struggle and are willing to set you on the right path with minimum time-and-effort losses. Career officers will not only give you some precious advice on the pitfalls of job-hunting but also proofread your CV and give their professional review.

Try Shadow Job

This is a great way to get into the working process to see if it’s your thing. The other point is that you see what requirements you should meet to be a valuable employee. That will give you a clear list of skills you’ll probably have to acquire before taking a leap into the workforce.

Make Use Of Student Career Fairs

Attending career fairs is like taking a trial step into the job market. You have a chance to meet up with employers, find out what they’re looking for, and estimate your real chances to get a job that will cater to your aspirations.

Let The Job Search Begin

The actual job hunting is something you have to dedicate a certain amount of time every day until you hit the point. You can’t go without a careful plan, a notebook, and without persistence. To make things clearer, follow the lead:

  1. Job hunting is your work for now, so do it on a daily basis
  2. Note everything down - emails, phone numbers, working times
  3. Never avoid meeting in-person to establish closer connections
  4. Use all the available sources of information related to your target job area
  5. Expand your private network to have wider hiring chances

Before you start with looking for a competitive job, remember about getting your presentation and samples of your work ready. Consider research paper services to keep things polished. Once you take time to keep everything ready, it will always pay off. 

Learn From Others’ Mistakes

Luckily, you’re not the first one out there searching for a job, so you can benefit from a range of mistakes we’ve pointed out for you to keep in mind while jobhunting.

  • Not being online
  • Looking through the job posts
  • Underestimating your network
  • Not conducting a company research 
  • Building unreal standards
  • Being focused on your major
  • Poor email layout

Must-Visit Career Platforms

The workforce now is not constrained to geographical borders, which makes the job market bigger than ever. Thus, the number of sources to target is also impressive. Get your fingers ready for creating accounts in the following top-15 job hunting sources.

A perfect tool allowing you to keep your CV, collect the job postings, and write applications - all from one place. 

A great source with local and worldwide job postings, email notifications, and job trend statistics.

Here you can not only post a CV and look for a certain job post but also get advice on ways of efficient job search.

A useful source of tips and tricks on job hunting and curious analytics in addition to basic job post search features.

It offers an advanced search by specific categories, resume upload and email notifications as well as career advice.

Apart from trade features, the source offers a worldwide job board and even an opportunity to post your own services.

Another great job searching source having all the necessary options for posting/looking for a job post and getting speed notifications.

A tech targeted platform with the monthly flow of 2.4 visitors, offering a vast job post field for tech grads.

A perfect resource for young startup companies looking for employees with an insight into the salary rate.

A multifunctional platform which includes programmers’ Q&A’s, job hunting options, and CV posting.

It’s a software engineers’ job hunting heaven where they can choose from a variety of awesome tech job posts, remote for the most part.

A revolution in the job-hunting process. Instead of desperately looking for a job post, the platform sets you up with an appropriate employer. Mind that only the top-notch candidates are accepted.

The source also uses the matching feature and if the two sides are willing to know each other better, the detailed info is revealed. And that’s all for free.

Creative job seekers like designers and developers love this place. Millions of visitors, thousands of job matches.

It’s a major designer-looking platform with no geographical limits comprising more than 400.000 members.

Another designer-targeted source that allows you to expose your creative portfolio and follow other impressive ones.

5 Ultimate Steps To Getting Hired

⭐ Keep Going

Getting a job after the first attempt is close to impossible. There are millions of other job seekers out there competing for a place. But don’t lose confidence, be persistent, and try until you get it.

⭐ Tailor Your Resume

It’s okay to have a basic resume at hand, but every particular job requires an individual approach. Make a research about the company you’re targeting, highlight the points that may be particularly appealing for it.

⭐ Be Sincere

Employers don’t seek for impeccable workers, artificial smiles, and ready-made answers The whole point of interviews is finding out if both sides share the same values and aspirations to benefit from each other.

⭐ No-Hate Zone

First, whatever dreadful mood you might have, leave that behind the door. Second, spread positivity. No one would like to have an epicentre of depression in the team.Third, mind your comments about your previous employers.

⭐ Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths

Writing a CV you obviously have to avoid your flaws. But at the job interview try to be honest. However, it doesn’t mean that you should expose your weaknesses in a disadvantageous light. Make them look less than they are.

Best 2020 Internships And Where To Find Them

If you strive to add an internship into your CV there’re plenty of ways to make it real. Internship search places are not completely different from job search ones - career fairs, web sources, career centers and direct employers’ contacting. According to the latest updates, here’re the top 5 places of internship:

  1. Infosys InStep
  2. Evercore Advisory Summer Analyst and Summer Associate Program
  3. Nickelodeon NICKternship Program
  4. WEX Summer Internship Program
  5. AFLAC Summer Internship Program

The Bottom Line

The fear of becoming a jobless university graduate is way too exaggerated. If you’re confident, persistent, and strong-willed you’re sure to be noticed in the job market. However, being well-armed in terms of job search planning, CV writing and interview passing will certainly take your job hunting chances up to the next level, so investing some time in it is a must. 

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